Pick your best Arsenal 5-a-side team

The perfect Arsenal 5-a-side team by AB

wenger and ramseyArsene Wenger, without a doubt, likes his intricate, ball-playing sides. Samir Nasri’s goal against Fulham back in 2010 perfectly summed up Wenger’s philosophy; on the floor, technical and rapid.

We reckon the Frenchman could construct a killer 5-a-side team, especially with the players currently at his disposal. Wenger has actually given it some thought, of sorts, once explaining his blueprint to FourFourTwo, and outlining the traits needed to be a good 5-a-side player:

“To excel at five-a-side you need the same qualities it takes to be a good footballer,” Wenger told FourFourTwo,

“The only skill that isn’t necessary is the ability to play the ball long or in the air,.eye for goal, the ability to pass, vision and above all the intelligence to put all these aspects into practice.”

We’ve taken this and run. Check out our picks for an all-star Arsenal 5-a-side side. Have we nailed it, or do you think you can do better?

Goalie: Petr Cech

We might have gone with Szczesny if he was still about, considering his reflexes, but Cech isn’t a bad second choice! Still the best in the Premier League from our perspective, the Gunners number one is a brilliant shot stopper with remarkable instincts, as his performance against Liverpool last weekend clearly proved.

Defender: Laurent Koscielny

While we all know of the Frenchman’s consummate defending abilities, speed from scratch, and commanding presence at the back, there might be some who doubt whether he has the skill needed for the 5-a-side pitch. Well, we’ll just leave this here:

Midfield: Alexis Sanchez

The Chilean was born to play 5-a-side. Teams can’t contain him on a full pitch, so how would they cope with him in the cage?! Speedy, tricky, strong, and full of relentless attacking invention; Sanchez would be a bone fide star of the small stage.

Midfield: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Like the aforementioned Sanchez, the Ox has all the attributes to succeed here. Powerful and full of running, he’d be quite the engine. Both his central and wide midfield penchants would benefit him, and he could be the box to box man in this all-star Arsenal V.

Striker: Danny Welbeck

Dat guy occupies the spot up top due to his balance between power and pace. We fear Walcott might get pushed around a little, and Olivier Giroud is more the link-up hitman. And with headers off the table, the Frenchman would be without his main weapon. Welbeck is selfless, confident and very able.

What do you think? Have we missed any candidates? Would Santi Cazorla cut it? Ozil? How about Hector Bellerin at the back? We’d love to see your lineups, so get cracking in the comments!

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    I care about 11 aside lol

    My favourite 11 is


    If Theo proves that he can play CF, I would put him as CF and OX as RW

    I think Cazorla has played bettter b2b then Ramsey

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      Now people will be thumbed down for putting their FAVOURITE 11. Wow! Just wow.

  2. Gunner says:

    Are we that bored with no PL fixtures till next week….

  3. Gunner says:

    OT: Is Ozil fit for next game, dont see him in Arsenal Injuries column here?

    1. Budd says:

      Won’t be long until we will find out. Germany plays tonight.

      1. Gunner says:

        Prefer he rests today and recovers well for Stock game…

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    Best 5 a side footballers can use the ball (like 11 a siders).

    That said:

    Santi, Ozil, Wilshere, Alexis, Rambo


  5. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    The primary reason I love AFC is for the intricate one-touch passing that too in triangles. They are just mouth-watering.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:


    1. muffdiver says:


      hungry yet?

      1. Gunner says:

        Muff, jes cos the dude’s fat…………………

  7. FFFanatic says:

    A 5-a-side usually includes subs (I play at Goals – you can have up to 8 players). Thus my team would be:

    Cazorla Jack


    Reasons for Cazorla + Jack = awesome in tight areas, good driving runs, excellent tight control

    Reasons for Alexis up top = guy is a natural scorer and if you can feed him quick in a 1 on 1 he’d score 9/10 times

    Bench reasoning = Rambo and Ox both offer good runs while also lots of defensive work. They both drop down purely due to their propensity for bad touches in important areas which is DEADLY in five a side. Gabby gets in as defensive rotation and has far more aggression and reads the game clearer then Bellerin (next choice)

    Missing out: Ozil and Bellerin would be the natural additions. Ozil on form is beautiful in tiki taka situations but his lack of conviction to shoot would limit the attack. Bellerin is great and his pace would cover lots of ground but he wouldn’t read everything as well as Kos or Gab. A close one but I think a good lone striker would have him whereas Kos and Gab would not allow that.

    🙂 That was fun

  8. Kempinski says:

    No words can describe a team that plays 90% of their football at opposition box yet can hardly score goals…i wld rather we had more coutinhos in our squad who need not to be inside the D to sort us points. There is something fundamentally wrong with the clubs(wenger’s) philosophy!

  9. YingYang69 says:


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