Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang rock solid to be Golden Boot winner again

Last season Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was joint top goalscorer with Liverpool duo Sadio Mane and Mo Salah and that was in an Arsenal team that seriously underperformed. Imagine how much better he will do this season with new signings Dani Ceballos and Nicolas Pepe providing him with quality service.

Aubameyang is a goal-scoring machine, he has a very impressive track record, not just with Arsenal but also with his former club, Borussia Dortmund, in fact, he was Bundesliga Top Goalscorer in 2016–17.

The Arsenal hitman is certainly not a one-season wonder in front of the goal, if we go back over his career we can see that wherever he has played he has been prolific.

Auba started his senior career off at Italian Serie A side AC Milan back in 2007 but never made the first team and was loaned out to a variety of French Ligue 1 sides before finally securing a move to St Etienne in 2012 and that is when his career really took off.

At St Etienne in 97 appearances, he scored 41 goals and that saw him rewarded with a transfer to German giants Dortmund for the start of the 2013–14 season.

Aubameyang spent four and a half-seasons in Germany where his goal-scoring exploits took on another dimension scoring a mighty 141 goals in just 213 games with the 2016–17 season being the most impressive when he found the back of the net on no fewer than 40 occasions from 46 games. However you dress that up it is truly an outstanding return.

Normally a player needs a little time to bed in when joining a new league, especially the English Premier League but not Aubameyang, he needed no time at all, winning the Golden Boot in his first full season.

That season for Arsenal was in a team lacking players that could provide him with a constant stream of assists as an example both Mo Salah and Sadio Mane played in a Liverpool team that scored 89 goals compared to the 73 goals managed by the Gunners.

Now that he is in a team that has been strengthened, Aubameyang has a fantastic opportunity to improve on the 22 goal tally from last season and that makes him a solid pick to be the 2019/20 Golden Boot winner.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the best strikers in world football, he plays for a team fighting for a top-four spot and is now backed up by an abundance of great talent, this season could be one of his best to date.


  1. It’s amazing that he gets some criticism amongst fans, when he gets played out of position almost every game, and has a better scoring ratio than Henry, and Wright.

    Absolutely monstrous upgrade on Giroud.

    1. He gets some criticism because he deserve it.No doubt he’s a good striker but because his strengths are pace and positioning he will be exposed in those physical matches and matches where there is no space to operate.

      1. Auba’s record of 3 goals in 12 games against top six sides may justify your point, but let’s not forget his remaining 31 goals in 40 games against the rest is absolutely prolific.

        His tally in big games will improve dramatically with a hat trick this Sunday. Something tells me we will turns Spuds into mash potatoes

        1. He doesn’t score more in those games because there’s less space to operate.That nullifies his games.People won’t call a spade a spade.
          He’s great with the use of his pace and his positioning but he’s also not that good on the ball when you ask him to do much with it.In the big games that is what is required.His style is nullified

          1. Can’t say you are wrong about that.

            He’s not like Henry who can make something happen on his own. He depends mainly on the service of others. Against quality opposition, the team creates less for him too. Just another reason why he’s less effective in big games

          2. If you read my comment below you’d realise it’s more or less the same thing I’ve said but I another way.Its better to call a spade a spade.People will disagree with me but when you watch Aubameyang thats what he’s what he’s actually about.
            He is good when there’s space but when there’s no space his game is negated

  2. AdMart Aubameyang is a poacher.Dont say
    in a team “lacking players that could provide him with a constant stream of assists” because he is heavily dependent on service as are most poachers.You can go and watch most of the goals he scored in the league and that should confirm this.
    Even though he’s good at positioning he’s very poor on the ball in one vs one occasions and in physical battles.This is exposed against top teams.One thing Ive also noticed about him is that in any match he doesn’t score then it means he’s average.
    I rate him as a good striker but I don’t consider him to be world class even though he scores lots of goals.I see him as a player that has used his few qualities i.e pace and positioning to great effect.Its for the same reason why anytime Walcott was in decent form he always scores lots of goals

        1. You are unbelievable so now you comparing aubamayang to Walcott, I don’t care what you say, aubamayang is world class, name one top team that aubamayang will not walk into as a starter.

