Petty? Maybe, but as long as Spurs get nothing Arsenal will be OK

There is no doubt that Arsenal fans will be getting a lot of stick from our rivals this summer, even those from clubs that have done a lot worse than us this season, unless Arsene Wenger and the boys manage to win all of the remaining nine games in the Premier League that is.

Even if we do that I do not think it would be enough to see the Premier League trophy take up residence at the Emirates Stadium for a year. It almost certainly would be enough to see us overtake our north London rivals Tottenham, however, and that looks like our best bet for a happy end to the season.

That might be another reason for rival fans to scoff but do I really care what they think? Not a bit and to be honest I would even lower my standards further by just hoping that the Spurs get nothing. So oka,y they will make the top four for only the second time in a decade or so and they will be delighted with that but you just know they are sniffing that title now and will be just as pig sick as the Arsenal fans if they miss out to Leicester.

Petty? You bet your sweet ass I am petty and I will be happy and petty all summer long if the Foxes beat the Spuds to the EPL title. If we can’t have it, that is the next best thing.

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  1. OT: Wenger: Barcelona more beatable than ever.

    That’s why we lost 5-1 to them right? That’s why they’ve gone 38 games unbeaten this season right? The statement is just a signal of either delusion or a sore man who refuses to admit graciously that he got outplayed and outclassed.

    For me, Wenger has really lost the plot this season, not just on but also off the pitch

    1. Outrightly lying to the fans by saying we won’t need a new striker because Welbeck is coming back, only to release news that he’s out till 2016 after the window closed
    2. Having a go at the fans who question his position after a run of bad results
    3. Implying that he built the club from scratch as if Arsenal was founded before Arsene came along
    4. Instead of feeling ashamed that a team of Leicester’s budget is ahead of us, he somehow sees it as vindication of his own belief that you don’t need to spend to win the league when questioned by the media

    1. I think he has a point about Barca, but his point is on the midfield right through to the back. If a team can somehow shackle the three forwards, well then yes they are very beatable. That is allot to ask though. I haven’t seen a Barca midfield play as many loose balls as this one does. Even the first leg, we had opportunities from loose play but just didn’t take advantage, so yes I think he has a point.

      “The I built this club statement”, I knew some fans would take it out of context. When you read the next couple of sentences, it is pretty clear what he meant. He was talking about taking Arsenal onto a higher level. He achieved this through our play, how we are now perceived, also our worldwide appeal/support. He basically said I built this club up, and helped them reach the next couple of steps. Which nobody can argue against really, and most people already do give him his fair due on this one. Even A Sugar totally respects the man for doing this with Arsenal.

      1. He has no point, Neymar, Messi and Suarez can carry teams on their own, each of them is worth 11 players on the pitch. They’re NOT beatable, they humiliated Bayern who in turn humiliated us, so please stop pretending like he’s right and accept that he’s completely lost the plot. He may have re-built the club but now the club has a stable brand and form of income and he has failed to take advantage of our resources to improve the team and prove to fans that we are progressing to the next level. The longer he stays the more he’ll undo all the hard work he did this past decade, it’s evident he can no longer challenge for top trophies with his outdated views on how we should win games and he should step down before he continues to ruin his reputation.

          1. Yep …another silly comment … Which amounts to saying xavi was better than rakatic which is true but so what …by adding Suarez Enrique tweeked their style giving messi more space to take up some of play making that was special to Xavis game .. Has made them more difficult to beat not less …. No one says unbeatable no one.. hence the deluded ones stupid comment …and who himself doesn’t even know how to change a team over 45 minutes to make it a more effective winning machine …what is not in doubt is that wenger has created a team and style of play that is less likely to beat top teams than before on which grounds he needs to go at end of season

        1. Guess what? Barca will meet their long time specter, Atletico Madrid, the side who really can neutralized MSN. Nothing in this world is unbeaten dude.

