Picture – Arsene Wenger wrongly predicted VAR would be bad for Man United

Well, Arsene Wenger has always believed that Arsenal were poorly treated by referees, and Alex Ferguson was given special treatment by the man with the whistle.

He campaigned widely for the introduction of video replays to stop bad calls and dodgy penalty decisions, and he somehow predicted that Man United would “be a mid-table side” when VAR was introduced.

In fact, the total opposite has occurred, as Man United have already been given more penalties than any other club since it’s inception last season, topping the table with ten Premier League penalties last season, and have also been given another 5 in this campaign already.

So is VAR still giving referees the chance to favour Man United, or are they just more likely to deserve penalties?

I wonder if they will get another one today?

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  1. What do you expect when the former Flayers of MAN UTD are the one operating and those of Liverpool

  2. Many years back in my country Arsenal fans used to joke if the game was tight and there was no excuse to give Man Utd a penalty the referee would still give them a penalty for a questionable foul committed in the middle of the pitch. They just have to get that penalty.

    It’s not a one season or two seasons thing either. Its tradition. Apart from penalties most of the wrong decisions by the referees always are in their favour.

    Two games come to mind where the referees crossed the boundaries of favouring this excuse of a big club. One a Spurs disallowed goal which nearly touched the net but the keeper “saved” the shot.

    Another one I think they were tied two goals with Manchester City and there was three minutes added time but the match ended after Owen scored in the 98th minute.

  3. If anyone was ever in doubt just how much referees were intimidated by Ferguson just watch the 2-0 game that ended our 49 run on youtube. What Utd was allowed to get away with on that day bordered on criminal. I also thought VAR would put an end to such injustices but I have changed my mind due to some of the inconsistent decisions that get made. It may be incompetence or bias but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future a betting scandal that has affected other sports was uncovered in football involving var.

  4. I stand for those sensible fans who utterly reject the foolish idea that refs have biases towards MAN UTD. What that accusation means is tha trefs are cheating and I want no truck with false accusations.

    They do their best under difficult circumstances and in theface of huge fan prejudice from many fans of every club they referee. I prefer fair mindedness!

    I will say that some are below the standard we need but have no truck with accusations of cheating, unlike so many other fans who are not fairminded do.

      1. HH, Not for the first or last time we are on polar oposite sides, when it comes to thinking! I do not accept thfals premise you make in your second sentence. You are simply biased and wrong I regret to say!

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