          1. I couldn’t care less about which team he’ll walk into.If you thibk hell walk into every top team thats your view.ai care only about what Ive swwn from him.I also didn’t compare him to Walcott but I compared their qualities i.e pace and positioning.

          2. Aubameyang will not score more goals this season, precisely because of Pepe. Unlike Ozil who used to play on the wing or his replacements ala Mkhi, Pepe shoots a lot compared to passing so aside from Laca, he will have to compete with Pepe for goals.

            And yes. there is a video of his goals for Dortmund – one whole season of goals and virtually all were sitters from counterattacks.

            Against a properly positioned defence there’s more than a dozen forwards better than him, Lacazette being one of them.

            People blame Arsenal for some of his shortcomings, but it seems no one watched his positives and negatives while in the bundesliga.

        2. So, you are a drug addict and self confessed! Now where is that policeman I once saw!(before they became invisible and almost extinct.)

    1. Every player lacks something , no one is perfect. What he lacks physically he makes up for it with his pace
      The job of a striker is to score goals and he does that very well. Cased closed

      1. I didn’t say he isn’t good though.Im only sharing my opinion of his qualities I see week in week out

    2. How else will you describe a striker that has scored alot of goals in his career? What else do you want from a striker? dribbles? link up play? passes or goals? He changed league in his late twenties and he’s still not slowing down on the goals… and it’s terrible when you compare him with Theo Walcott (no disrespect to him but Auba is way out of his league)

      1. I didn’t compare him to Walcott or say Walcott was better.I compared some of their qualities. We all know he’s better so don’t make it look like I said different.You might disagree with me on the above but it was an honest opinion from me.I didn’t state is as fact and truth be told I don’t see where I lied in my submission.You might describe him as world class but I dont put him in that category.Many will disagree and some will agree.Its all normal

    3. Wow Kev-you are pretty harsh mate.I look no further than he is playing in a side that has no defence,so increasing the amount of defensive duties our forwards must take on,a Manager that played him out wide last season when paired with Lacazette, and in a team that has no recognised and settled tactical basis.
      Just think what he could produce if he had a Manager that sent out a side built to work with his talents.The player scores goals.That in itself is a rare commodity.

      1. Phil I get all what you’re saying and I’ve even admitted that he’s a good striker.Im just saying that he’s extremely limited but he’s been able to find a way to make use of his main qualities that’s all.
        However, because I don’t go with the general consensus that he’s world class and excellent it’s interpreted as a form of delusion on my part.His goals were important but there’s a reason why Lacazette won our player of the season.On the face of the stats Auba should bit when most who watched us throughout the season know Laca deserved it.

        1. kev, What you are saying is known as damning with faint praise. It is also known as being unable to see what is blindingly clear in front of you and fully comprehending it. Foolish in the extreme! To link Auba and Walcott is hilarious. And plain bonkers too!

          1. You’re rather being foolish I choosing not to see what is in front of you.If you were so intelligent which you claim to be you would have seen that I compared him and Walcott in terms of their qualities i.e pace and positioning.Any player with these two qualities is dangerous of he can master them but when you lack many other qualities it will cost you a lot.
            Try to be smarter in understanding my posts and stop calling me foolish

        2. @Kev- I understand what you are saying and cannot but agree that there are games he appears non-existent.But that’s because Emery allows him to be isolated out wide.But still he is a threat.And he still scores goals.Imagine how much more productive he would be in a settled side with the emphasis on getting the team to play to our strikers strengths.But I applaud your argument mate-it’s one that I can’t agree with based purely on the goals he has scored.His strike rate is very good and I can’t believe he is not the first name our opponents mention when setting up to defend against us.That alone is why he is so important to us

          1. Well it’s fine if you believe he’s world class.I class him as a very good striker but not world class

        3. Kev you say he’s not good enough yet on a previous thread xhaka is ??? There goes your credibility

          1. Where did I say Xhaka was good enough and where have I also said Aubameyang isn’t good enough??You posted a comment and I replied that quality and hard work are two different things.You can be hardworking and be bang average.I wouldn’t necessarily class Xhaka as lazy so he might work a bit hard but I see him as average.As for Aubameyang if you understood me you won’t say what you’re saying

        4. Any argument that have Walcott and aubamayang in it is foolish keV, those two should not be used in the same sentence.I always respect your comments but this is being just foolish and you also said that you dont care if he walks into any top team, do you really think a limited player will walk into any too team.

