Pick your Arsenal team to face Crystal Palace….

With the new Premier League season set to get under way, Arsenal find themselves in a very promising position to go all the way when compared to recent years. The breaking of the infamous trophy drought and the summer acquisitions by Arsene Wenger, most notably Alexis Sanchez, are a clear sign of the Gunners intentions for this season.

Arsenal kick off their campaign at home to Crystal Palace, who have just seen manager Tony Pulis depart from the club on debatable circumstances. With a promising start certainly a necessity against a deflated Palace side, just who should Arsene Wenger choose to get Arsenal’s new campaign off to a flying start?

Starting with the defence, there aren’t really many decisions to make. Perhaps the only dilemma is picking who will partner him in central defence – I’d go for Chambers ahead of Monreal on any day. The rest of the defence picks itself really. Wojciech Szczesny in goal, new signing Mathieu Debuchy at right-back and Arsenal’s new Number 3 Kieran Gibbs at left-back.

Moving on to the midfield trio, this is probably the area of the pitch which gives Wenger the most selection headaches. Personally, I’d go for Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey with Santi Cazorla ahead of them, leaving Jack Wilshere on the bench. While I’m not very keen on the Spaniard being the defensive midfielder, there isn’t much of a choice at the moment.

Coming to the forwards, the reason I’d leave Wilshere on the bench is because I think Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain should start this one. His pace and directness on the flanks will cause Palace tons of problems right from the start and the Englishman also has the tendency to pop up in central areas of the pitch.

The last two are Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez. While the Frenchman may not be at the top of his game, his aerial prowess will be vital against Palace. And of course, Arsenal’s marquee signing of the summer should start on the right flank and move into the middle once Giroud gets subbed off. I think we can expect a very good performance from our Chilean international.

Arsenal: Szczesny; Debuchy, Chambers, Koscielny, Gibbs; Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanchez; Giroud.

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    1. Sadly, Wenger has not shown a lot of love for Campbell. I don’t think he will get the starts many of us would like to see.

      1. he played pretty deep in the World-cup and hasn’t been in London all that long… i don’t think it’s a matter of love, more just no need to rush him.
        It would be absolutely brilliant if we can convincingly beat Beskitas away.. Less pressure in the second leg with a home crowd could really give players like Campbell a chance to shine

      2. Sadly? If Wenger doesn’t give him game time there’s a reason for it. Campbell has done very little to prove he’s worthy of a place in Arsenals starting 11.

        He’s Vela all over again, has talent but not going to make it at Arsenal IMO. Pretty clear Wenger isn’t sold on him when he talks about wanting him to stay, if Wenger wants it he says he wont leave. Yea he looks decent but people are acting like he’s a teenager, he’s 22!? Not old by any means, but Gnabry/Ox are better and younger so why Campbell is getting this hype proves the value of a good WC showing.

        If AC Milan offer 12-15mil Arsene would bite their hand off and go after someone that does convince him. Of Reus/Cavani has any truth I bet Campbell is off.

        1. he and brian ruiz our one of the only costa ricans to make it into the PL, it isn’t scouting galore over there, A certain bergkamp and henry weren’t “teenagers” when they came to arsenal, they didnt do too bad……

          ant this current milan would probs make monreal look like Bale

          1. Not really too relevant. I named two superior talents that are younger and currently in the Arsenal squad. It’s not as linear as that when judging development, so I’m not ruling out Campbell becoming a top player.

            However, I just think Wenger fancies the other two more than JC, in which case I think he’s dispensable. I actually think the hype JC has gotten from a decent WC is putting pressure on Wenger to keep him even though he doesn’t fancy him.

            Look come august 31st I have serious doubts JC will be an Arsenal player. Just a feeling.

        2. Im with u bro. More keen to see ox n gnabry in action this season. Though, by any mean never should we have gnabry or joel in our first eleven plan this season. They should only play in the less important games n prove their worth to us! Anyway, AKB;) COYG!!!

