Picture: Mesut Ozil snapped with manager of top Turkish SuperLig side İstanbul Başakşehir

There has been a very interesting development in the never-ending Mesut Ozil saga, as a picture has been posted on Twitter of Arsenal’s very expensive German midfielder at a barbecue or party with the Turkish manager Okan Buruk, who this season guided İstanbul Başakşehir to their very first Super Lig title in his very first season as their manager.

Buruk was a very famous Turkish international midfielder in his day, and won six Super Lig titles with Galatasary before moving to the Italian giants Inter Milan for three years before returning to his homeland.

Here is the revealing tweet….

This may mean absolutely nothing, but just the fact that he in an intimate setting with this manager means it is inevitable they will be talking about football, and maybe he would have the possibility of playing in the Champions League next season if he returned to his family’s homeland with İstanbul Başakşehir….

Current İstanbul Başakşehir players include Martin Skrtel, Gokhan Inler and Demba Ba.


  1. there was a report i read on Bleacher that we are looking to pay Ozil off should he find a new club which would mean we’ll pay the difference of his new wage and what he earns with us.
    I was hoping that the fact he was in Turkey when we played the final that he was looking for a club there….god i hope im right 🙂

    1. Yah smart move . They get rid of a world class play maker who is 31 in order to sign a 32 year old reject winger and a 31 year old striker for 3 years. as well. Neither one will sniff such contracts from any other team. The smart move is to keep Ozil and use the money spent on Willian to upgrade the CB and/or the CM. Scapegoating Ozil will have a steeper price.

      1. you chat so much waffle lmao
        Ozil is on 18m a year which is 2 1/2 X as much as Willian.
        what planet are you on?
        1 season of Ozils wage covers all 3 of willians with change and has been consistent, can you say that about Ozil? the first 3 years maybe but not since.
        the sooner we get rid of the useless leech the better

      2. ozil isn’t a scapegoat, he’s just not good and is eating up wages. But sure, he’s a scapegoat. The club needed to scapegoat him to achieve what exactly?????

  2. yeah he was pictured with their President some months back so did he join the government? No. So why do we read and infer too much? And why should he join them to play?

    1. oh lmao yea him and Gundogan are both going into Turkish politics clearly!
      A player from 1 team meeting a manager from another team while the transfer window is open and the fact he has said he would listen to offers from MLS and Turkey in the past.
      He also won’t play any games with us next season ( if the restart was anything to go by) and the other report that we are willing to pay him off if he finds a new club.
      Yes it may all be wishful thinking but it is plausible to think it could go the other way

  3. I just hope something can happen this summer to satisfy all parties. Regardless of the Özil controversy among fans, it won’t be pleasant for the dressing room atmosphere nor Özil himself if he stays.

  4. OZIL? Never heard of him! Can someone please tell me who he is, as there is so little on here about him that I must have missed knowing about him. Perhaps he is a famous criminal? A MASTER CON MAN PERHAPS? Strange really, as this is a football site and he looks far too weedy to be a real footballer. I could imagine he would get a “backache” if he ever took up playing.

    Duh!! How silly of me, as now I have remembered; he is a famous collector of unearned money, under false pretences. A master fraud in fact!

  5. Would really welcome it if the picture means he’s been in discussion with the manager about a potential move. It would be great for Arsenal football club as it would put an end to the toxicity amongst the club and fans. He’s probably the most controversial player in the whole of Arsenal’s history.

  6. Sanchez told Manchester United he was not happy not playing, so he went on loan to Inter Milan. Now he has signed on a free transfer with Inter Milan with United apparently making up his wage difference.
    Meanwhile Mezut Ozil is ready to play for Arsenal, but quite happy to not have to attend games and still earn his money. Hopefully he will take the same approach to his ex team mate Sanchez, but there is no guarantees that Ozil still wants to be a “professional” footballer, whereas Sanchez does.

    1. ozziegunner, what “games” are you referring to?

      If Ozil was breaking any of the clubs rules, he would be liable for breach of contract, so let’s have the list of ANY games that this has happened.

      Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta has declared that he is ft, training with the first team squad and available for selection.

    2. Ken, I didn’t say he broke his contract. He was given permission by the “powers that be” to not attend the FA Cup Final and instead travel to Turkey, but why did he ask for permission not to support his team mates playing in that important game?
      So much for being a Club captain and showing leadership ability.

      1. The problem I have with many of our fans and you regarding Ozil is you have your hatred, yes hatred cloud your judgment. Mind you, I want him gone since our fans and pundits had made the subject of their discussion and a means for cheap popularity before anyone call me his fan boy which I am anyway because I’m a fan of arsenalfc which make me directly a fan of our players. My point is if you want to apportion blame for his absence in the final, them blame whoever think it is okay to pay him “350k” that week and still gave him permission to travel to Turkey except that that travel is for an official business that will favour all parties. See nobody knew what is happening between Ozil and the club behind the seen that warrants him not be available for selection which is what many fan wanted including you. But be sincere if you are in Ozil’s shoe and you were told you won’t be available for selection not for only first 11 but the bench as well as the match day squad of 40 players and staffs having been part of the playing squad from the beginning in the competition. How would you feel.

        1. Mobella, I don’t “hate” Mezut Ozil; he has not harmed me or my family. In my view, he has only harmed his own reputation.

      2. So where did you read that quote he asked for permission?
        Plus, if he did, the word “asked” is the important one don’t you think?

        You still haven’t answered the question regarding the quote that he was “quite happy not to attend games “, so what games were they?

        As for supporting the team, he sent a message of congratulations, that was pilloried on here, showing he was still in touch with the players – despite being told he wasn’t required at the final.
        A show of respect, despite the fact that he missed out on the final – compare that to Guendouzi’s attitude.

        1. Ken, if Mezut Ozil hadn’t asked for permission and/or been given permission to leave the team to travel to Turkey, he would have been absent without leave, which as you state would be breach of contract. I’m not discussing Guendouzi at this juncture.
          I’m of the opinion, that you and I just have to agree to disagree on Mezut Ozil.

          1. OZZIE, Ken , lovely man though he definitely is , spends much time trying to defend the indefensible on here. In a way you have to admire his determination and I DO.

            Though as to Kens judgement of certain players, well, draw your own conclusions!

          2. So just to clarify yet another false statement regarding Ozil, he hasn’t been happy to sit out games… that was my first intention.

            Secondly, his attitude after being dropped from the Cup final squad (a decision that MA made and I agree 100% with by the way, as I support MA) was exemplary, congratulating his team mates on a fantastic win – no sign of a player sulking or challenging authority.
            As usual, conducting himself with class and dignity… unlike Guendouzi of course.

            I asked you recently if you agreed with the words “loathe and filth” as being abuse – what are your opinions on that ozziegunner?

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