Petr Cech should give up talking to the Press about Arsenal and Chelsea!

We all know that Petr Cech is a fantastic goalkeeper that is going to be instrumental in Arsenal winning the Premier League title this season :-), but I’m not sure that he should be allowed to answer questions from journalists in the future, as he is totally out of touch with this world!

I have seen two short articles today that illustrate this perfectly. In the first it seems he has not seen the Premiership table lately, because he thinks Chelsea are still favourites for the title! “It surprises me because the squad of Chelsea is among the best in the Premier League,” Cech was quoted as saying. “In addition, the coach Mourinho shaped it to his liking.

“What is wrong? I am no longer there, so it’s hard for me to evaluate. Anyway, the season is long and Chelsea is in my eyes still the favourite.”

Wrong Petr, ARSENAL are now favourites in my eyes! Remember who you play for you genius!

Secondly, he is of the opinion that Wenger and Mourinho are very similar types of people. He said: “The similarity is that everybody wants to win. If you ask Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger if they want to win everything – yes they do.

“You can see they don’t like losing games, and I think this is something you need to have in you if you want to be successful.”

I hate to burst your bubble Petr, but that statement means that every single manager of every single team in the world is the same, but to compare a manager who will resort to any dirty tactics to win a game, with a thoughtful respectful manager who wants to win by playing attractive football, you will find that they are complete opposites.

But my favourite (mis)quote from Cech, is when he was asked if he thought that their similarities (!) is the reason they always clash, he replied: “It’s more a question for them. But, yes, sometimes two pluses doesn’t make a plus.”

Well Petr, if there is any certainty in this world, if you add two pluses together you will ALWAYS get a plus for an answer! Ask any schoolboy mathematician.

So Petr, please do us all a favour and do your talking on the field, not into a microphone….

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  1. I like the Greater Portuguese gobs response to his critics where he state’s that colleague managers shouldn’t interfere verbally with each other.

  2. Why do these players have to get subjected to these stupid press conferences and interviews anyway…They are soccer players not actors and celebs, most of them look nervous when they talk and barely answer the question they asked anyway-should just leave them to do their talking on the pitch and not twist everything they say to create controversy…

  3. We are experiencing some strange articles lately. Like the one that compares United Martial with Alexis Sanchez and who is the best. This is another one. Very strange articles.
    Admin please look into postings.
    Does it make any sense of this kind on article in such a well known blog?


  4. Hands out of mouth Petr and keep them protecting goal.
    IMO we are subjected to far too much of their inane drivel far too frequently. But it’s a business and marketing is a huge part of it.

    Although, maybe cech just feels his old team is better equipped to still go ahead and win it! Do you want him to lie and for him to say Arsenal are the best team in the world even though he ma not think that? Chances are anyway he is using some French Jedi mind tricks taught to him by his new master:)

  5. sanchez Best in the EPL his work rate is the best of any player in England. Just hope he will now rest because of that groin problem. He must remember who pay him.

  6. Could it possibly be that Peter Cech spoke those his words in the opposite and we didn’t get the message? Instead of him to say Chelsea are likely not going to win the title this season. But he spoke in parables to say, Chelsea are favourite to retain the title. And also said the Boss and Mourinho are the same when it’s come to winning. But he didn’t want to openly say, Jose Mourinho is the Boss Antagonist when it’s come to winning.

    1. Spoke in parables lol, is he a new prophet then? Thats nearly as funny as 2 x + doesn’t always = a +

  7. Personally I think all of our players need to do less talking ….in the media and social media as well….everyone seems to be in a rush to do interviews especially after the Man u game…its a big big win for us seeing as we have not had one over them in 4 years but in the name of all that is good this is AFC we are talking about and no matter how crucial a win is against one of our biggest rival we should just move on and focus on the next game and stop behaving and acting like a newly promoted side that caused a big upset by beating one of the favorites for the title…at the end of the day its a very important win but its still 3 points….let it go, focus on Watford and the plaayers should let their feet’s do the talking

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