          1. Im not being foolish.I only compared their qualities which in terms of pace and positioning.You rather decide to be ignorant of what I actually said then you call me foolish.I don’t think that’s very bright.I don’t think you’re any better for being ignorant.
            If I compared their quality then it is another thing.Ig you think Aubameyang isn’t limited then it’s your view.

          2. “.I see him as a player that has used his few qualities i.e pace and positioning to great effect.Its for the same reason why anytime Walcott was in decent form he always scores lots of goals”
            The above is exactly what I said and you call me foolish??Trying to imply I put Walcott in the same category as Aubameyang eben though we all know who is obviously better.
            Even Giroud is a better at holding up the ball than many world class strikers but he’s still average in other areas.Now would you also say I’ve compared Giroud to other WC strikers??If I believe any one is better or on the same level as someone I’d say it without fear and do so explicitly

    4. kev, “Walcott was in decent form….?” Must have been for that split second when I blinked then! As for Auba, you are way out of step with most Gooners on what you say. His career goal record demands huge respect; far more than curmudgeonly you are prepared to concede, in fact!

      1. Who said I dont respect Auba’s goal record?I haven’t said that in my message or implied it.If you’ve never seen Walcott in decent form then it’s because you chose not to see it and decided to stand by ypur long dislike for the player

        1. Ever worked out WHY I have a “long dislike for the player(Walcott)”? Could it be because I have an outrageous and disgraceful belief that ALL players should give their ALL, ALL the time! Eh? How unreasonable of me!

          1. Of course how unreasonable of you.The same Waloctt is even accepted by many here and those who even dislke him as having at least two great seasons.You claim Walcott doesn’t give his all in the same match yet which is fine thoigh I disagree with you.What he lacked above everything else Walcott was consistency and in the end quality because he was always injured.He has been on decent form before and if you can’t see it then it’s because you chose not to

          2. kev, I just went back and read your comment where you mentioned Walcott – I can see what your saying, that was why he had good stats compared to Iwobi of course.

            Auba is a goal scorer, but Lacs is by far a better centre forward, simply because he does ten times better what you are trying to say Walcott did.

            As for giving 100%, only the player himself (whoever that is) knows if he has done just that.
            Others might perceive that he/she hasn’t, but they really have no idea.
            That’s when the personal like or dislike of the player takes over – one sees it one way and another sees it completely differently.

          3. @Ken1945 even though you might disagree with me in some parts of my comments in very happy that you can see what Im saying instead of those who are clakmonh aim comparing Walcott to Aubameyang.
            I take it that they are trying to say I’ve always had it in my mind that Walcott was better or at his level??Another way of them saying I have eyes but I can’t see

        2. Auba had the same goals as salah and mane last season, but thoose two actaully playied in their favourite position , auba out of position with a mediocre midfield equalled there tally…he’s up there with the best end of story

    5. Wow! You say he is not world class?!! How can you say that? Please Kev, I challenge you to name 5 strikers that are, in your opinion, world class. Let us see if they are all better than Aubameyang. Then also mention 5 strikers that are perfect in all areas and aspects of the game. And lastly name 5 strikers that have better scoring records/ratios than Aubameyang. Do these for me and I will agree that truly Aubameyang is not world class. Thanks

      1. Please I didn’t state my opinion as fact.You’ve already made up your mind that he’s world class but I don’t see him to be one.Its jot for me to list WC as that will do nothing to change your view which I dont intend to change.
        You think stats is everything.Even Van Persie doesn’t have as much goals but most Arsenal fans and rival fans will put Van Persie far ahead of Aubameyang.Why??When they watch both they know who is bettet.You’d also realise Van Persie doesn’t divide opinion as being world class despite having a lesser record.
        What I see is what I say and I know my eyes didn’t lie to me in everything that I said in my post.

    6. Kev…………your transfer rumours are much better than your player analysis . 😆

      Auba quickest Arsenal player to 50 goals………..a list that includes the legends Henry and Wright, so he cant be an average player .

