Pick your Premier League Team Of The Season – Here’s mine…

Pick your Premier League team of the season 2019/20 by Dan Smith

Here’s a fun game peeps to play over the weekend. So, at this time of the year everyone is submitting their teams of the year. I was asked to do one with a twist. You have to put together a 11 but can only include 1 player from each Premier League club. For example, if you pick VVD you can’t select Salah. If you have KDB in your midfield, it means you can’t have Sterling.

My Formation is a 4-3-3. Put your choices in the comments

Dean Henderson GK – Sheffield United- Played 36 Clean Sheets 13
Couldn’t have done more to start next season as Man United’s and England’s number one, not just the clean sheets but the saves. It’s hard to think how Gareth Southgate with a straight face can compare his campaign with Jordan Pickford’s. The Everton keeper is in fact an example of how a youngster struggles with the pressure of expectation.

Maybe that’s why Ole is reluctant to throw him in at the deep end, but surely the point of a loan is to give the player a chance to impress? I struggle to think what more Henderson could have done at Bramall Lane.

Trent Alexander-Arnold RB- Liverpool – Played 38, Goals 4, Assists 13
My player of the year. Yes, I’m leaving out the likes of Mane, Salah and VVD, but if you were to ask me what Liverpool do have better than anyone else, it’s their full backs.

Other managers are now copying by building their attacks on their left and right backs, but the Champions doing it so much better explains the 18-point gap.

Where many in his position are good going forward but have a poor final ball, his delivery is world class, whether it be crossing, his corners or taking a free kick. When’s the last time a defender contributed to 17 goals?

The biggest compliment I can give the 21-year-old is he’s changed the perception of right back. Kids at school will suddenly be wanting to play as a wing back

Calgar Soyuncu CB- Leicester – Played 34, Goals 1, Assists 1 Clean Sheets 12
We were linked with him a couple of years ago and he’s become another player we regret not signing. When you think how desperate we currently are for a centre back, Leicester got this man for 19 million, which isn’t a lot in today’s market. He has formed one of the best partnerships in the League with Evans and at 24 is only going to get better. We could be talking about him being a World class defender in a few years.

Gary Cahill CB- Palace, Played 25, Clean Sheets 7
Remember when we all put our noses up about the idea of signing Cahill on a free, based on him being a player Chelsea didn’t want? Then we ended up giving Chelsea 8 million for another player they didn’t want. Who’s had a better season, Cahill or David Luiz?

In fact, have any of our centre backs been as reliable or consistent as Cahill? Maybe he’s not as great on the ball but you could trust him to defend. Credit to him for going to Selhurst Park and taking the season seriously where others might have been going through the motions at this stage of their career.
Palace noticed how good he was when he was out of the team. Their form fell off a cliff when he got injured.

Jamal Lewis – Left Back – Norwich Played 28, Scored 1
Some will wonder how I can pick a player who plays for a club relegated as the basement boys. Yet in terms of the rules I have set myself, I couldn’t select Robinson or Chilwell, so my options were limited. Yet Norwich are a unique case, out of their depth in the Premiership but sprinkled with young talent who caught the eye.

Jamal Lewis proved to me he belongs at this level; he just so happens to have got promoted with a club who were here for the money and happy to go back to the Championship. Put it this way if he’s done enough for Jurgen Klopp to want him then he’s done enough to get in my team.

Matteo Kovacic – DM- Chelsea – Played 31, Goals 1, Assists 1
One of those players you maybe don’t appreciate as a fan until he’s not playing. Most clubs have that one individual who does the basic things well, where without them tactically the midfield isn’t quite the same. By being so good at keeping the ball and passing, he allows the likes of Mount and others to be dangerous further forward.

Bruno Fernandes – Man United – CM – Played 14, Goals 8, Assists 7
I wouldn’t normally include a player who only played half the season but that’s kind of indicative of the rest of Man United’s squad. The table doesn’t lie after all. In January they were 14 points behind Leicester, they ended up 4 points ahead of them, you can’t say Fernandes wasn’t instrumental in that?

Some have suggested a lot of his goals have been penalties. Bottom line is he’s contributed more League goals then he’s actually played.

De Bruyne – Man City – CM- Played 35, Goals 13, Assists 20
The best player in the Premier League. He broke Henry’s record for the amount of assists in a season. If he stays fit, he could become the best midfielder in the world as he enters his prime, able to play both the ‘Pirlo’ role or in a more attacking position. He has stepped up as a leader for his club.

