Pick your Arsenal team to face Olympiakos tonight

After an exhausting game against Leicester just three days ago, Arsene Wenger is certain to make some changes, although with five days to recover before facing Man United there may not be as many as usual, but all those that faced the Foxes may be suffering. Wenger agrees that tiredness could be a problem. “Some players had two tough games at Tottenham and at Leicester where they were a high level physically,” he said. “I will have to analyse that and make my decisions.”

Also he thinks that EPL teams have much more pressure in the domestic League. Wenger said when asked if English teams were at a disadvantage in Europe: “That’s the problem – when you go to Leicester and see who sits on the bench, that has changed in England,”

“It makes every game very difficult and demands a lot of mental concentration to get it right as well.

“We want to do well in the Champions League and when you’re a big club you have to face that and deal with it.

“I don’t know if other teams look at [English clubs] with more or less fear. I believe that the Premier League is very, very tough. Is that an influence or not? I don’t know but it’s a bit early to come to any conclusions.”

So this is why Premier League clubs need practically two full teams to have any chance in other competitions, and Arsenal are not far off that right now.

We know Wenger will play Ospina tonight, as he has already said that Cech will be dropped: “This is not just because I have decided Ospina plays in the Champions League,” he said. “It will go game by game and there can be a different decision.

“I need to give him games. He is a top-level goalkeeper. It is of course harsh that he is on the bench.”

And with both Flamini and Arteta out Le Prof must decide whether to risk Coquelin. Giroud is suspended so surely Walcott will start? Gabriel returns from suspension and will likely replace the BFG, but what other changes do you think will happen?

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  1. Expected #Arsenal lineup tonight:

    Ospina; Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal; Coquelin, Cazorla; Chamberlain, Özil, Sanchez; Walcott.

  2. Ospina
    Bebauchy Gab Mert Gibbs
    Chambers Ramsey
    Ox Ozil Campbell
    Don’t care much about CL, get our players fresh for MU

  3. Ospina

    For United


    1. Mertsacker vs Martial & Rooney, he will be heavily targeted and with us having to push up to win the game, Martial needs only one counter attack …
      Giroud, again! that would be a happy day for Smalling …

  4. Why would i want to pick a team? It’s not my job, it’s Arsene’s. I just support whoever plays cos if i waste my time doing that, i may well be disappointed so I’ll say “break a leg” to whoever plays…. but i do not mean literally break a leg. COYG

    1. let me see if I will guess the team tonight


  5. ospina
    debuchy mert gab gibbs
    coquelin cazorla
    ox ozil campbell

    with ramsey, adelaide, sanchez, chambers, kosc, cech as subs

  6. Ospina
    Debuchy,BFG, Koscielny,monreal
    Bellerin, Gabriel, gibbs
    Ox, Sanchez

    Defend deep, with pacey counter attack!
    Our opponents won’t even get a shot on goal lol ?
    I would put a team out like this against Utd and Munich,
    and bring on Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil in the second half,
    If needed ?

    1. funny but i think thats a line up id want us to try out on some random day.
      though it totally lacks the creativity to start the counters in the first place.

    2. How about the WM formation for deep defending and fast counter attack?

      Gab, Per, Kos
      Ramsey, Cazorla

      Ozil and Alexis

      Bellerin and Theo, the EPLs 2 fastest players in the front 3. Fast counter? ^.^
      As for Defend deep, Bellerin and Gibbs can drop back to make a 5 man defense while defending and burtsing forward to help in attacks like they already do ^.^

  7. @Admin

    Are you saving me from embarrassing myself?
    ? don’t worry about it, I’m used to it ?

    Everytime that I have posted that team selection,
    You never show it ?… there was no swearing! ?
    please be kind enough to explain why?
    Thanks! ?

  8. Ospina
    Debuchy Gabriel kos Gibbs
    Coq (if fit) cazorla
    Cambalin ozil sanchez
    If le coq ain’t fit then Ramsey sud replace him. Dis is a must win match if we cud play without rotation and recover quick 4 manure wud not mind sticking wit the team dat played in d weekend. Just ospina coq and Gabriel wud come in today

  9. osp deb mert gab gibbs ramsey coq chambo sanchez carzola walcott.

    subs in. chambers campbell adelaide. depending on the flow of the game

  10. Ospina
    Debuchy Per Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Cazorla
    Campbell Ozil Alexis

    Ospina to start, I don’t think many Arsnal fans will mind with that change, Ospina has done well for us and deserves game time ^.^

    Debuchy is a gamble, his form has been terrible and only reason I put him in the squad was to give Bellerin a rest prior to UTD game, we want Bellerin to help beat UTD.

    Gibbs isn’t a bad defender, his form may of dropped a bit but he has done well when called upon, making a vital clearance off the line to show he has developed, in the past he would of gone into attack mode.

    Per and Kos because CB do not need to run as much as other players while it is good to let a partnership work! Nothing against Gabriel or Chambers, Per isn’t the type of guy who needs rests between games because of his athleticism… and Kos has half a week to recover, he has done in the past so dont worry ^.^

    Ramsey in for Coq, Ramsey does know how to tackle and to be honest, if we can get his defensive side back to how it was when he was carrying Arsenal then it would be wonderful. Covering for Coq may help that. It would also be nice to not risk Coquelin and have him ready for the UTD game.

    Cazorla… no need to explain with him right? How can we leave our little smiler out of the team while in such good form ^.^

    Campbell rather than the Ox as Ox can be a super sub, Campbell is better defensivly and as such I would want that to help press higher up the pitch. Alexis presses high up on the left… High pressing team. Campbell doesn’t lack pace and with a bit more confidence then he could turn into a suprise for us.

    No need to explain Ozil in the creative role? good ^.^

    Theo as the CF, Theo moves around more and this allows our wide attackers to get into the game more. When Theo goes into the channels then he drags players with him, players become so focused on his pace and to not let him get the advantage that Alexis gets to walk in and have fun 😉

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