Petr Cech still dreaming of a fairytale ending to his Arsenal career

So Petr Cech will play one final game for Arsenal in the Final of the Europa League before he finally hangs up his gloves for good, and you could not have picked a better opponent than his old club Chelsea to complete the fairytale ending to his illustrious career.

The Gunners fully deserved to go through after destroying Valencia in the cauldron of the Mestalla, and Cech really beieves that this dream will come true. “Well, you have to believe in your dream and that’s the only way. To work hard is one thing, but you really have to believe dreams can come true otherwise it might not. I’ve always been doing it in my life and my career believing that it might come true. Throughout my career I actually did some of those dreams and my last dream as a professional footballer is to win the last final. I’m very happy we went through this difficult test today and we really deserve to go through.

“I think we are on the verge of making history for Arsenal Football Club. It’s such a fantastic football club and I feel like our supporters and everybody connected to the club deserve the joy from winning a European final so hopefully we can do the last step and win it for them. They’ve been supporting this club with all their energy and they’ve been waiting long, so hopefully we can end this wait.”

Petr has won both the European Champions League as well as the Europa League with Chelsea, so everything is set up for him to complete the best fairytale ending he could ever have hoped for. He is just 90 minutes away from achieving his dream.

Good Luck Petr!



    1. I read he’s recording a song with someone (can’t remember who) as he plays the drums!
      Happy days after last night Pat ?

      1. Sue my love, my shoulders were as high as the mountain with the biggest chip after yesterday, the performance was something else, Sue we didn’t have to wait till the last minute ????? hope we win it

        1. It was a brilliant game, Pat!! And I hope you told Pat that (about not waiting until the last minute!)
          Yes I hope so too… if we play like we did last night, there should be no stopping us!! ?

  1. Yes a serial winner. Probably we can convince and keep him for a season as he still has the desire. Not a bad no 2 for a club like Arsenal who have so much less to spend i the summer. Unless Emery thinks Martinez or Ospina can over take Leno soon as no 1 spot. We better sell both and if can get close to 8 to 10 Million. The we can get that money to be used elsewhere where we are in dire need.
    Sell Martinez and Ospina and 10 Million
    Mustafi: 15 Million
    Elemny- 5 Million
    Jenkison-2 Million
    Mikhaterian: 15 Million
    Iwobi: 10 Million
    Total: 55 to 57 Million
    We have 40 million without CL,
    So now if we can sell then we will have 100 million for the rebuilt job

    Should be enough to get a defender, CB a winger and a CAM

    1. Martinez looks good to be Leno’s competitor

      I don’t think we can sell Mkhitaryan, but Mustafi must cost more than 20 millions

      We need Iwobi as a squad player and he will help with the homeground quota

      1. We’ve got plenty of homegrown players in the under 18s and they will do a lot more than what iwobi can do .
        He’s had 3 season to show what he can do and it’s pretty obvious that it’s not much .
        I see people still blaming ozil last night on the previous thread even though we won ,tbh I hope he goes now just so all the fans on here can get what they want and watch players of iwobis calibre for the next 10 years .
        How anyone in the right mind would want him playing as a cam is beyond me ,lost for words TBH

        1. The reason he was criticised was because his perfomance wasn’t good enough for our so called best player. The ratings on here was also bias so i can see why people stated the truth. Ozil needs to be replaced by a better creative player, why can’t you just accept he is past his prime, it happens to every player. Nobody on their right mind wants Iwobi to replace him because the fact is he isn’t good enough either so stop using Iwobi as an excuse for Ozil.

        2. don’t be silly and stop insulting other free thinking fans. your hate for iwobi is pathetic. Its quite silly to insult others. “anyone in his right mind” is an insult.

          1. ozil was for sometime for us our creator in chief and would have warranted his pay. However, it is time for him to simply leave to allow another creative force to take over.

  2. Our players are bad, they are dead wood, Emery inherited the worst of players, he needs money to bring in his own players (I guess about 12 or 24 players). I think for everyone who think these players are any of these can see that they have been partially wrong or totally wrong. What happened to our players yesterday, where were the side ways passes, left right, left right, middle backwards football? It was because Emery gave a different motivation (or Liverpool and Tottenham), there was purpose, desire. Grits, passion and a renewed hope or the fear of losing where others have excelled. All we needed to have a good season in Premier League was 4 draws instead Emery lost vitals games because terrible tactics and players selections. I just want everyone who think our players are rubbish to have a rethink and stop destroying our players who we know can play like they did yesterday.

