Pick your England squad to go to the Euros – Here’s mine….

Name Your Euros Squad by Dan Smith


As some readers will know, international breaks are usually the time I spend forming random lists to use up the time.

I had England vs Albania on in the background – but let’s be honest, following the Three Lions in qualifiers is like two weeks without competitive Football.

So, I thought this was an ideal opportunity to do what many on social media have been doing, put together my 23-man England squad to go to the Euros.

Before someone writes that this Is an Arsenal forum, admin very kindly allowed me to include content for the last World Cup (which proved popular), so I assume I’ll be doing the same this summer?

Plus, it’s a bit of fun and interaction.

What’s great is I know we have some readers not just from England, so I would love in the comments to read various squads for the nation you support.

To clarify this is what I would do – not what I think Gareth Southgate decides on.

While he’s been media friendly and a good man manager, when we face a tough fixture, he will revert to what makes him comfortable and that’s being cautious and conservative. Against a France for example, I can see him going for three at the back which takes away your options in the attacking midfield position, which other managers would build around given the quality we have in that role.


Here is what MY England squad would look like:


Gk – (Martinez), Pickford, Pope, Henderson


First thing I would do is contact Martinez’s peeps and see if he is open to playing for England, a rule that I would assume old school Southgate would be against?

It would take guaranteeing him he would play at the Euros to turn his back on Argentina, but that’s what I would prefer to do given his season with Aston Villa.

Maybe it’s up to him to reach out?

If it got leaked that Southgate was being turned down by Martinez to be our GK, it’s a public lack of faith in his current options.

Martinez moved to the UK as a teenager and became an adult in England, so despite being very much Argentine it’s not like he has zero connection with his adopted nation.

I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t see in Pickford what Southgate does. Unlike a Pope and Henderson, he makes too many mistakes.

Having stuck with him for so long though I wouldn’t be messing round with my keepers on the eve of a tournament (unless Martinez picks up the phone).


Full backs

LB – Chilwell, Shaw

RB – Arnold, Trippier


The formation that Southgate plays means that his full backs are crucial to the system.

England have an incredible choice of right backs, some who in any other era would win so many more caps.

Southgate has already made it clear that tactically Arnold doesn’t fit into his ethos. He didn’t make our first team when he was winning the Premiership or Champions League so won’t now given Liverpool’s season.

Alternatively, he’s stuck with Trippier when he was struggling at Spurs so will rate him even more now, he’s about to win La Liga with one of the best defensive coaches in the world, Simeone.

I’m not just basing my selection on a few months.

Arnold’s delivery separates him from his peers, and he would be in my starting 11.


CB- Maguire, Stones. Mings, Dier


If Southgate plays 3 at the back, he might pick as many as 6 centre backs.

In the fantasy world where I’m manager, I’ll be fielding a 4-3-3 so need to only pick 4 centre backs.

Don’t get me wrong, based on form Dier doesn’t deserve to be called up and it’s harsh on the likes of Keane and Coady.

However, with only 23 options you have to be creative. Dier can play in two positions which frees up a space for an attacking player.


CM – Henderson, Rice, Mount, Foden, Grealish,

This is where Southgate will come unstuck. What separates a great manager to an average one is having the ambition to fit in the likes of Mount, Foden and Grealish into the same team.

Even by Dier catering for two positions freeing up an attacking option, I can’t fit Maddison into my plans.

Southgate is likely to prioritise a Kelvin Phillips over flair.

Due to his leadership qualities, I’ll give Henderson a chance to prove his fitness.


LM / RM -Sterling, Sancho, Saka, Rashford

If Mount, Foden and Grealish are in the same team you could argue only 1 out of these 4 will start.

Saka Is a good versatility option that every squad needs. A lot of injuries and you can call upon a talent who can play in 5 different positions.

How come every time there is a tournament fans and pundits seem to question Sterling?


CF – Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Ings

Kane obviously starts up front with two wingers either side.

You only need a plan B unless our captain got injured or we need a goal with 15 minutes to go.

We don’t need any more firepower than three strikers.


Give me your squad in the Comments.



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  1. I agree with your selection, because it will make Southgate able to play with different formations

  2. I would love to join in but I couldn’t even tell you who was in the squad last night or who even gets called up anymore apart from probably Kane .
    Not sure why I just told you that stupid little story as it did nothing to contribute to the Article so I’ll just shut my mouth and fade away onto the next .

  3. All good.

    Although I’d replace Calvert-Lewin with Bamford. Just to give me more selection headaches because Bamford is better with his feet. More control, better link-up play and all that.

    1. Because Phil I’m bored ,missing proper football and my brother asked me to write mine down so I thought why not

  4. I think lingard is in very good form and watkins and maddison are very much reliable and good at what they do consistently but its hard to include em as well with the squad named by dan…i dont follow england on a comsistent basis so not sure about southgates system

  5. Because Phil I’m bored ,missing proper football and my brother asked me to write mine down so I thought why not

  6. Am not really in support of national teams pickings players of other countries to play for them,it’s really unjust&i think fifa should do something about it.you can imagine england&germany recently fighting over musiala who is nigerian by origin&here you are urging southgate to invite argentina’s martinez

  7. Speaking as someone who will shun this WC, as I did with the one in Russia (as both countries plus FIFA are corrupt and so I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT), I find it fairly easy to do so, as TBH, most international football bores me and I spend almost every summer afternoon and many early evenings playing bowls.

    Much healthier in body and mind than watching boring international football on TV, esp when played in a corrupt country.

    I wish England well but cannot overlook that I believe all players EVERYWHERE should shun taking part in this corruptly awarded competition held in a corrupt and anti human rights country.
    I believe that in life if you hold principles you should stand by them, no matter how inconvenient at times.

    1. I do t always agree with your comments jon but I believe you have it spot on with this. It’s all very well putting on a t-shirt with a slogan on but if all countries boycotted the world cup, you might get some sort of change but then what do I know

    2. Laudible sentiments Jon but we are talking about the EUROS in June. Most key games will be at Wembley, so unless you are classing England as one of the more corrupt countries you have your wires crossed. In any case its tough to boycott the country you live in!

      1. Yes guy, and as soon as I’d posted I remembered that the WC is not in summer this year, but in 2022. But the sentiment remains the same and I also play indoor bowls on winter evenings, Covid permitting this autumn AND NEXT!.

        I do however definitely NOT have my wires crossed. It may be hard for some and possibly even you to comprehend, but in my book if you choose to knowingly condone a corrupt WC (and I was not and am not talking about the Euros this summer at all) tournament by taking part, you are turning a blind eye to corruption.

        And that lack of moral compass is not AND NEVER WILL BE how I choose to live my life. I go into this with my highly life experienced eyes wide open and know that many things are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than merely watching football. Hope that helps you understand, at least a little!

    3. While the organizing country for WC 2022 has not covered itself in glory, I am curious to know what your view was about Russia 2018?

      1. ahmad, As my original post said, I shunned that WC tournament in 2018 as it too was corruptly awarded by a corrupt organisation in FIFA to a corrupt country run by a gangster in the appalling Putin!

        I have life principles which will not allow me to condone in any way anything to do with countries as corrupt and anti human rights, from beginning to end and on a vast scale, as BOTH RUSSIA AND QATAR!

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