      1. Well from my pint of view I’ve only called a spade a spade even if you disagree.Great use of pace and positioning but not that good on the ball and bad in physical battles.That is how I see him so if that analysis is bad to you then fair enough.Ive also not called or implied that he’s average anywhere.Being limited doesn’t mean you’re average.It also depends on the area in which you’re strong at and I also admitted he’s a good striker

        1. You have taken up of half of this entire thread explaining as best you can – but failing – to convince a whole lot of Gooners that you were not linking Walcott and Auba. Correct me if I am wrong but were YOU not the one who mentioned them both together in your first post? Loads of separate Gooners have rightly taken you to task. But you refuse to see what you have done. An analogy between a mouse and a lion is a tad bizarre. Not so? I reckon you will think twice before you post such nonsense again, no matter how much you protest on here! If you want to make true comparisons then make them anything BUT opposites, next time

          1. Please stop once again with your nonsense!
            I believe there are some who have have also read my point in and have perfectly understood what Ive said.Just because many people don’t understand doesn’t mean I actually linked Walcott to Aubameyang in a way to say he’s on his level or is even better.Go back and read the original comment.In fact I dare all as well as you saying that I linked Auba and Walcott relative to their quality to reply to me on how they believe I linked them quality wise.On reading it a second time I believe some would understand what I said and will get a better picture.At times others refuse to use their brains so that they can spew trash at others.
            Read this part:
            “I rate him as a good striker but I don’t consider him to be world class even though he scores lots of goals.I see him as a player that has used his few qualities i.e pace and positioning to great effect.Its for the same reason why anytime Walcott was in decent form he always scores lots of goals”

            Now tell me how I’ve compared him to Walcott on a quality basis

        2. kev, I understand your posts. People are just adding their own narratives to it and not reading what you write. Auba does what he does well, and has a fantastic goal record, and that cannot be denied. But he’s largely been figured out by better teams and his limits are always on display in big matches. Not to mention he flat out misses chances he shouldnt in some big games. I think he’s a great/excellent/fantastic striker as well, but I still maintain he is not world class.

          1. @RSH It’s ignorance on the parts of some.They choose to intentionally ignore the real meaning behind what I said and they are implying I’m trying to say Aubameyang and Walcott are of the same quality which we all know isn’t true.Then some are saying I’ve put him in the same sentence with him but forgot I did so because they had some similar aspects of their game and Walcott was a good player on his day and also played for Arsenal.
            I’m called foolish but it’s so foolish to ignore the clear meaning of something just to try to paint some one black

        3. Walcott mention, are you essentially trying to say Auba has similar attributes to Theo, but is far more consistent and not always injured? If so, I would still give Auba much more credit. Auba is definitely more skillful all around, and links up with our forward players far better than Walcott ever did with anybody he was playing with. Theo would pull disappearing acts frequently because all he could do was run up and down the wing and didn’t bother doing much outside of that.

          1. Walcott would often run up the wing and forget to take the ball with him and would often jump out of tackles.

          2. You’ve said it all.It didnt really matter if you agreed with me but what I will say is thank you for understanding my post.You perfectly understood it.This isn’t even about Walcott’s consistency and injuries though

          3. No problem Kev. Sometimes people are only looking at certain words in the comments and not thinking the whole thing through because we want to defend a certain player so badly. We’ve all done it at some point of course, but just wanted to back you up on this one because I very much understood where you were going.

          4. @RSH Thanks.However other times it’s just because they want to spew rubbish.
            It’s so painful to be misundersstod or be called foolish by an ignorant person

    7. Seemed fine on the ball last weekend when he scored against Burnley lol, think your a bit harsh on auba we would be screwed without him

  3. Doesn’t matter
    He scores loads of goals
    That’s the main job of a striker
    That’s all I care about
    Don’t care if it’s “poaching”, penalties whatever. As long as he scores goals I don’t care
    A striker who scores enough goals to win the Golden Boot will get ZERO criticism from me

    1. Seriously I dont get the criticism, a CF who scored 22goals playing as a winger what else do people want.

    2. And zero criticism from me. He is a joy to watch, great attitude and rarely injured. The smiling assassin?

      I just wish we got him 3 years ago.

