PHEW! Monreal and other Gunners give Arsenal injury boost

After more bad luck for Arsenal players in the weekend win at West Brom, it looked like Arsene Wenger might have to do some more juggling of his squad and experiment with yet another different Arsenal back four, as both of our left backs Kieran Gibbs and Nacho Monreal picked up knocks.

And the manager revealed in his press conference today, reported by, that there was some concern about the fitness of our in form England international Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as well, while he was not sure how well Laurent Koscielny’s problematic ankle tendons would respond to his first game back.

They were all due to have tests this morning before the Gunners trained and it looks like, from the pictures on, apart from Kieran Gibbs, they have all come through those tests and should be fine to face Southampton tomorrow evening.

Monreal, Koscielny, the Ox and Yaya Sanogo, whose supposed hamstring strain turned out to be cramp, all trained with the rest of their fit Arsenal team mates and that is a real boost for Wenger and our hopes of keeping up the recent run of performances and results.

I still think we might lose a bit of attacking threat from having Monreal instead of Gibbs on the left, but our defence at least should be nice and solid. So if the Gunners can continue to create chances as we have been doing and hopefully sharpen up on the taking of them, I think that all three points will be staying in north London.

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  1. In jan we need a left footed defender like vertonghen who can cover both defender and left back.

    also jenkinson should be called back in Jan.

      1. cos there baldy owner wouldnt sell to us unless it was joke prices.

        bayern get away with that cos there bayern.

        its more like schalke poachin a player from dortmund- basically no

  2. Thierry Henry will come back to us, and will retire from here. That would been the whole story. He is our Legend, we must give him this half season, anhd win something with him, like the FA Cup.

  3. i was not really worried with the injuries in the last match, because from observation they looked like small knocks, but with arsenal you never know.

    I expect to see the same starting 11 and i expect a victory another clean sheet would be nice too.

    Southampton striker who i actually like is quite similar to giroud in every way and at one point i would have liked him at arsenal when he was tearing up the goal charts in Holland, i had found it strange he had not received a call to the Italian team at the time, but he finally got the call since moving to southampton, its really strange that you enter the manager’s eye when you are in certain leagues and to certain extent top of the table teams (just a thought)

  4. What is wrong with Walcott? One month away from competing a whole year in injury. 3rd January 2014 and it’s December already and he didn’t even make the bench on Saturday.

    All that hastag about #SpeedMatters is looking so old now. Sanchez has been our player for 5 months now and they played only 15 minutes together. Get well fast Theo.

    1. I think something like #RecoveryMatters should be his hashtag companion for a while. awaiting his return.

    2. That for Wenger getting Sanchez. When i said this months ago people where giving me disslike like crazy.

  5. “We are creating something special at the club”
    That is Wenger last statement this afternoon…!!

    Anybody wonder what it is ?
    Because, and I am sorry about that, I have no f*cking clues about what he is talking about…!!

    1. i do..hes just finished a course in origami.

      right now there just finishing off the best paper swan u have ever seen

    2. Pointles babbling. Some people like to hear those words, special, love, dedicated, passion, good spirit, bla bla,

  6. I forgot to say that it is November and we are CLEARLY AND EFFECTIVELY out of the BPL title… So what the f*ck is so special?

    I think we don’t see football the same way as him…

    May be trophies and accolades are not a “response” or indication of success and top club credential…!!

    I am confused…

  7. Wenger, sort these season after season injury problem out. Season after season we always top the injury list in the PL. If you can’t resign or move up. No wonder some fans want you out.

  8. Off topic..
    “Victory is forged in identity. It is when you forget the principles that winning becomes difficult” – Thierry Henry on club style

    I good think Wenger should reflect on this quote…. my the king him self…#bringthekingback.

  9. i would like to see wenger make an open invite to any and all the invincible swho are makning there way in the coaching arina now sod city viera should be back at arsenal we should screw them over like they have done to us lately
    first team coaches
    henry and bergkamp sol campbell and maybe pires he wants back
    gaolkeeping coach
    youth coaches/managers
    veira, remi garde
    technial director
    marc overmars
    this would set us up for years to come and there is a continuity to it also coyg

  10. Good news at least. Whatever happens, this January window Henry must come back and retire in his home. His arrival could also give us a huge boost and an increased fighting spirit because so far, only Wishere and Sanchez have consistently shown real hunger to fight and win games. If entire team had the same level of drive and hunger we could beat anybody.

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