Pick your Top Six for the Premier League Hall Of Fame (not Giggs)

My choices for the Premier League Hall Of Fame. by Dan Smith

In my opinion Thierry Henry is the greatest to ever grace English Football, which is why it’s fitting that he and Alan Shearer are the first inductees into the Premier League Hall Of Fame.

It’s believed that originally there was going to be three inaugural recipients of the honour, with the strikers joined by Ryan Giggs. The Wales manager would be an obvious choice given that no man has come close to his 13 titles.

It’s obvious that organisers felt the timing was not convenient to celebrate an individual charged with assaulting two women and controlling or coercive behaviour. I’m sure his legal team have equally advised their client to stay out of the public eye until after his court case. After his innocence or guilt has been proven, he can then take his rightful place in the HOF.

Yet organisers have unintentionally provoked the sensitive subject by choosing that the next 6 inductees will be selected by a 23-man shortlist. By doing so, they hurt the credibility of their own ‘Home Of The Greats’.

Henry was on Sky this week where he and Jamie Carragher had to suggest who the next 6 should be. The problem is that no one believes that a man who has won the very competition you are celebrating more than anyone else, does not meet the criteria for the best 23 talent to play in the top division since 1993.

While noble that you have asked fans to vote for the next half dozen graduates, as long as the most successful talent in the League’s history is phased out, it dilutes how special you want this accolade to be.

An independent panel should once a year announce a class – one Keeper, full back, centre back, midfielder, winger and striker.

It would make sense to pay tribute to those who played in the early nineties and gradually work your way up the years.

That way no one would have to know the politics behind your motivation.

People would still suspect but it wouldn’t be so blatant.

For example if Giggs is cleared of all charges, do you awkwardly add him to your shortlist and just pretend that before he didn’t warrant being on the original shortlist? Quite a Mickey Mouse operation that.

Their website claims that this is “a place for celebration, admiration and nostalgia. For moments made famous and players famous for having made them”.


It says nothing about being a nice guy!

The poll (closing date -9th May) shouldn’t be a popularity contest. If that was the case Matt Le Tissier will be picked ahead of Ashley Cole? John Terry was stripped of the England captaincy for being found guilty of Racial abuse.

He and Frank Lampard were part of a Chelsea group of players fined for mocking American’s stranded at Heathrow airport, 24 hours after September 11th.

Rio Ferdinand missed a European Championships for his failure to comply with a drugs test.

Gerrard was charged with assault.

Eric Cantona was banned from playing for 9 months due to kicking a fan.

Wayne Rooney and David Beckham have been charged with drink driving, an offense Tony Adams spent time in jail for.

My point is, this list shouldn’t be based on morality, it should be based on what you have done on the pitch. To try and pretend Ryan Giggs career never happened makes a mockery of the whole process.

There are exceptions to the rule of course. It would be difficult to celebrate a murderer or rapist, but let’s stress that in the UK a person is innocent until proven guilty.


My six choices based on the 23-man shortlist will rightfully have a strong Man United presence as they dominated the first decade of the Premier League. It’s my choice to vary the positions (so if you want to have 6 attackers, it’s up to you).


Your options are

Adams, Beckham, Bergkamp, Campbell, Cantona, Andy Cole, Ashley Cole, Drogba, Les Ferdinand, Rio Ferdinand, Fowler, Gerrard, Roy Keane, Lampard, Le Tissier, Owen, Schmeichel, Scholes, Terry, Van Persie, Vidic and Vieira.


My Six Inductees …….


Schmeichel – Shamefully the only keeper on the shortlist


Adams – Mr Arsenal. A great leader and inspirational story. In terms of iconic moments, his goal against Everton was like the end of a Shakespeare play.


Gerrard – The greatest to never win the Prem. Provided the Prem with iconic moments. His love for Liverpool was infectious.


Lampard – This is why I think a panel should choose because certain players need to be inducted together.

For example you can’t have a Vieira without a Keane and you can’t have a Gerrard without a Lampard (the only reason Keane and Vieira have to wait is so I had a variation of clubs represented).

Lampard and Gerrard’s career parallel each other’s, especially with England, meaning Lampard never got the credit he deserved. He is a classic example of someone who worked hard to maximise his career.


Beckham – For obvious reasons, morphed the world of footballer and celebrity together. Because of that often he doesn’t get credit for being the best crosser and set piece taker in the world.

Growing up, Beckham over a free kick was one of the iconic images of the whole Prem.


