[Photo] Confirmed by Romano – Aubameyang pictured in Barcelona

Well it is hardly a surprise, but it is now reasonably certain that Aubameyang will be a Barcelona player from tomorrow, although it seems that Barca still have to get Ousmane Dembele off their books before the Gabon hitman can be confirmed.

This was twweted by Fabrizio Romano just 20 minutes ago….

We all know that Alexander Isak was in London yesterday, but the question remains as to whether Arteta would carry on with letting Aubameyang move on if he hadn’t made sure he was getting a replacement.

So, fingers crossed again!

Dan Smith – Do Arsenal need to buy a new striker for a chance of the Top Four?

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  1. Fingers and toes crossed. Aubamayang’s new contract and everything to do with Willian are Arteta/Edu’s big money mistakes.

    But if Barca bite than at least Arsenal have been able, by luck or planning, to extricate themselves from some of the financial pain.

  2. Auba 60m panic buy. 37mill salary = 97 mill.
    Laca 50m panic buy. 50m salary = 100 mill.
    Total 197 million.
    How much will we get when these two leave?
    Nothing. Zero. Nada.
    Pepe 72 mill Salary (4 seasons) 28 mill =100 mill.
    Now worth 30mill max. Net loss 70mill.
    Three strikers net loss 267 million.
    What is the answer to this madness?
    Buy 7m quid strikers like Martinelli?
    Promote more free talent like Saka and ESR?
    Or throw another 70mill at someone?

    1. Bro u forgot the goals Auba bangs and the point he won for us. His first two season he already paid back his 60mil with his performance bro

  3. Sounds like we are paying the bulk of Aubamayang’s wages while he is on loan (if it goes ahead as it appears Dembele is not now off to PSG) and I’m not sure I see the point of this move especially as we are very short up front and I can’t see us paying £75 million for Isak. Perhaps Dembele coming to us……….

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