  2. funny, i read what wenger said about barca and came to vent, already beat me, more beatable then EVER? what an idiot? they dont loose, they beat us 5-1 and he says this? what an embarrassment, ronaldo is probably scratching his head… their midfield is in troubleTrevor? they held 71% pocession against us, who ever does that? they scored, sat back, when we scored they easily scored, they did not break a sweat against, they were thrilled w the draw of afc, wenger has gone crazy?

    1. I’m not the only one who thinks this barca team is weaker than previous one’s. Except of course the front three. I think in midfield and defence they can definitely be got at. This was always the case to some extent, but not so much as now. The only problem was our strikers don’t know how to punish. I don’t think they’ll win the CL this year. My money would be on PSG or Atletico Madrid, I’ll go with PSG. They held 71 % possession, I don’t know if this is true but I will take your word. How much possession was in our danger area? they kept the ball passing between their GK and CBs for much of the game, because after the first leg it was over. More than half of the possession was in there own area. Whereas the Barcelona I remember where always poking and prodding in the opponents half. I am not saying this barca team cannot make passes or keep possession, just than they are nowhere near as good as the old side at it. Without that front three this is an average Barcelona side.

      1. Me too. MSN probably the best triangle in world football ever. But the back four and the midfielder aren’t solid as they were before. One name at the back they don’t have perfect replacement yet : Carlos Puyol. They don’t have new Xavi either.
        However, they are running 38 unbeaten and did enough to win CL last year. But to repeat the CL trophy this year, I don’t think so. They’ll face Atletico next. Simeone’s side have been scourge them for years, like kryptonite against Superman.

        1. The scourge of barca !!!!!!!!..some people are just dumb beyond belief or so hooked on wenger juice they have to defend every absurdity that comes out of his mouth or just have a command of the English language that makes for endless comic relief .any way last 10 games in la Ligua between these two barca have one eight and drawn two … Scourge LOL

  3. Absolutely no comment so far about what the article author wrote. Such is the level these days. SMH.

  4. Yea Barcelona are beatable and they will get beat and yes they have a world class attack but so dose others its all about the game plan you block the midfield and man mark you minimize the lose Arsenal were sloppy for a goal and the first goal was offside the attack started buy playing the ball out wide that very insistent he was offside but play was moved back in the middle and then the goal came i remember their manager was laughing and pointed it out to his assistance I was looking for replays to double check but cant find any
    I am looking forward for barca loosing just so i get back onto their supporters

  5. In the match against Barca Mr.Sanchez tried to shoot at every opportunity and was literally useless by not passing it to a player in a better position. Theo and Giroud showed they are not meant for this kind of match against this opposition and Giroud was just so frustrating to look at. Playing Flamini was another indication that Wenger has a certain group of players he trusts. It will be a tough match vs Everton but a task nonetheless.

  6. Admin.
    Arsenal always finish over Spuds in last 20 years. However, we can’t do this forever. They’ll be a time that North London will turn white, real white. But hell, I don’t want this event take place in my lifetime.
    We have seen lesser Arsenal with Almunia, Bendtner, Chamakh, and Squilaci on board killed the best Spuds squad ever with Bale, Van der Vaart, and Luca Modric. But yet, Spuds fans have to hide from their neighbors at the end. Two years ago, some lily white $%&%$ers even infiltrate this site, but still my legs tired “kicking” those asses.
    Frustrate to be like this, fight for another St. Totteringham Day, but it’s the best from the worst as you said. Anyway, let this worse but good thing come second. First, we’ve to win all fixtures remain, and if there’s miracle, even St. Totteringham Day will lose it’s charm.

    1. What happened when they infiltrated the site. And did any of our fans first agree with them before becoming ashamed. Give us names. Some good sentiments there mate.

  7. Personally, I think we should look at ourselves, arsenal have blown a golden opportunity to win the PL. Kronke’s ambition is to make money and grow the Arsenal Brand, not necessarily win things. Should we as fans be supporting the current arsenal by spending top dollar on tickets/merchandise when the ambition of the club is different to the fans ambition.

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