Phew! Wenger confirms Arsenal confident of double-deal…

Well it looks like Arsenal fans can stop worrying that we are not going to get our much-needed striker and centre-back this summer.

The internet is awash with news of our negotiations for both Lucas Perezand Shkrodan Mustafi, and obviously Wenger was asked about these at this mornings pre-match press conference. He replied: We are working on the deals. We are not close enough to announce today that they will sign for us, and will we sign anybody before the end of the transfer window? I am 99 per cent confident.

“Today, maybe I am a bit too optimistic, but I hope we have done what we wanted before [deadline day].”

Deportivo have also officially announced that Perez is not travelling with the squad for this weekend’s game. A club statement said: “The striker Lucas Perez will not fly to Seville, with permission of the club.”

Even further confirmation comes from David Ornstein of the BBC who tweeted: “Arsenal agree £35m deal with Valencia for Mustafi. Will fly to London for medical, seal terms on 5yr contract. Perez medical also today #AFC”

So, we are 99% of getting the players we need, but of course there will still be lots of Arsenal fans moaning, despite the fact that we have spent over 90 million in this one transfer window!



  1. This signings puts Arsenal back in contention for fourth place finish and a good FA or League Cup run or possibly win it depending on the draw…thus Arsene and Kronke’s message to all fans is to keep calm and carry on & please no more Wenger Out banners at Emirates.

    1. Pretty sure I heard this last year when everyone was circle-jerking about City and Chelsea’s squads….

  2. Finally some good news i am 99% happy with our squad once the deals have finalized, the -1% is because we could of get a better striker but at least we filed all the positions needed

    woop woop

      1. bran99

        i honestly believe we have a lot of talent in our team and last season and few seasons before we lacked confidence in our defending and its there we lost most of our games hopefully with our new defensive signings we can boss other teams on counter attacks and set-peaces

        hopefully once we sign our two new additions i will look to Enjoy our games win or lose now that we finally (long overdue) filed all positions

        1. it took us too long though, every season we started with 2 or 3 class players from competing on all fronts, it was just a matter of not wanting to pay the value of the players needed, penny pinching. this season we have a little shot even though we don’t know how the new striker turns out

  3. Wengaholic. You will definitely retire one-day. You could have signed these players long time and have them in pre season.

      1. nope, we needed a complete team for a long time (when i say complete i mean class players, injury prone 2 games a season players are not counted and the Senderos types) , but we kept having holes in every department, may be this a new beginning

  4. Some fans need to chill. Some people will mourn even if we sign a striker like Aguero. Don’t get me wrong..i know some of us deserve better or wanted a world class striker but let’s give Perez a chance. He could blossom in the team.. .

    Arsenal need a striker and CB. Seems like we will get Perez and Mustafi. Hopefully, the team can work together and produce wonders..

    1. very true Uzi, let’s give them a chance. when we fail, then we can talk but this time the bashing won’t be very serious coz the old man tried and failed, unlike previously when no one in the market could tick all the Wenger boxes

      1. I think the problem is Perez is very much an unknown factor hence the mixed reviews. Everyone knows what Aguero and co will give you. Whereas we literally have to wait and hope for the best with this guy.

        I’m happy we are getting players in but we can’t say we have the same enthusiasm of Utd as they signed established players.

        Also if he doesn’t work out our striker quota is full. And I can’t see we get letting Any of our forwards go willingly so this guy for all our sacks HAS to work.

        I’m still hoping for a marquee signing like Rodriguez then i might get that excitement we all crave.

      2. Ye I agree. But I’m excited because finally, FINALLY we have striker brought in who’s totally different from Giroud.

        We overpaid for Mustafi because of Wengers dithering, but at least we got him and he “nearly didn’t sign him”.

        I will deserve my judgment until January (when we usually drop out of the title race)

    2. I still get that strange feeling that Perez will be a hit for Arsenal.
      I have heard all sorts of stuff that Arsenal are paying too much for Mustafi…that’s rubbish.
      If we don’t get a defender, we complain that we didn’t get one…now that we have, the complaint is that he is too expensive. There’s no pleasing some people.
      It’s kind of a pity we are leaving these transfers this late again though.
      Wishing Arsenal all the best regardless.

  5. Lets not get carried away, the deal is not done yet, but if it did, Wenger deserve your apologies. He may have failed to sign it earlier, but i think it will impossible for them to get it at this fee. this double signing will boost our morale ahead of Watford

    1. butters
      apologise are you joking he should of bought these and better players 3 years ago and would of paid lees and get better players and lets not forget we could of won the EPL twice if he did

  6. looks like a transfer window of a man who knows the gig is up, wenger WILL leave arsenal next summer thats a guarantee. other wise he would have gone in for at least one worldy attacker in this last window and play his big hand one last time. but this window hasn’t gone the way he or us would have wanted.
    but he made his bed now time to lie in it. i just hope the players that do come in can perform to get to a highest finish to date. and maybe ozil and sanchez wait to see who the next manager incoming is before they commit long term.