    2. Szczesney
      Debuchy – Chambers – Koscielney – Gibbs
      Sanchez – Ramsey – Wilshere – Cazorla

      (Same starting line up as Comm. shield)

      Couple of controversial picks, let me explain myself:
      1) Arteta – Picked him simply because Flamini for me doesn’t seem ready yet, and he faired well vs Toure.
      2) Wilshere – Played well vs City, the guy lives and breathes on confidence, he needs to prove himself against a team like this who are a bit more physical in the middle of the park Jedinak is a very good test. If it doesn’t work out, switch him up for Rozza.
      3) Sanogo – Intensity is 100x better with this guy up top instead of Giroud. Sure he might not get a goal (hope he does), but he is certain to play a big part in each and every goal. Sanchez seems to have a great understanding of his runs also.
      4) No Campbell/Chamberlain? – No Campbell because Cazorla is proving his worth on that left hand side for me at this moment in time, yes Sanchez could play up front with Campbell or Chamberlain on the right but I feel Sanchez needs to stay on the right for the time being whilst he gets used to the PL, and in time for Theo’s return. That way, if Sanchez doesn’t turn out to be what we thought he was up top, then Walcott can play up front with Sanchez beside him. No Chamberlain because he doesn’t seem match sharp/fit.

      1. I noticed you picked Sanogo. I would too but what does Wenger do with Giroud if Sanogo scores a game winning brace?

          1. than who ll hold play for us..who ll hv cleansheet upfront….who ll miss clear chances

  1. It’s only Crystal Palace. Rest our key players

    Oxlade…….. Rosicky……Campbell

  2. I wonder why BFG retired from international football. He’s only 29… maybe he was told he was going to be benched from now on since Hummels and Boateng were the preferred choice pairing otherwise I don’t see why else he would retire.

    1. I think it’s because he is getting to an age where starting every game becomes a challenge. Playing for 2 teams would be even harder, plus next world cup he’ll be 34 where he would most likely not get picked for the team.

    2. Mert is not stupid. The next WC is 4 years away and the focus for the national team will be on developing the team for that target.

      Germany has so many great young players who will make up the new generation of German footballers – Mert is wisely moving aside to allow that to happen smoothly. And he sees that it is the perfect time to step aside. Makes sense.

    3. You guys forget he can still win the euro which is a massive trophy. It’s harder to win than the world cup actually since there is no weak team, so no margin for error.

    1. for me
      debu chambers boss ox
      arteta ramsey willi
      alexis yaya santi/gibbo

      sub martinez monreal flamini campbell giroud ozil gibbo/santi

    2. Wenger admitted that the lineup will be similar to the CS lineup. And Wenger did not give Campbell any real chance to show his stuff in that game. Campbell came in with Arsenal already in cruise/defensive mode with a 3-0 lead and only minutes to play.

      Based on that, I cannot see Wenger giving Campbell the start. (But I wish he would).

  3. Probably the same formation that they used in the Community Shield: 4-3-3 (it think), with Ramsey and Jack ahead of Arteta; Santi on the left. It will be interesting to see how/where they play Ozil next game. Hope Per will be on the bench tomorrow.

  4. szczeszny

    ps-can someone please tell me if we have private fantasy leagues and whats the code..need to make my team tonite, no time tomorrow!! cheers!!

  5. conspiracy theory#31 😀 😀 😀 😀
    arsene wenger didnt spend a lot of money in the previous seasons cuz of the emirates 🙁 🙁
    my sources told me that arsene has been running a very expensive project, not about the stadium 🙂 🙂 🙂
    its about somethin else !!! 🙂 🙂
    somethin mysterious medical research that none has done before 🙂 🙂
    all the players who play for arsenal have to get through a medical test and from that medical test arsene collect the genes of all of our players!!!! especially the legendary ones!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    so he collected the gene of the likes of thiery henry, bergkamp, pires, vieira, et al 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and he cloned them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    so in couple of years!!!!!
    we will have the new thierry henry in his prime!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    its not the real thierry henry its his clone!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    in fact!!!!!
    arsene have injected a sample of vieiras gene in aaron ramsey!!!!! thats why aaron ramsey has been prolific lately!!!! its a successful project!!!!
    oh oh!!!!! and do you know??!!!!! arsene will do that to all of our players flamini will get gilbertos gene chambers will get adams sczesny will get seamans etc etc oh o o o o o!!!!!!! until the real clones are ready!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    arsene is such a genious he has been spending a lot of money to finance this medical research and well be invincible again!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. @Ted Drake
      I agree with your team the only thing I would do different is swap Campbell and Oxlade over as Campbell is left footed.

