Santi Cazorla is NOT leaving Arsenal this summer

The January transfer window may have only just closed and the summer one is still months away, but we still expect lots of Arsenal transfer rumours every week. Some fans may not like them but I take them as a bit of fun and like to think ahead to how Arsene Wenger might improve the Gunners for next season.

So I don´t mind the rumours, except the sort we had this week which sent a cold shiver running down my spine: Santi Cazorla off back to Spain with Atletico Madrid! Please God no I cried, then thought about it and started to think why he would want to go, when he seems so happy and settled in the Arsenal side and has picked up his first winners medal.

On top of that, the little maestro signed a new contract about a year ago and has been playing out of his skin this season, so well that he looks a real contender for Premier League player of the season. And now Arsene Wenger has poured cold water on the suggestion that Santi could leave us in the summer, as reported by The Mirror.

The Frenchman said, “He extended his contract last year. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, we’ve not been approached.

“Until now he has been the most consistent and since he has moved to the centre he has been voted player of the month twice.”

And if you doubt Wenger, there was more good news from Spain as a journalist revealed that Cazorla was so happy at Arsenal that he was about to splash out on a new house. Does that sound like a player pining for La Liga?

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  1. The sort of money players earn today, whether they stay with a particular club or not, buying a property in London makes sense. Cazola could still return to the costas if the move suited all parties concerned. Fabregas. Henry etc.all owned property in London yet moved club wise.

  2. Yes sell Cazorla. He is a steady top
    4 player but not a guy who can
    win us an EPL let alone a ECL.
    He is 30 we will never get a better price.
    We have Ozil and he and Cazorla
    struggle to play together. We will need
    another CAM soon any way.

  3. Sell Cazorla he is in decline and past his sell by date, get some $ well we still can.

    Maybe bring in Draxler.

  4. @David’s
    I agree with you.
    His back to Spain rumour has been around since coincidently his playing form has improved.How many players play better when a move is on the horizon? Loads.

  5. there are some never grow oLd kinda players in existence and carzola may just end up becoming another rosicky-esq type player , dynamic and full of strenght….. Be careful of how much u want him gone for the sake of a few millions…… STOP SELLING OUR BEST PLAYERS

  6. Those want Draxler,is he better than Cazorla? If NO let him stay where ever he is and keep my Cazorla at Arsenal.

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