Pick Your Midfield Trio for Arsenal in the FA Cup Final?

With Danny Welbeck being the only notable absentee for Arsenal as they take on Aston Villa in the FA Cup final, the team selection for the big game will prove to be a very difficult task for Arsene Wenger, and perhaps the most difficult part of selecting the starting eleven will be deciding which players will comprise Arsenal’s midfield trio.

After a sparkling display against West Brom on Saturday, Jack Wilshere has also thrown his name into the hat and admitted his desire to take to the field at Wembley. Now the Englishman’s competition will include Aaron Ramsey, Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla, it is more or less a given that Mesut Ozil will start in his preferred Number 10 role behind the striker. With that being said, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshere will compete for the two deep-lying midfield roles. So who should should get the nod for the big game?

Well, I’m sure we can all agree that Coquelin should start as our defensive midfielder. The Frenchman will be a very vital component of the side, especially considering that that our opponents will look to sit back and catch the Gunners on the break. Now I’m sure Ramsey is going to start this game, but it is unclear as to whether he will start next to ‘Le Coq’ or whether Wenger will choose to play him on the flank again.

In my opinion, he has to play in his preferred central midfield role for two reasons. Firsrly, the Welshman has a far greater influence on the game playing in the middle of the park, and second, I believe Theo Walcott should be brought in for this game. Since Villa are going to sit back and defend, we really need to make the best use of the width of the pitch and we can only do so by playing two natural wingers out wide.

With that being said, the midfield trio that I would go with is Coquelin, Ramsey and Ozil. While it will harsh on Santi and Wilshere, I believe that the aforementioned trio will be most effective for Arsenal going into the big game. But on the bright side, Santi and Wilshere, along with Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rosicky, will give Arsenal a lot of attacking options from the bench.


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  1. we are supposed to be in a position where our midfield is rotated to suit all parties and keep everyone fresh……… Seriously , Lets get serious with all the cup competitions we find ourselves in next season….be it carling cup, F.A cup , Premier League trophy and champions League etcetera…….we have enough players (plus our incoming summer signings)to go round ……….. Am i sounding Like wenger?

  2. I would agree but if Wenger went with Cazorla instead of Ramsey it would not be bad either.

    However, I would go with Coquelin, Ramsey and Ozil

    Coquelin is a MUST. no explanation needed
    Ramsey was vital in last year’s FA Cup so I’m a bit superstitious and think we should go with him. Although again we would be as fine with Cazorla
    Ozil has been brilliant so he should be CAM

    For wingers, I would go for Walcott and Alexis with Giroud up front

  3. What I think would be best?
    Coquelin, Ramsey and Ozil.

    Why Coquelin? If I need to explain that to you, then you’ve clearly not watched Arsenal since Christmas.

    Why Ramsey? Cazorla has dropped form. Ramsey has been very good these past few games despite playing out of position, plus on a pitch as big as Wembley, his energy is invaluable. It’s what won us the cup last year – he may have been the one that scored the winning goal, but he was also the one who won the ball back to start that attack in the first place.

    Why Özil? People love attacking Özil, but to me he’s actually a very good player. Certainly on the same level as any other creative player in the league. In fact I saw a star yesterday saying that Özil has created the most chances per game of any player in the league (3.18, the second is David Silva with 2.91, that’s a pretty sizeable cut above the rest – almost 10% more!).

    Plus I’d play Walcott on the RW but give him license to get forward more than usual, play Giroud up front and Alexis on the left.

    1. Great explanation for each player. I agree completely

      Yes I’m getting sick of the Ozil bashing like Giroud’s first two years when he scored approx 40 total goals but fans were Still bashing him. Ozil is indeed quality

    2. I agree on them all, but I’m a bit unsure about Wilshere vs. Ramsey. Generally Ramsey > Wilshere, but Wilshere was really impressive against West Brom, so I wouldn’t complain if he got a starter tomorrow.

      I’d like to see Wilshere/Ramsey (depending on who’s starting) and Oxlade come off from the bench

  4. ………………Macy…………

  5. Its a hard one call really, to attacking of a midfield line up, then Villa will just sit back and hope to hit us on the counter, which they can do. Villa’s defence has been diabolical as of recent therefore if we aim to keep possession against them, one can only assume they’ll “Park the bus”. An on the counter they are very dangerous (Sinclair, Nzogbia, Grealish and even Benteke) they have pace, hence why an attacking midfield line up will lead to men over committing and exposing our Achilles heal. Personally I feel we need to have a very defensively minded midfield, capable of attacking as well as maintaining defensive discipline. Who that’ll would be i haven’t the slightest idea?

  6. Sczcesny
    Bellerin Gab Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Wilshear Cazorla Sanchez
    I am 100% sure it will be the same as usual (except GK)
    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq Cazorla
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez
    It doesn’t matter who starts, we need to retain the Fa cup …

  7. Good week so far.
    Akpom scores vital goal
    FIFA officials get arrested

    Feel sorry for Welbeck though. His goal against United was classic and we will remember for long time (with an awesome assist by Valencia hehe). Winning at OT :-). At least he will get a medal if we win

  8. Good evening Anurag. A healthy and fit Cazorla is one of the core Gunners the Boss will not drop. We are yet to see the Boss dropped these 5 core Gunners from his starting line up in the persons of, Deputy Captain – Rhinosacker, Koscielny, Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez if they are fit to play. Because they always possess the automatic starting form a head of the other Gunners. I think the dropping of Coquline once was to give him a rest. Taking these 6 Gunners as my starting base and with the Boss looking to be starting Szczesny for all the Arsenal FA Cup games so far. My starts: Szczesny. BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal. CaquelinCazorla. WilshereOzilSanchez. Walcott. I am affraid, I have to start Giroud and Ramsey from my bench. I know Giroud can hold the ball and uses his head to score. But he’s lost his goal scoring form of late. And complainant Ramsey prefers the center to the wing. But he can’t bench Cazorla. So quiet Wilshere keeps the wing. My Subs: OspinaDebuchyDeAbreuGibbsGiroudRamseyFlamini.

  9. Cazorla must play no matter what,hes an Sanchez have driven us on this season,and Santi is our best big match player in my opinion

  10. People Bashing Ozil are either 1. Ungrateful fans from any club that knows little about football 2. Players/Fans that are jealous of Him and wish He plays in their team 3. Pundits/players that wish they played with Him… Ozil has improved and I know He’ll even get better next season… He is a fantastic player and happy He is playing in Arsenal. Put him up for sale and clubs like bayern, Manchesterunited and I dare say Barca or even Rafa Real Madrid will want Him back… Already feeling the tension ahead of tomorrow but I hope wenger gets his historic 6th FA cup trophy and 12th for Arsenal!

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