Petty Gary Neville involved in social media bust up with Arsenal fan

Gary Neville has become one of the most outspoken pundits in England in recent seasons.

The former Manchester United star talks so much that it is easy to forget that he was given a chance to manage Valencia in La Liga and he almost relegated the Spanish side.

Nowadays, he spends his time criticising every player or team that he thinks he should have a pop at.

He has been very outspoken about his criticisms of the Arsenal defence for a long time now, and he made a comment some time ago about Arsenal’s defenders being “uncoachable”.

The Gunners were doing poorly at the time, but Mikel Arteta has since turned things around and the team keeps clean sheets more often now.

One Arsenal fan didn’t forget that comment by the Sky Sports pundit and he reminded the bitter Neville of his previous comment. Neville didn’t hold back and hit out at the fan with a number of comparing stats.

The fan used the latest Arsenal defensive stats and sarcastically captioned them “uncoachable”

Neville fired back immediately, saying as quoted by Sun Sports: “Are you bragging?

“You’ve conceded 8 more goals than Sheffield United, 5 more than Wolves and 10 more than Leicester who you play tonight.

“City, Liverpool, United and Crystal Palace also have better defensive records.

“Tony Adams will be proud of you!”

Neville really does not like it when his own words come back and bite him on the butt.

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  1. One fan replied with “Go on Gary tell us a thing or two about coaching because you’re so good at it” 😂😂😂😂
    He’ll never live that Valencia nightmare down!

  2. I honestly don’t know why anyone cares what Neville By caring at all you are , albeit unwittingly, bestowing animportance to his views that he does not desereve.thinks. The best way to take him down a peg or two is to totally ignore him. He craves publicity for his biased views. Deny him that and you beat him.l Agreed?
    But I would also make the point that almost all fans, myself very much included, have a natural bias. To deny that is to fool oneself. And to be less honest.

  3. Gary needs to realise he is an ex-player making an earning being a pundit so his analysis should reflect this and be unbiased. As an ex-Man Utd player it may be hard to stay unbiased for long but this is where professionalism comes in , be passionate yet intentional about your job analysing games , not give your unsolicited personal opinions which may also come back to haunt you.

    Gary as an ex-coach doesnt need to be reminded of how it did not work out for him and one would expect the exposure to add to his wisdom and reflect in his analysis. Having played football before its outright disrespect to slate a fellow professional as ‘uncoachable’ and shameful playing to the Gallery. Humility at all times is a sign of greatness and not arrogance as Gary exuberates.

    How about pundits examining statistics and helping to address issues at the different teams’ games they analyse ? why celebrate a problem where there is a chance to introduce a remedy? Life has always been mentality and the way we see it , a lot of pundits fail to understand their jobs and its not their fault that the world we live in now has a lot of bollocks selling instead of ingenuity.

    I really thought Gary was different especially after Valencia. He looked so for a bit after he returned from Spain. Its a shame he has forgotten and is now part of those playing to the Gallery. Some people get things going and some do the talking ,its always choice and the reality.

  4. Gary Neville played for ManU at the same time that Arsenal were also a dominant force
    Poor love just can’t help himself

  5. I’ll never forget the look on his face when Viera was “having a word” with him in the tunnel just before the start of a game !!Shaking knees doesn’t quite describe it. It took Keane to join in and get Neville out of it !!

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