Phil Neville highlights anti-Arsenal media bias! Do we care?

\it is something that the Arsenal fans have become used to over the years and so I was not really surprised to hear the former Man United, Everton and England midfielder Phil Neville come out with his daft comments about Tomas Rosicky on last night’s Match of the Day. Not surprised but a bit saddened and I feel the need to pick him up on it.

Neville has since claimed that his comments were not meant to be taken serious, but he seemed pretty serious at the time as he accused our Czech Republic international of lacking respect for the Brighton players for looking one way and playing a revers pass the other way. Rosicky did it a few times during the game and one of them led to his superb goal which turned out to be the winner, so surely it was clearly not just a mickey-taking thing, but a skill that can actually have a positive effect on the game.

And is football not about entertaining as well as getting results? Would we be happy to see two teams parking the bus every week and not doing any tricks in case it wound the opponents up? Get real Phil, and this from a man who was team mates with the biggest show pony and show-off the football world has ever seen, Cristiano Ronaldo.

If it had been Ronaldo doing what Rosicky did, do we really believe that Neville or anyone else in the media would have criticised them? Of course not, they would have given the credit where it’s due. Another thing that struck me today was the way our defence was labelled as flimsy by The Guardian for conceding two goals away from home to a Championship side. While Chelsea were not similarly slated for conceding four against Bradford from League Two.

It seems to me that Arsenal have been an easy target for so long that the football media cannot let it go, even the week after we proved them all wrong with our performance away to Man City. Do we care? A little bit, yes to be honest.

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  1. lewiswhittaker says:

    anti-arsenal media bias is very light. i would of used much stronger words.

    remember the pirlo Panenka penalty against englands joe hart, euro 2012?
    he was labelled a genius, amazing, world class by our own media and played around the world.

    carzola does it against newcastle and he gets slated by the media and match of the day. everyone is against arsenal and have been for so long. we have one of, if not, the best run club in the world. play some of the most entertaining football in the world yet everyone hates us.

    jealousy, on a big level comes to mind. F the lot of them. COYG

    1. Big Gun says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Phil is just mad about all the times Rosicky made him look stupid and probably even more mad about the fact that Rosicky is STILL out there kicking butt and playing like a 20 year old, where as old Phil at 34 was a washed up has been.

  2. moneytalks says:

    Media Pundits are Arsenal haters. Most of them are from Man Utd and Liverpool who are jealous of our success over the years despite having zero bank balance.

    1. DRP says:

      Yeah the chippy northern git syndrome!

  3. ArsenalGenes says:

    Caragher, Neville, Souness, Linekar, Hanson, Shearer bloody hell even henry started slating arsenal. Why the F* arsenal is always scrutinized? Y dnt u go after man united and call them a piece of Cra* for finishing 8th last season? Y not Liverpool is never said that they are sore losers? Y not Tottenham is said that the are spineless? Y the most beautiful football ever played by any English side ever is accused so much? Simple reason. They are haters. LOL

    1. moneytalks says:

      They hate us because we always play UCL every season.

    2. Darlingbudsofarse says:

      @ArsenalGenes: Please it is an insult placing Henry amongst them. He was only reflecting on how it should be as a fan as well as giving a fair and measured response of what the team he loves needs but not criticising Arsenal or his mentor just for the sake of it!
      We are Arsenal fans and therefore a sort of family. Families do have internal debates and even tiffs but gang up together against any external interference like the British sporting media that obviously are jealous of our successes. Sometimes Adrian Durham’s (TalkSports) criticisms are so much bothering on jealousy that I begin to wonder if this man is not desperately trying too hard to hide the loving feelings he has for our great club. He even has a slot dedicated to our team every day at 6:30pm called The daily Arsenal. They can never take away our joy in being in the Arsenal family no matter how hard they try. Henry is part of this family and he is allowed to give a measured, balanced criticism!

  4. vijaygunner says:

    why do all these c*ckheads hate arsenal so much?! p.neville, carragher & owen. I can take g. neville’s criticism cause he knows what makes a title winning squad and to an extent jamie redknapp is fine too but the others are worse than mourinho.

  5. mohawk says:

    The bias has been like a virus over the past few seasons – it seems to be spreading, more people are catching it, and its effects are increasing in severity.

    But I refuse to be victim to these sheep. I will just continue to enjoy Arsenal football.

    In fact I love it when the idiots spew their nonsense while the gunners take care of business on the pitch and give millions of Arsenal fans another thrilling experience.

    (Hey Phil, I think your envy is showing)

  6. robcooksey says:

    At least Google is on our side.

    lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.
    “a lackadaisical defence left Spurs adrift in the second half”

  7. Hafiz Rahman says:

    whos this Phil Neville??

    hes always acting if hes a retired former world class player…..

    1. junweiseah says:

      Phil Neville has always been an above-average full back, nothing more. So I don’t know what giv es him the right to talk shit about Rosicky who is a far better player than Neville ever was.

  8. DaveJay says:

    The best way to stick it up their collective arses is to either win or come second in the PL, or win the Champions League.

    I really think if we put a good run together we could overtake City.


  9. trugun says:

    Lets be honest, we as supporters make it easy for the media, if we provided a united front then I think the abuse from the press would lessen. As it stands the division over the manager takes precedence with the supporters the continuous sneering of people like Henry Winter and that gang of bandits goes largely under the radar due to the in fighting. In my view we either agree to disagree and unite as a club or stand and watch as the mud slinging gets worse.

  10. kam says:

    Obviously you do care Bob, otherwise you wouldn’t put this article in here.

  11. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    To your question “Do we Care?”. Of course the answer is is a short one:”NO”!!!

  12. cheeterspotter says:

    I moan at them.I critisize them.I even slate them occasionally but I support the most beautiful club in the world.THE ARSENAL.who cares a shite about outside critics. NOT ME SIR!

  13. goonerby1 says:

    Quite right who gives a toss what this Richard Cranium thinks, particularly when he’s overshadowed by his brother.All that matters is going about our business the right way, and getting the results, criticism is a form of flattery ! COYG

  14. SaveArsenal says:

    Phil Neville is a complete idiot, couldn’t even man up to having said the wrong thing but tried to hide behind a joke.
    If the self same sentence had left an Arsenal players mouth he would probably have faced FA action.
    What can we expect, his father was called Neville Neville.
    Anyone who comes from a lineage that has parents too fookin lazy to think of a name for their kid should have been thrown back!

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