Petr Cech will not give up his Arsenal place without a fight

The veteran Arsenal keeper Petr Cech was finally been given the Number One shirt at the Emirates, and then immediately saw the Gunners bring in Bernd Leno as competition, as well as the Colombian keeper David Ospina.

It would appear that Arsenal attempted to unload the 36 year-old, but the shotstopper decided to stay and fight for his place in the team. This is how the Express reported it…

Cech is set to be displaced as Arsenal’s No 1 by new signing Bernd Leno.

The former Chelsea stopper could be in for a different role compared to recent seasons with Unai Emery replacing Arsene Wenger as manager.

David Ospina could leave the Emirates as he drops lower down the pecking order at the north London club.

Arsenal recently confirmed the deal for Leno from Bayer Leverkusen for a fee of £19.3million.

And while Cech has admitted there has been interest in him, he wants to stay at the Gunners.

“Napoli were interested in me, but my future is at Arsenal and I do not think about changing clubs,” Cech said.

“I still have a year of my contract with Arsenal, the only thing I want to think about is fighting for a starting position.”

So do you think that Arsenal are actively trying to move on one of Cech or Ospina to make room for Leno? Or will they be happy to keep all three and play them in different competitions?

It’s a tough one…..



  1. Kelvin says:

    He should find a new club quickly because he was not good enough last season. He was far from being a reliable goalkeeper and he made too many errors for a supposed world class goalkeeper

  2. Sue says:

    I don’t think Cech lived up to Terry’s hype… thought he was going to save us 15 points a season!!
    Loved it when he saved Deeney’s penalty though. I reckon it’s time he finds another club

  3. snowden says:

    The Daily Express! Your kidding me! I stopped believing the print in that rag when I was a paper boy!

    1. Admin says:

      Umm it doesn’t matter what paper. It is a direct quote from Cech himself…..

  4. gotanidea says:

    If he really said that, it could mean there is no better offer (salary) for him yet from the other clubs

    Therefore he would prefer to wait for his chances like what Ozil did

    If he stays, he can give a good competition to Leno

  5. Durand says:

    Cech should be 2nd choice, he’s not much better than Ospina,

    De Gea helped cover a weak back line, unfortunately Cech only seemed to magnify our poor CB’s.

    Cech was supposed to save points and help solidify our poor back line. Can’t say he strengthened the defense or really even papered over the cracks. He only seemed to play down to our defenders level.

    One thing I’ll always remember and admire from Cech;
    When his mistake cost Arsenal 3 points he tweeted out an apology for his error and took full responsibility for the loss. Always love him for that.

    The twitter hounds at our club never ever do that. They always tweet about “next time,” or “training hard,” or crap about cohesion.

    Unfortunately we signed Cech about 7 years too late.

  6. nicholas says:

    I think it’s all about competition. A club without competition is always losing taste. Peter Czech couldn’t afford playing without competition, and this means if one of the two stoppers doesn’t tighten their bolts then there’s always a circumstance to be dropped and one take the others place.

  7. RSH says:

    Good professional which I respect. But we all know Leno will be getting the start. I think this is the last year of his contract and he probably just wants to see it out. Last year in EPL for him most likely and he’s lived in London forever, so these are more likely the reasons he’s staying. Even though he’s declining I’m sure Leno can pick up a few things from Cech too, so I’d also like him to stay one more season.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. Godswill says:

    New beginning. Leno No 1 and keep Ospina if he would want to stay.
    No agreement. The best should be our No 1 and not the arrangement of the previous era where one is guaranteed a spot depending on the competition played.
    Was Cech better than Ospina? Am not sure. Ospina wasn’t tried enough in the league.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. Break-on-through says:

    I wouldn’t write Cech off just yet. Emery it seems is one of those guys that believes age is just a number. If Cech out performs Leno he will play. Cech knows how tough it is to be consistent, Leno is coming into a new league and playing for a larger club with allot of expectancy, which Cech is used to, younger lads not so much. I hope Leno looks like Neuer at his finest, but I think he’d have been snapped up before now if there weren’t still a couple rough edges to smooth out. Concentration is a must for a GK but this is said to be one of his weak areas, and that was when he played in a busy goal, he’s gonna need to be much better for us with being a spectator for large parts.

  10. Chiza says:

    Leno won’t give Cech a chance..he is willing to work hard

  11. jon fox says:

    I just don’t rate Cech, though of course I used to when he was still a top player. He is over the hill and we are better off letting him and Ospina go and using one of our younger two keepers as back up to LENO. Experience is no good if you are past your best. AND HE IS!

  12. Vukasin says:

    The main thing that I would like to comment on this article is the fact that Unai Emery is making a competition for the first team place in the squad. He is making that kind of terrain, when they compete against each other, they will also compete against other teams on higher level. From that point of view Emery is doing something for which we wanted Wenger to leave. That is already something on a different level. I am not saying that we will do something major and I don’t know how will team be playing this season and under Emery. What I know is the fact that this is a first step to success we all wish for our beloved club. I loved Wenger but we all knew from 2011 that it was the time for him to leave. Unfortunately he left not by his will. I respect him very much, that is the reason why I am saying this. Lets all hope for a competitive season and finally for some glory days. Let’s hope we realize our transfer objectives for this season and we start strong. Cheers to the gunners from all around the world! Best regards…

    1. Ozziegunner says:


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