Phew! Arsenal star cheered by big injury boost

The last week or so must have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere. From being about to start in the Community Shield clash against Wembley to picking up an injury that meant he missed the curtain raiser at Wembley was only the start.

Then we had the good news from Arsene Wenger that his ankle problem was just a minor knock that would keep the midfielder out of action for just a few days, but that was closely followed by the dramatic revelation that Wilshere had damaged his fibula and could be out for months again.

While this was a big blow for the Arsenal fans, it must have been devastating to the player, especially after the talk in the football media was all about him being injury prone and whether he would ever have a decent season of games.

As reported by The Mirror, Wenger has admitted that this really hit Wilshere hard, but he has been cheered up hugely by the latest news on his ankle. The boss revealed that although there is a crack in his bone, it is just a hairline fracture and will only need a bit of time to heal.

The Frenchman said, “It’s bad luck, purely accidental. It’s a hairline crack in his fibula. It’s in the region where they took the screws off so I believe it’s a straightforward bone injury, which means there’s no surprise there.

“He just needs time to heal. The news see got yesterday was that it could be much shorter than expected because he’s two weeks in a boot and then maybe after that he can practice straight away again.

“Jack is of course down but the good news yesterday helped him to cope with it.

“You never get used to that. When you play football you never get used to your body letting you down. The positive thing in this injury is that it’s not a recurrence of one of his former injuries.

“The positive news with Jack is that the history doesn’t play a big part in his head when he come back. He plays with the same confidence and desire as before. It’s difficult. We have all been at that age when you love to play football, and when you cannot get up in the morning and play it’s mentally difficult.”

So no surgery for Jack, which means that he could be ready to play again in a few weeks. Looking at the schedule of Arsenal games, the fourth league game away to Newcastle looks too soon and the international break is after that so hopefully he will miss that and be back fit and ready for the home game with Stoke on September 12th and the first Champions League game the following week.

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  1. Nooo! Danger Will Robinson, not against Stoke, that’s insanity.

    Unless jack is wearing suit of armor or bubble wrap avoid Stock at all costs.

    Even Fifa 15 thinks it would be ridiculous

    1. Stoke not stock, and forgot to wish Jack good luck, fast recovery, and avoid contact at all costs. (Again…..sigh)

  2. Max gradel looks lively for Bournemouth.
    Does the Benzema talk really have legs? Starting to get excited.
    oh?!….Jack…oh well.

    1. Is this benzema news true? I’m reading it all over the web. Crazy story this turning out to be.I don’t think it would happen. I don’t trust the media.what do you guys think?

  3. Sometimes I wonder whether Jack’s bones are made of glasses. I was looking forward to see how he will fare this season. I hope he will come back soon. Can he really meet up with others? Too much interruptions in his progress. Injury, please I don’t want you to solve selection headache for Wenger. I want four trophies in all the four competitions we are inand we need all our players fit. Anybody knows how Akpom and Hayden fared today?

    1. Akpom scored today. Hayddn though picked up yellow card but fairly played. I think they are the gunners next generation

  4. Jack is a vital player in our squad. I prefer him to arteta and flamini. I rather see jack take lecoq place if lecoq picks up knock or gets suspended

    1. That’s true. Jack over arteta and flamini everyday.
      We could have had the DM signing we wanted in Schneiderlin and for 25M.

      1. Or we could have had kondogbia for almost the same price.anyways Wenger decided not to sign anyone in that position. I guess he knows something we don’t

        1. your comment is fair enough but I don’t think either of those two would have made us title contenders.

          flamini is a bust. wilshere is too good for the bench but not good enough to displace one of our 1st teamers. if he was a natural tackler he could play the DM position blind folded. but he isn’t. his defensive positioning is great. I watch out for it.

          arteta has had some harsh criticism. he has been injured and played on an injury. he isn’t a born DM but is good in a tackle and his positioning is great. he needs to find sharpness. that needs games.

          he is better then most other teams’ DMs and better then some of the back up DMs for the other top teams.

          you can’t spend 25 million for a back up player. the fans, club and player can’t accept it.

  5. Jack could do with 12 months off from football and just focus 100% on his fitness, I do fear that he will turn into an English diaby and losing him for 12 months now rather than not having him would be less of a loss.

    Come on Jack, give yor body time to heal after the screws and work you had to have done, take your time and come back when you truely are fit.

  6. If footballers live rough, by that I mean smoking, drinking and partying, your body is susceptible to injuries and recurring injuries. He should learn how to not overdo it! I of course wish him a speedy recovery as the team needs him very much!

    1. I don’t get how people cant see that Jack is a great squad player who can come in when Cazorla and/or Ramsey are out or just plain tired and our football will still flow. Himself and Rosicky are very important in that way, Diaby would have been icing but not to be. Not many teams have our depth in midfield.

      Also ..I agree with themadhurata on Arteta.
      He was one of our top performers before that injury. That was a difficult thing to achieve in that every man for himself setup. And I believe he too could be a good alternative to Cazorla. I would like to see some games with Coq and Arteta making base in midfield.

  7. Alright.

    The lad commits him selve to challenges too much.

    too much desire

    he needs to learn to postulate an optimum situation to ascertain and predict the injury density.

    and then keep a level head.

    less noise less medianite

    less drugs less alcohols and less smoking

    all this play a vital role in decision making, health


    body symmetry.

    Bcos they are all in concord with the principle of theoretical chemistry

    meanwhile in other insane news benzema will play for arsne tomorrow

  8. Courtois is getting treatment becoz he got injured during warmup acc to Sky sports. Lets laugh at Jose.

  9. What a classy finish by Swansea and then of course typical Chelsea BS. Lucky My disdain is growing palpable by the minute

      1. To be honest, Flappyhandski was at fault in both goals. For a goalkeeper you should always save the free kick. If the opposite gets the touch in the way, no can do. But you should never let it go straight to goal. Second was a freaky bounce but he was nowhere near to save it, should’ve done better.

  10. I swear Chelsea must have rolled around in a field of 4 leaf clovers for a year straight

    1. Costa is a dbag of epic proportions, but watching him take the ball @ half field and sprint toward the Swansea goal resulting in a corner just reinforces the transparent difference between the two teams.

      FFS give Benzema $150K a week and take this bitchy ass, diving pussys down.

        1. Better yes, but Swansea have given them all they could handle in the first half and Gomis should have taken his chance prior to Oscars goal. Ive been more impressed witj Montero and Ayew than anything from Cheshit.

  11. It is disgusting a player like Hazard gets so much credit considering he is the biggest cheat in the league. STOP LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH DIVING!!!!

  12. When’s the last time Arsenal had this kind of luck? Sunderland away last season is the only game I can remember us being gifted goals like that. With Chelsea it seems to be every other week. Always lucky with injuries and decisions too.. But oh well.

  13. Very good goal by Andre Ayew. Quick feet, good awareness and presence of mind to think of the goal and execute.

    1. All 3 are total cnuts! Perfect fit for a club like Chelsea. Why do commentators laugh when Costa pushes someone? If that was anyone else, they would be slating the player. Get a grip!!!

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