    1. If they don’t want to be critized, they also have to put in extra effort in the lesser games like the Brighton/ Wolves/ Everton/ Palace games. Not just in high profile matches

      I think we have seen the maximum abilities of all first team players. Motivation is the key and the difference in the field, when the players cannot go further in skill wise

      1. Gotanidea, I have been an Arsenal fan for a while, I have known must of these players for more than five years, except the ones that just came in, without anyone saying anything to me I know what they are capable of because I have seen them in glorious ways, I know Wenger’s last season was not good but many many outstanding performances. The new players are not bad either so what we lack is a manger’s instinct that will make sure we perform at maximum best everytime. Our old players are never left right, left right, backwards and middle players, these are Emery’s methods and when we didn’t do that yesterday (away) we all saw what happened. I am not saying Emery should be perfect but we Arsenal Football Club are better than the the recent performances, player selection, and tactics used by Emery. Wisdom and knowledge work hand in hand.

    2. Pat, though there were visible flaws in yesterday game, we played still brilliantly. Valencia helped to make sure of that with the space they provided. If we were playing an epl club yesterday aside Chelsea we would definitely lose. If there is anything yesterday game proves, it is that we are better playing direct attacking football. No sideway passing, backwards passing and slow build up. Like Grandad said, Monreal,Xhaka and Kola were the weak link yesterday and our shadow marking is awful.

      1. Mobella yes our defence was still vulnerable, I can’t believe that this has been our problem from the beginning of the season and it hasn’t been fixed yet, a whole season is gone with extremely painful losses. Am worried against Chelsea.

  3. Kudos to Peter Czech, but if l am the coach, he will not start against Chelsea in the final of Europa league rather l will give him a start in the last premiere league at Burnley. The tactics that will beat Chelsea will not be suitable for Czech, Bernd Leno should take the poll at the final of the Europa cup. My candid advise.

    1. Well said mate and 100 percent agree! Sentiment cannot come in to this game- we have to win it, it’s the most important game we have had in years. It’s a European trophy and a way into the CL.

      1. Thank God mate, you can see the reality on ground, sentiment apart. I will not listen to ,Czech kept the post to the final argument. Arsenal must play the goalkeeper that can keep and make us play our pattern that made Chelsea looked ordinary at Emirate this season

        1. Totally with you and Coldzero too. Leno should CLEARLY play in the final but he won’t. Bad mistake! It is about trophies , not sympathy as it is a pro game, NOT an amateur one.

  4. Lol.
    Chelsea should hand the Europa cup to us as Cech was an intergral part of their squad for many years. Therefore, they’ll help Cech with he’s fairytale ending aswell as helping us qualify for the competition that we so much desire to be in.


  5. This may prove unpopular but I don’t think he should be played in the final, it should be Leno.

    Cech apparently upon retirement is rumoured to be going back to Chelsea in a training role. Now if the result of the EL final hinges on either Arsenal or Chelsea getting CL football and he is going to Chelsea as a coach next season can we be 100 percent sure he is going to be giving his all for Arsenal?

    I would hope he is as a professional but surely there is a slither of doubt and this result is so important for us personally if I was UE I would play Leno.

    Food for thought anyway – but for me it is a worry and something to consider. Also I feel Leno now is a better keeper and this game is the biggest game we have had this season if not the last few years, we cannot be sentimental about it and the best team must be fielded.

  6. Pat, I am with you, what happened last night, that was the vision I had since the beginning of the season but the mission failed us, I believed in the players, but still heart broken the last few league games, still trying to come to term with it.

    Hope the London derby goes all the way red, lets parked all double deck London busses, I do not know in that city.

  7. Whatever the outcome i think emery has done miracles if we take into account the state of this squad.
    Mustafi, mikhitarian, welbeck, kolasinac, xhaka, ghendouzi, iwobi, elneny, liechsteiner, holding, jenkinson all need to go and as much as i love him kolcieny is way passed his best.

    1. What about Ozil? Done fck all since December 2017. But some of his fans always sneakily try to retain him at Arsenal while at the same time absolutely calling for the rest of our other average players to be gotteb rid of. He has been as rubbish as everyone and keeps draining our finances while giving absolutely nothiny back to our club.

      He is one of the main waste of our money and space that should be shipped out first together with Mkhi.

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