    1. So which is it. These signings show it’s his last season, or a worldy striker shows it’s his last season. I think you got confused there mate, you expected one big hurray with a mega signing up front, but still are taking these signings to mean the same thing.

  7. perez is a panic buy and he is not the top class option wenger should have been pursuing from the start of the window still he looks to pose more of a threat than walcott or ox or campbell and he can deputise as an outright striker for giroud … 17 goals in la liga is pretty good and he does look like a spanish vardy (with better ball control) so it all depends on whether he adapts to the epl and can capitalise on ozil and xhaka`s passing skills … we have a stronger starting 11 than last year

    bellerin mustafi kos monreal
    xhaka carzola
    perez giroud alexis

    with alternatives

    debuchy holding gabriel gibbs
    coquelin/elneny wilshere
    ox akpom/welbeck owobi

    and a couple of the kids thrown in

    should sell walcott now to recoup a bit of the cash …. more optimistic than a week ago

    1. Rkw, he also had eight assists in la liga, so goals plus assists is 25. Compared to griezmann with 27 goals plus assists in la liga but playing for a better team.

  8. Mustafi is the replacement for the soon
    to be leaving Per Mertesacker.
    So we maintain but we do not
    increase or improve our CB strength.
    One out one in that’s all.
    Mustafi is not as good as Mertesacker either.
    Mustafi has 12 Caps for Germany but at the
    same age Mertesacker had 47 caps.
    So Mustafi is a younger, slightly quicker but inferior version of BFG.

    1. Why are you dead set against giving the lad a chance. By the way, Mert with pace would be an absolutely awesome CB.

    2. I remember in the last hours of the
      2013 window when Ozil was signed.
      Nobody knew who he was and everyone
      was disappointed because we did not sign a top striker.
      Slowly a sort of compensation theory evolved along the lines
      that Ozil would attract all the worlds best strikers.
      So true to the promise here we are in 2016
      flush with the worlds best strikers
      Giroud Wellbeck Sanogo Asano and Perez.
      Just saying.

      1. Are you trying to say that no one knew who Özil was before he joined Arsenal?

        Then i counter and say that those who didn’t know who Özil was, don’t know much about the football world outside EPL.

        I can say that i don’t know much about Perez, or Mustafi, but then again i didn’t know much about Vardy or Mahrez either, and look at them, we wanted to sign them both this window.

        Who knows, Perez might end up being the new “No.14”. I remember when we brought in Henry from juventus, and nobody back then had high hopes about him either! Yet Perez might also end up being another gervinho…

      2. Its a fact ozil can attract world class player i.e sanchez (working with ozil luked very appealing for him).I dont think we were after any striker who u can term worldclass.and pple talk about pace its awsome that lucas is fast but we hve seen from first hand experience that u need to know how to use it.i.e walcot so much pace but doesnt know how to use it effectively.intresting also to see how we twerk with tactics to accomodate such guys

        1. well if you cant get the players that you need and that fits “your tactic” then u need to change your tactic to one that fits with the players you have… 😉

  9. This is no panic buy. You guys think buying top players who are not up for sale is easy to get, anyways this guy is faster than Vardy. If he gets a head start there’s no catching him. Moreover he scores in deportivo win last week. La Liga is hard to score alot of goals if you are not from one of the big clubs. Big clubs in la Liga watching him. I think he’s very confident on the ball and might turn out to be a Liverpool Torres

  10. Speed and technical abilities carry you far in champion league. We had the technical abilities but no speed. Now we have both. Plus we have giroud as a different option . Teams no we couldn’t catch them on the break because our forward line was slow. Only one or maybe two could outrun them. Now there’s option. I believe this was the moral boost everyone was waiting for and Sanchez can finally communicate with his forward because of their language. Dud you know Sanchez still don’t understand English? Anyways strong midfield, firm and strong defence, speedy attack

  11. We are moaning coz we kept it late.let confirm it and lets get our season back on track.lets hope lucas settles in well and wenger uses him well! Hehe we know how our manager just forces a player into a position.if the cb news is completed finally we hve someone who is faster than mert lol

  12. Some of us just never stop moaning. Ytd’s it’s the lack of signing. Tday’s it’s the price tags of our new boys. Tmr it will be ramsey’s hair.

  13. @josh37. See what you mean great execution. I know it’s highlights but from I’ve seen online perez is quick powerful and incisive in front of goal, he looks a great proposition.

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