      1. AFC is going to be the best football team in the world in the next two years. I am going to put my money where my mouth is and put a bet on that we will win the EPL, UCL and the Super Cup in the next two years. GOYG

      2. @Andrew AFC arsenal does not play a typical English game where wingers whip in crosses. that means, a right footed player on theleft wing is more dangerous since he gets more room to use his right foot to dribble andpass rather than being locked out closer to the touch line where it can only be used tocross.Messi plays on theright ronaldo plays more to theleft

    2. Such a line up would work in thechampions league against Barcelona. in thepremiership you need height and physique which is why I think Giroud and yaya will be regular in the middle this season

  6. The lineup would be

    Cazorla Wilshere Sanchez
    Ramsey Arteta
    Gibbs Koscielny Chambers Debuchy

    The game against City is a good indication of what Wenger considers his first team to be. Hope Ozil and Mertesacker can get 10 minutes each, if we’re winning comfortably.

    1. Yes, the lineup may tell us something. But without Mert, Ozil, or Walcott we really won’t know a lot.

      How Ozil is used will impact the remaining attacking squad to be selected. And Walcott’s return to full health could change things quite a bit.

      And Mert’s return will allow Wenger to show how he really sees Chambers fitting into the team.

  7. ……………Szczesny

    Debuchy Kos chambers Gibbs
    …Ramsey Flamini Cazorla
    …..Campbell Sanchez

  8. This is the squad I think WENGER will select.

    Debuch, Chambers, Kos, Gibbs
    Wilshere, Arteta
    Sanchez, Ramsey, Cazorla

    My squad:

    Debuch, Chambers, Kos, Gibbs
    Flamini, Ramsey
    Sanchez, Cazorla, Campbell

    (Sanogo is looking better and better but Giroud is STILL the leading goal producer, like it or not)

  9. As we all know BFG has retired from the German team. He has won the big prize the world cup and now he wants to concentrate on win the EPL and UCL with Arsenal and maybe the Super Cup.

  10. Scezney
    wilshere ramsey
    sanchez cazorla

    The line up same as CS

    I believe wenger thinks this is the strongest line up out of available players.

    The only changes i can see is as its palace putting chamberlain/campell for cazorla

    OT: i really hope gibbs kicks on and becomes the best english left back this season. i believe if he stays fit and plays alot of games he will do!

  11. Inept Wenger always 2 or 3 world class players away from winning the Quadrupo or the EPL at the list

  12. i need to sleep early so tomorrow comes quicker i cant wait season starts again best league in the world is the premier league . i think we will win by 4 or more tomorrow

    1. Admin: How can someone get thumbs down for being positive? Maybe you should limit the amount of thumbs down people can give, which would make this website a better place to be.

  13. we have soo many midfield and attack players ther is going to be a few really good players who wont be able to make the match day squads wenger is going to have a real headache

    1. presuming our starting 11 is
      so we have now 7 subs
      have to have a defender so chambers or monreal
      5 players left
      that is our 7 subs soo the following players wont even make it to match day squad
      please add if i missed any out

  14. I would start the community shield first half team, with only one change wilshere replaced by campbell, would love to see the threat on our left side just as our right side and campbell is also very defensive. i have no doubt crystal palace will want to play us off the counter, so it would be good having sanchez on the left and Campbell on the right

  15. We all know Giroud will start up front, deal with it, Wenger is persistent. Okey

    Cazorla Wilshere Sanchez
    Ramsey Arteta
    Gibbs Koscielny Chambers Debuchy
    Szczesny…………………………………..pretty much this, What the dude said above. And as for the transfer market.

    We erased 100k salary from Vermaelen, and also Poldis 100k will be off, so that means 200k in a plus. Comon Wenger bring us something special.

    1. @ks-gunner:
      Arteta’s services are no longer needed in this team. He can go back to Everton if he wishes as I would rather have him play for another premiership top 6 team than for The Arsenal. He is the weak link and will be in any of these teams.