  4. I dont care what anyone says, aubamayang will walk into any team,the work of a striker is to score goals and he’s doing that, the only regret I have is that he joined us late,a 30 year old player who rarely get injured,just go and look at the number of matches aubamayang has played for us since joined us.

  5. Aubameyang is a true star player, the only criticism I have is why didn’t we get him sooner. A few fans on here bigged him up before he went to Dortmund, I wasn’t buying into it and told them so, but they were proved right because there aren’t too many better goalscorers than Auba.

  6. the season is three games old , and , already, some sections of fans here are crowing already !!. our crest is not that poxey starved chicken that the neighbours have you know.i have seen it on here way too many times when people begin to boast and brag about certain players it usually puts a hex on that player.when will you learn ?.all we need now is somebody to start up shouting that the lazy one appeared for us against spurs, and he had a great game , for a moment.i am sure his fanboys, the elderly ones that is , will reply with venom , but hey i like to take risks , lol.

    1. If I had the slightest clue what you were on about PAL I might try to reply.But I honestly do not have a scooby what you are on about.

    2. ricky o shea, Anyone have a clue what this gobbledegook means? Is it something to do with football even?

  7. Stop reactif to irrelevant, u smarter… Reality, golden boot and ridiculous defense kills that edge Auba provides as other top strickers; useless without a defense…

    It is simple nuts! let Kos go is simply twice retarded, to imagine us in top 4 is then a total outrage. Football requires to score but mainly make sure other team does not.

    We have a team of 8 players, no beast in middle in front of CD where it is no players but worst than last year. Emery tries to find a balance with no RB nor top Left back today, no middle defense beast infront, obliged him to make UP has 8 to 9 defending players last year; Ozil or ceballos now, Auba and no laca together always, using attacking Midfield players to attack as they more willng to defend too, Nelson is used that way as iwobi…

    Point, we do all agree that doing a deal with Napoli for Ospina, we should have brought Koulibaly in financed deal as done for Pepe , and get Ulmiti available on loan. NDombele in front of them of course! Lyon buying our young lad Adelaide sold for peanuts year ago makes it harder to swallow.

    Hope to see a major move on all back center line in next window but what a dumb move to not actually make it a priority but upset and sell our Captain Kos, only leader in our defense because he imposed to have top players brought in that center zone killing us last year… simply cant play Football without defense, very basic! For Emery to dont get that is very hard to get as defensive minded he is!

  8. Mentioning Aubameyang in the same sentence as Walcott? Wow I’ve heard it all now. Auba has been scoring goals for fun wherever he has played, the guy is 30 years and rarely gets injured, played on the wings and still won the golden boot. Imagine if we had Auba the year Lester city won the league, mate I think you need to pip down on the crack cuz it’s clearly messing up with your head @Kev

    1. You’re a very ignorant person seriously.If I was asked here about who was better between Auba and Walcott I knows the answer I would have given.
      You’re like a healthy crackhead

      1. I know you did not compare Walcott and aubamayang but the fact that you even put the two in the same sentence is ridiculous, if you want to compare a striker that has pace with aubamayang there are several players with aubamayang ability you could have used, I have to tell you this is not your brightest comment.

        1. No it’s not ridiculous with respect to what I said.Youre the one sounding ridiculous because you choose to ignore the actual understanding behind my comment.
          If you read the part where I brought up his name you’ll see that I mentioned that when Walcott was in decent form he showed some of Auba’s qualities i.e pace and positioning to score lots of goals.
          I compared them because Walcott was quite similar to Aubameyang in some aspects.This is not about ability comoarison and even then Walcott wasn’t an average player.He was just inconsistent.If you find my comment foolish fair enough but please don’t misunderstand me or paint a picture that wasn’t meant to be

      2. Lol mate! You’re rather being ignorant here. Stop with the he lack this and that! At the end of the day strikers are judge on the goals they score and Auba is prolific at that. Auba will walk into any teams starting eleven.be happy we have a striker of his calibre, because they don’t come around often. I guess you were one of the fans who were happy with Giroud leading our strike force since he was able to “ hold up “ the ball very well. ?‍♂️ ?‍♂️

