Approach made: Arsenal register interest in potential £100m transfer

Arsenal are among the clubs chasing Philippe Coutinho.

Arsenal are reportedly one of the clubs to have enquired about signing £100million-rated Barcelona flop Philippe Coutinho.

According to the Daily Mirror, the Gunners are joined by the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham in registering an interest in the former Liverpool man, who is currently on loan at Bayern Munich.

It would be interesting to see Coutinho in an Arsenal shirt, even if he hasn’t been at his best for some time, but of course we all know what the Brazilian can do in the Premier League.

The fact that so many top clubs remain keen on Coutinho, even after his struggles at Barca and on loan at Bayern, shows what a talent he is and that it could be worth Arsenal gambling on bringing him to the Emirates Stadium.

However, there’s no doubt that a £100m asking price, as reported by the Mirror, would surely be some way out of our range, even if we did spend big on Nicolas Pepe just last summer.

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  1. Why would Arsenal register an interest in £100million flop Coutinho?

    We couldn’t afford him for a start. If he wasn’t good enough for Barcelona and hasn’t set the world on fire at Bayern Arsenal couldn’t take those financial risks surely?

  2. There is not a cat in hells chance of us signing Coutinho for 100 million, why is this even put on here it’s ludicrous. You might as well put an article on here saying we are interested in signing Mbappe, Messi and Ronald for 200 million each, it means absolutely nothing. I know there’s no real football news at the moment but come on, do we really have to put up with these ridiculous rumours ( if they are rumours ).

  3. What does “ register an interest” even mean. Has Joe Bloggs who sweeps the terraces said to his mate that Coutinho might be worth getting for 100 million. Has a source within the club told somebody about it….I don’t think so.

  4. It’s a possibility if the Catalan bandits are after aubangthemin as part of a swap deal instead but not at £100 million.Theyre taking the piss.but then again they are bandits.

  5. In the summer

    Auba only if he wants to go – $50m
    Laca hopefully we can get $45m
    Sokratis – $10m
    Xhaka – $30m
    Miki – $10m
    Elneny – $5m
    Ozil to anyone to get wages off
    AMN – $20m
    Kola – $20m
    Torreira only if he wants and we find a suitable replacement – $30m

    CB: Torres/Maghalles – $30m
    CB/LB: Matvyienko – $30m
    CM: Szobsozlai – $20m
    CM/AM: Emi Buendia – $20m
    DM: Zakaria – $30m
    CAM: Korku – $20m
    ST: David – $20m
    Try keep Cellabos – $20m

    Young Talent:
    CB: Bruno Fuchs – $10m
    DM: Pape Gueye – $10m
    ST: Emil Roback – $10m

    Bellerin Torres Salilba Tierney
    Zakaria Szobsozlai
    Pepe Buendia Saka

    2nd Team:
    Soares Mustafi Mari Matvyienko
    Guendozi Cellabos
    Nelson Kokcu ESR

  6. 100M sure!!ADM I know you’re just reporting but come on man!if you need articles to be published,all you have to do is ask some of the regular contributors to the comments sections and I bet they’d come up with good ones but please don’t ask @gotanidea!!

  7. I think xhaka and toreira are not bad so Arteta should sell
    laca -50m

  8. Call it an instinct , a blinding flash of brilliant intuition if you wish but SOMETHING tells me -and I don’t know how I manage to be so wonderful – but somehow I do NOT believe Arsenal have registered an interest in Coutinho at £100mill. Disappointingly for my ego, I have to admit that ALMOST 100% of other Gooners also possess that self same ability. So poor Mark Brus then, who does NOT!

      1. Pat I have answered you on the Tierney thread and need your proper email addrees so I can resend it straightaway.

  9. HOWEVER: playing the devil’s advocate – if Barca want Auba and Ozil isn’t offered a new contract, thereby releasing his reported flat salary of £350,000 a week and with our brazilian contact via edu and martinelli – is it really such a ridiculous thought?

    £50,000,000 for Auba, then edu earning his keep by actually negotiating down on the asking price, the salary covered and martinelli / coutinho becoming our brazilian brains, could this be more than just a stocking filler?

    Probably not, but….

    1. Ken, Devils Advocate indeed. I often do this too, but hardly ever on here. It can be great fun and even I have been wrong, once! Surely not, I hear you ask! But the only lie in that statement was the mere “once”!

        1. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS THEN MAYBE NOT! BUT HOW ABOUT IN A HEARTBEAT, KEN!! Also , I have apparetly sent my email with my article to the wrong address(damn that broken computer I HAD!) so have asked Pat, on this thread, to provide the correct email so I can resend it. I think you will like it when you read it and will identify with it too.

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