Cantona – When it was decided to break away from the Football League, this is what Sky Sports envisaged having every week.

Cantona was box office in everything he did, the raised collar, the goals, the celebrations. The face of the early years of the Prem.

Unless you’re old enough to remember, it’s hard to describe the Frenchman. An enigma!


Who’s your next 6 inductees?


Be kind in the comments




  1. Mine are Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, Peter Schmeichel and Patrick Vieira, because I believe they have better football abilities than the rest in the list

    1. Well.. ur opinion..
      But none od them has a better football ability than the great dennis bergkamp.

  2. Adams, Vieira, Keane, Bergkamp, Schmeichel and Gerrard

    Two legends on my list standout the most, Keane and Adams

  3. Bergkamp

    Dan you didn’t pick Bergkamp ????
    But picked Beckham !

    Micheal Owen on that short list 😂

    1. wasn’t implying àny of those players were better then Bergkamp
      Just think.each class should have a balence
      So start from early 90 so need a couple of United payers
      Then I thought didn’t want just United /Arsenal players hence Gerrard
      Then you can’t have Gerrard with out lamps lol

    2. Dennis Bergkamp: “the best player bought by Arsenal and the best player Arsenal are ever likely to buy” (Ian Wright)

  4. I concur completely wirth DAN views on the exclusion of Giggs. TBH, I take all these greatest ever or greatest of an era polls with a huge pinch of salt. What do they achieve, I ask myself!
    All it means is that a number of people will vote for so and so and many more will not.

    Take the oft discussed greatest ever Arsenal player as an example or say the top twenty ever. NOT A SINGLE FAN ALIVE TODAY will have ever seen Boy Bastin at his peak or Alex James or Eddie Hapgood. (Apologies to any “centenarians plus” who are on JA.)

    And to a lesser extent, many will never have seen the early Prem greats like Bergkamp, Shearer and Giggs at their peak but still vote for their “best ever” Prem Hall of Fame.

    So all these votes are of some minor interest, to SOME, while being completely meaningless, unless you include providing another article to JA to discuss, often from an incomplete and therefore ignorant viewpoint.

    Just my personal take as a realist!

    1. You can also make a list of such great players you thought the new generation may not know and by doing so with the help of Google Search we get to know them and appreciate their efforts that gave Arsenal the name we are all loving now.
      THANKS Sir

  5. OT:i would like to know what people make of Jens Lenhman’s sacking from the Hertha Berlin board after he sent a racist WhatsApp message to a (black) Sky Germany pundit??

  6. ‘Because of that often he doesn’t get credit for being the best crosser and set piece taker in the world.’
    whaaaaaaat,he is the only footballer that gets credit for set pieces

  7. Dennis Bergkamp (my all-time PL great)
    Sol Campbell
    Roy Keane
    Patrick Viera
    Paul Scholes
    Ashley Cole

    Michael Owen??? Shouldn’t be on the list.

    1. Peeps harsh on Owen
      From 1998 -2003 very good
      Think how his career ended peeps forget

  8. Bergkamp

    Just for the first round. Can’t go wrong with most of these nominations. I’m probably being a bit kind to Beckham, maybe Schmichel instead…

  9. Lookit …Chelsea owning Madrid..
    Man U also having a resurgence..
    And Arsenal are stuck with an assistant coach as Manager…
    Dark days ahead ladies and Gents…Dark days indeed..
    We’ll get knocked out tomorrow to add insult to injury..

  10. The list is slanted towards attackers, but my picks would be: Bergkamp, Beckham, Cantona, Keane, Gerrard and Scholes. I would also have loved to have had Le Tissier there, sorry Matt, I would pay to watch you play any day of the week. But seriously Ryan Giggs not being there is a sham. How many professional footballers would you class as moral beacons? Cantona deserves to be there for what he did at Crystal Palace, alone.

    1. Matt Le Tissier played for most of his career loyally with Southampton. He was absurdly and negligently not selected by England managers, who loved grind and hated flair. If there was any player I wished had signed for Arsenal, it was Matt Le Tissier, who any fan of football would walk miles to see.

  11. Actually I might substitute Beckham for Ashley Cole. The composite he brought to a defence is priceless.

  12. OT

    Man City vs Chelsea CL final

    Arsenal vs United EL final

    Honestly if we get past Villarreal then I like our chances against United

    COYG 💓💕💞💗💝

  13. Dennis Bergkamp: “the best player bought by Arsenal and the best player Arsenal are ever likely to buy” (Ian Wright)

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