        1. Once again probing how ignorant you are.If you don’t agree with me fine but don’t try to paint yourself as more intelligent.I couldn’t care less about the other teams he’d walk into.I care about what he’s doing here.
          It’s so annoying and time wasting having a debate with people who spew trash and bring up their own narratives.If you wad to understand my post you would have understood it instead you take put one part and then focus on it and try to say something I didn’t or implied.In fact the only part you can disagree with is him not being world class imo.As for the other things I said it’s more of less the truth and if you want to see it you’ll see it

          1. Lol keep shoveling Kev, don’t think you’ll strike any gold though. Taking on the whole fan base and the whole comment section telling us auba is limited. He’s a world class striker, not center forward but striker. Put him upfront, put him on the wings, it doesn’t matter, he strikes, that’s what he does. You think he’s limited, good for you you’re allowed to have your opinion, but we don’t need him to hold up play, we don’t need him to try be to fancy or run around like a headless chicken. We just need him to keep scoring, and you can’t deny that he is world class at that one quality, which is scoring goals!

          2. Im not taking on the whole fanbase.I refuse to be misunderstood.
            I respect your opinion but as I said the man is too limited and for that reason I will never see him as world class.I will never see him as good as Van Persie who doesn’t even have a better goalscoring record.I prefer a striker who’s more well rounded and also good with the ball at his feet.For this same reason lots of strikers have many goals than Brazilian Ronaldo but Brazilian Ronaldo is put above them and even put in the GOAT conversation.There are several situations where you will need other qualities but your limited qualities will expose you.
            Any player who has mastered positioning and gas pace will always score many goals when in form but when you are limited many other games will expose you

  9. Pierre has been a great purchase.
    Alexander and Nicolas have great potential too.
    Hopefully Hector Kieran Lucas and Mesut will be fully fit soon.
    If David and Dani also hit form this could be a great season.

  10. Auba is a happy player, a gentleman with a smile on his face, wonderful striker and a great team man. In praying that he doesn’t miss as much as he did last year, so that the golden boot is all his alone.
    It’s upto Emery to give him the support that he needs.

    1. Viju Jacob, your last sentence is exactly correct.

      The mman has said many times who he likes working alomgside him and who gives him the goal scoring opportunities, let’s hope UE takes notice!!!

  11. Iwobi on target for the Toffees v the Limps.
    Will we regret selling Iwobi?
    Who will we draw in the Mickey Mouse Cup?

          1. Jenko! Back, living the dream ? except he’ll be in the other dressing room!!
            Kind of, Kev, you?
            Watched Everton earlier, was so nice to watch a match, not get arsey, no anxiety, no sitting on the edge of my seat.. etc etc haha!!!

          2. Not really lol but Merson thinks we’ll win 4-1 ? Danny mills slagging us off again saying only 2 of our players would get in the spurs team.. praising us before we lost to Liverpool, ok we lost to Liverpool and we’re rubbish, spurs lose to Newcastle at HOME and they’re unlucky haha you can’t make it up ? haha I’ve not watched any football Sue I’m still traumatized ?

          3. What the hell does Merson know?! ?
            Funny you should say that, check out the next article!!
            I’ve put it to the back of my mind, Kev..best place for that result – needs to be forgotten!!

          4. He’s actually saying we’re better than spurs that’s good ? haha seen it Sue such a tool ? I’m watching se7en ?

          5. I wonder how much he’s paid?! ? can’t be bad, can it, being paid to talk crap!
            Well, I’m not saying owt about Sunday, in case i jinx it!!
            Ooh that film’s horrible! I’ve nearly finished 13 reasons why!!
            Watching the draw earlier, i was panicking, thinking we’d get the mancs or scousers!!!

          6. I’ll take his place and talk cr*p for a payday ? haha you a jinx ? Never ? it’s brilliant ? 13 seasons of what ? Haha I wanted the scousers ?

          7. I was wondering what you meant ? haha give us Celtic please ? Celtic park in mid November so Tierney can play ? Holding should be back soon Sue ?

    1. “Will we regret selling Iwobi”?
      Let me think about that one ?………………………………………………………………………..

  12. Abu, does not rise to the occasion when expected, he had two clear chances against the Reds but he didn’t, why??

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