Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang gives strong response to money claim

Arsenal star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has rejected claims he joined Arsenal for the money

The Gabon international took to Twitter to refute the allegations made by Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke.

Watzke gave an interview to German media outlet Suddeutsche Zeitung, where he said

“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who plays great at Arsenal, will probably be warm-hearted when he looks at his bank account, but on Wednesdays, he will be saddened when he has to watch the Champions League on television.”

Ouch, that is a bit harsh and uncalled for and Auba was not going to take those comments lying down and responded via a Tweet.

Right back at ya and rightfully so. For some reason, while discussing Jadon Sancho, Watzke took it upon himself to name drop Aubameyang. Seems to me that there is some lingering animosity there.

The fact of the matter is that Arsenal is the bigger and better club than Borussia Dortmund. The Bundesliga outfit may be doing better right now but so would Arsenal if they played in the weaker Bundesliga.

Aubameyang wanted to join a proper big club and that is what he has done. This sniping from Watzke is more a reflection on his bitterness than anything Auba has done.


  1. Good for him! I don’t think Auba’s ever been disrespectful to his old clubs.

    German club chiefs strike to me as whining little girls, who missed out on their candy.

    1. I think these German Chiefs suffer from a certain mental disorder that I am not so sure of its name but that, they may require cure.
      Hoeness of Bayer Munich couldn’t stick to his hole but chose to enter that of Ozil when the gentleman (Ozil) rightfully decided not to commit himself to international duties anymore.
      Now, without cause, Watzke unfairly hits on Auba. Auba was much polite with his response.
      When the elderly decides not to respect himself, the younger one will knock wisdom into his brain.
      In my opinion Aubameyang is even underpayed at Arsenal per his output and deserves between 300-350 thousand pounds on weekly basis.
      Aubameyang knew at the time he was leaving for Arsenal that we were not in the Champions league but decided to come and help succeed together with our project of getting back into the Champions league and winning it.
      That Watzke guy goofed.

  2. Completely unnecessary comment by Watzke. Seems like he’s one of the guys that does not know when to keep his mouth shut. Sour grapes somewhere in there.

  3. If you can represent a team in champions league and get less than what others pay you for not playing in champions league then it means that the former is misusing you. Playing in champions league is only important if there is real value for it. In everything, pay is as important as the career is. In modern day football money is directly proportional to career.

  4. We might be playing in the Europa league but Auba wanted to play at a higher level,best league in the world,how easy to play in the CL every season in a 2 teams league and we are still waiting to see the troublemaker they said he was!!

  5. It doesn’t matter to me if he joined for money as long as he performs. And he has performed great winning Golden Boot in his first season.

    Anyway, we couldn’t offer Champions League, so at least we could offer money.

    Btw Aubameyang still makes £150,000 per week LESS than Ozil 😱

    Ozil: £350,000 pw
    Aub: £200,000 ”
    Lacz: £182,000 ”
    Pepe: £140,000 ”
    Luiz: £125,000 ”
    BELL: £110,000 ”
    Kolsanic, Leno, Xhaka: £100,000 pw
    Sopranos: £92,000 pw
    Mustafi: £90,000 pw
    Torreira:£75,000 pw
    Ceballos: £52,000 pw
    Chambers: £50,000 pw
    Everyone else under £50,000 pw

  6. What’s with the German Club Chiefs? sound like a bunch of ex’s whining that someone left them for greener pastures. Funny he only considered money isn’t it? Perhaps because its the first thing on his mind maybe?

    PL is definitely the bigger, more competitive league with a much larger viewing audience.
    The wages are higher, not to mention Arsenal is in London, whom many consider a World Capital not just an English one.
    Dortmund made 105 million from Dembele; they could have given Auba a matching raise if they chose.
    Almost never does a player stay at one club now, it’s commonplace to change clubs. Great comment by Auba though; that clown complains about money, yet grabbed a handful when it was offered to him.

    Waiting for the Auba tweet when Dortmund eliminated in the round of 16.

  7. I think we can take a lot of positives from the way the Germans develop their players, but perhaps they’re frustrated that the system isn’t reaping the same rewards that it appeared to be 5 or 6 years ago.

  8. Is it money that will cause a player to swap a champions league team Qarabag for a Europa league team Man. United?
    This man cannot think properly.

  9. Watzke is probably working for Dortmund for free. In his world, money should not be factored into anything. Even his players should go for free, no money and involved.

    Auba is playing for a world brand in football, which Dortmund can only dream about, and Watzke knows.

    Many clubs play in the champions league and their only claim to fame is that that they help make up the numbers.

    1. You know Dortmund have been in more European cup finals, and more recently, than us though, right?

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