      1. Agreed, Get a fighter DM and meanwhile for smaller teams just use Wilshire and Ramsey supporting Ozil. For smaller teams at home we dont need a DM. Ramsey and Jack can tackle and win the ball back.



        We need defenders if we are not going to use Bellerin and Miguel this year!!

      2. well that’s one opinion… due to the fact that our manager just recently made him captain it probably suggests he disagrees with you.

  16. Keep the same lineup as the Community Shield one. Arteta does well against the smaller sides, so no problems with him starting. Aganist Everton, well lets hope we have a new CDM by then anyways.

  17. I know the German trio are not playing. Cannot wait to see Ozil on show with Sanchez! Maybe next week.

  18. They can hit back but will never play for mighty
    u Arsenal again, Lords Bendtner!!! Go and squabble in mere mortal leagues…..

  19. I’ll play it safe with this team in mind: it has goals written all over it and we need plenty of them to set a marker. Goal difference can decide this title this season as there are a few teams vying for it. At least 6 teams excluding the potato heads or some people may call them Spuds! Pick your choose!

    Campbell. Cazorla. Alexis
    Ramsey. Wilshere
    Gibbo. Kos. Chambo. Debuchy

  20. Not trying to be pessimistic here, but if you guys think abt it, our signings this season re not that spectacular. Besides sanches, all the other signings are sort of just replacements(and our former players seem to have the better quality).
    Fabianski > ospina
    Vermaelen> chambers( seems like good investment though)
    Sagna> debuchy
    Based on last season, are we a sanchez away from the trophy? Hmm..

  21. i really struggle to understand why people are leaving Arteta and Cazorla out of the XI.
    We have a very important tie midweek with a big trip involved, followed by the very, very tricky trip to Goodison which as we learned last season should not be taken lightly. A lot of our core players still working on getting their fitness levels back up. I know we’re clearly superior than Beskitas on paper, but playing in the CL could be the difference between and extra marquee signing or not. 35 odd mil TV revenue plus the ability to lure top talent is at stake and should not be taken lightly…

    Arteta and Cazorla are ball retention specialists and the more we have the lion-share of the ball the more energy we can conserve. I would love nothing more than to watch us take palace to the cleaners and put four or five past them but as we learnt so, so painfully last season, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

    1. becomes they are ageing and not good enough….

      based on fans theory here…

      anyone above the age of 28yo and above are deem slow ageing and not good enough

      1. I disagree as Cazorla is past 28 but he’s now in his prime but Arteta is too slow for our matches against the likes of ManCity, ManU, Chelsea & Liverpool. That’s all. He may do well against an average team in an average league. Perhaps Greece or Turkey?

  22. team i want:

    debuchy chambo kos gibbs
    ramsey flamini
    campbell sanogo alexis

    team we’ll get:

    debuchy chambo kos gibbs
    arteta ramsey
    alexis giroud carzola

    Arsene says he likes pace but we know that palace are just gonna park the bus

  23. Cavani

    Reus Ozil Sanchez

    Carvalho Kedhira

    Gibbs Hummels Howedes Debuchy


    This is should be the team for our 14/15 championship assault

    1. Because your name is Hafiz, I will assume you aren’t drunk. and try not to convince yourself things are as easy as you do them infifa14

  24. Scz- gibbs, kos,chambers,debuchy- jack , Rambo, – ox, caz, JC- Sanchez .
    No DM against palace.
    Goals,goals, goals!!!

    Oz for caz, wally for JC when fit & ready.

  25. Wenger hints Monreal may start, with Koscielny struggling: “He can (play there), yes. He reads the game well.”
    no please no give chance to issac hayden not nacho unreal else it will be a repeat of last season

  26. Does Real Madrid selling Khedira for a reported £8m say more about his long term injury concerns or wanting him off books?

    would rather have carvalho/lars bender than khedira

  27. arsenal legend Charlie Nicholas think arsenal will make a big signing

    we have spend 60m but from vela/fab gas/johan djorou/Lansbury/tv5 have made around 34m
    we still have 70m+ 2 spend
    larsbender + manolas + reus + (cavani dreaming) still possible

    1. get the program sopcast then go to wiziwig.tv.. much better quality if you can bare the foreign commentary

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