Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang comments encouraging for Arsenal fans

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reiterates that he is happy at Arsenal

If you think that Arsenal fans are insecure about the future of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the moment, you won’t be far from the truth.

The Gunners’ captain is entering the final year of his current deal at the Emirates and the club is keen to tie him down to a new deal.

He, however, hasn’t been clear about if he would stay at the club beyond this season or not and fans are worried if he is happy at the Emirates.

Aubameyang recently boosted Arsenal’s confidence that they can renew his contract when he said that he doesn’t need trophies to prove that he is a world-class attacker.

Fans have feared that he may want to leave so that he can win more trophies.

The former Borussia Dortmund man has dismissed the notion that he might be unhappy in London and insisted that he is happy playing for the Gunners.

He said, as quoted by the Express: “It means a lot (to play here).

“When I was younger I used to watch Arsenal because they always had great players and they won trophies as well.

“I think it is really a pleasure to be here, I am really happy- that’s my feeling.”

Barcelona and Inter Milan continue to be linked with the attacker and he will decide on his future at the end of this season.

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  1. Well, it seems as if the football we played under our previous regime is STILL reaping it’s rewards!!!

    Auba fell in love with the club back then and his comments just prove the impact those dross, mentally frail, lazy players had on him!!!

    Niow, just sign the contract!!!

      1. Sue, how did work go today?
        I see klopp is moaning about the way Atletico play and I bet pool’s fans are saying the same after this humiliation 😂😂😂
        Are you planning to go to the game on 2.5. against them?

        1. It was oh so quiet, Ken!! The scousers weren’t up for a chat today haha! Loved it!
          The trouble with that lot is they don’t ever expect to lose, just think turning up is enough.. so to lose home and away.. wow! Sour grapes if you ask me! I’d say this isn’t turning out to be a bad season after all haha!!
          I really don’t know, Ken.. they’re one of the teams I hate losing to, if we were to lose, the thought of having a major meltdown in front of my son, as well as 60,000 others, it wouldn’t be pretty 😂
          I’m hoping to get tickets next week for Leicester (if it goes ahead) and Watford – last home game. I’ve really enjoyed the games I’ve been to this season!

          1. Just come on line Sue!!!

            A friend of mine who supports them has, strangely enough, gone very quiet….at long last!!!
            There might be a chance of a season ticket being available for the pool game, at the north bank- if it is, would you be interested (not mine, my grandsons)?

    1. Sorry to disapppoint you and your naive assumption Ken, BUT comments PROVE nothing. They are simply comments and may or may not be true. PROPER EVIDENCE FOR YOUR ASSUMPTION NEEDS TO BE FAR CLEARER THAN MERELY AUBA’S COMMENT. You are surely not THAT naive, even though you constantly seem to believe each statement or utterance issued from the club or its employees, just like a young child would of its parents. CARE TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU ARE SO ACCEPTING OF STATEMENTS ISSUED BY PEOPLE IN THE GAME BUT SO FORENSICALLY INTERROGATIVE OF OTHER COMMENTS FROM SUCH AS MYSELF AND OTHERS. ODD AND VERY INCONSISTENT I’D SUGGEST.

      If I were being a cynic – perish that “impossible” thought- I might venture to suggest you believe what you want to believe and never believe what you don’t want to believe!

      1. Jon, what makes you think I don, t believe what you say?
        Of course I believed you when you said Ozil would be gone, 100%, by July 2019 – I also believed you when you said that UE was going to be our saviour just after liverpool thrashed us at Anfield – I also believed you when you said Walcott had only played in a handfull of games since moving to Everton and I never questioned
        your inability to hear fans singing a certain players name…so PLEASE don’t be so defensive, even though all of the four examples were wrong. After all, it’s all about opinions and views and I like to believe those who speak about our club in such glowing terms – let me just remind you, Jon, what he said when joining:

        “I’m really happy to be here in this great tean. The club has such a great history and great
        players” etc etc

        Now, I actually happen to believe that statement and, if I believe that, why wouldn’t I believe what he is saying today?
        Perhaps you don’t believe what he is saying about joining a great club, or, if you do, are you just cherry picking comments that suit your views?

        I’ve always believed that those “in the game” will generally be better informed than those outside and if you had listened to what Ozil said before last July, you wouldn’t have lost the bet we had!!

        As for forensically examing, the fact that by looking up Walcotts stats since joining Everton, proved that what you were saying, was complete hogwash and I would expect any sensible fan to check such claims in order to be well informed himself.
        Simply ensuring the truth comes out, is what you were taught by your parents as a child Jon?
        Nothing naive about that and I would always expect you to check anything that I say is factual, such as Wenger’s defensive record of .99 goals conceded over his twenty two years is correct. ..I believe in the evidence based on facts and my opinions, belief’s and comments formulated around said facts.
        So, as I said earlier, Auba was obviously influenced by what he had seen happening at the club and the two comments reproduced by him back this up – even though it is claimed we had dross, mentally frail and lazy players.
        Perhaps that is why you

        1. Perhaps that is why you don’t like me checking “factual” quotes and why I alwayssay “reported” when is an opinion.

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