Aubameyang – LF – Arsenal – Played 36, Goals 22, Assists 3
Worth remembering a lot of his goals have come from him starting on the left-hand side. Tactically though he seems more responsive to Arteta then he was Emery, understanding when to change position. His manager admitted he had doubts if the striker would be able to implement his ethos of pressing from the front and tracking back to defend.

His body language and demeanour has been so much better in 2020, a classic example of how good a player can be in a happy environment.

Danny Ings – CF – Southampton – Played 38, Goals 22, Assists 2
Deserves to be in this team due to the amount of goals he has scored. Why his tally is more impressive than the other contenders for the Golden Boot is due to the team he plays for. Southampton are not a side who create many clear cut chances every game, meaning Ings knows he might get one golden opportunity a match.

Traore – RF- Wolves- Played 37, Goals 4, Assists 9
We knew for years he had talent. The difference is at Middlesbrough his pace would destroy his full back, but his final ball was shocking. While still not perfect (which is why he started the season on the bench), he ended the campaign with the sign that he could become a huge star in this League. He has put on some massive muscles and is clearly getting better with his decision making. At just 24 he should only get better.

Put your Premier League Team Of The Season in the comments. Just a bit of fun, no right or wrong…

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Dan Smith


  1. Sorry Dan but your artificial and pointless rule of this quiz is akin to saying you can only play with half blown up footballs. or choose British born players etc. Why do this? A TRUE team would be the best, irrespective of who they play for. Surely? I would have taken part under a true test but in this artificial way it is meaningless.

    1. For your benefit

      Trent vvD Soy Robinson
      Koviac Fernandes KBB

      Sterling ings mane

      If I had wrote that , someone would moan too obvious
      So I rather test my knowledge and think outside the box

  2. After bringing you Auba’s contract agreement(£250k a week for 3 years), Willian’s agreement and Gabriel Malghaes’ personal terms agreement with Arsenal way ahead of time I can tell you that the transfer fee and payment structure for Gabriel Malghaes has been agreed. The deal has been agreed in principle.
    Ignoring any last minute hijack he should be an Arsenal player. Watch that space next week.

    As said, Partey’s deal will be explored when Athletico Madrid are done with their UCL exploits for the season. The player is 100% committed to coming to Arsenal. The deal is not off. Should Lacazette leave the club are looking at Edouard(Celtic) and Zaha as potential replacements

    1. Gabriel isn’t even playing for Lille today and his shirt number went to someone else. He is definitely gone. Question is just where. I hope it is us! I feel like deals are done but we are just waiting because of the staff redundancies annoucement. Wouldnt look good to splash cash so soon after announcing. If Partey joins…. I go crazy. I REALLY hope this one goes through. But yeah, def need to get rid of a few players first. Torriera seems to be gone, and hopefully we can get Guendouzi out soon too. I can live another year with Lacazette if we keep strengthening midfield and get in a creative.

      1. A deal has been agreed in principle for him and he already picked Arsenal ahead of Utd and other clubs. Before lockdown he was set to sign for Everton pending a medical but things changed.
        Partey wants to come to Arsenal and that deal will be revisited after his club’s UCL exploits end.

  3. Pope

    This was a fun challenge Dan, thanks haha. I almost put in two Chelsea players actually. But switched Aarons for Reece James. Which i think is fair. Norwich have a lot of good young players. Like your shout with Lewis as well. Diamonds in rough both of them. Forwards, I could’ve been more creative, but solid front three. City have all the good wingers and I couldn’t leave out KDB of course. Wanted to include Auba but I feel Saka in LB spot is very justifiable as well.

    1. Aaron’s and Lewis are underrated players. Both are good enough to play for any top club imo. Norwich’s failures have cast a bit of doubt over their ability but they are very good players when you actually watch them. Only a matter of time before they get their recognition

      1. Norwich will make very good money if they sell Aarons, Lewis, and Cantwell. Wouldn’t mind if we scooped up one of them either. Also, for LB spot I was also thinking Digne, but every time I watch Everton defend I wanna cry. Very nice tally of 7 assists from him, but Saka was just so good as LB/LWB for us. Also, I wanted to give Traore a shout in the front three cause that man terrifies every defense haha.

      2. Pope

        Wasn’t a very tough pick but nice

  4. You also fell for the Bruno’s hype. No way is he above Henderson in that midfielder. How you omitted Vardy surprise me

    1. Did you read how he made the TOTS? One player per club. In a normal TOTS Bruno wouldn’t make most and it would just be LFC and City players. Bruno also has been a good signing and has been great for United. Even if you remove the penalties.

  5. Any team without Mane is not acceptable.

    Guy is has played too good for my liking.

    I actually sit there and wonder how he became so good.

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