Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signs for Chelsea – Do we really care?

So it is done, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signs for Chelsea and you just know that he will play out of his skin when he faces us later in the season but do we really care?

I suppose it really depends on ones personal opinion and emotions, personally I do not care one little bit, I will not even care if he removes his Arsenal tattoo and replaces it with a Chelsea one.

But that does not mean that I am against Auba or will forget the good he did for the club.

Players come and go, it is the nature of football and it is not as if he demanded to leave or was poor for us overall, I am not going to rewrite history just because Auba has gone to West London.

I cannot wish him luck because that could be detrimental to us but neither do I wish him bad, he has earned my respect for what he did at Arsenal under some trying circumstances.

No doubt some will disagree with me and hope he flops or at the other extreme be really upset that he has joined a rival but let’s be fair, we have never shied away from signing Chelsea players in the past.

It is what it is and it is down to each one of you to draw your own conclusion to his move to Stamford Bridge but as I stated above, I genuinely do not care.

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    1. My sentiments exactly. Ideally as long as we finish above them too. Obviously if scores for Chelsea we’ll get the negativity about it from some but would not wish ill to avoid that.

  1. Just forget about him, he is the past and this is the present,
    People say he didn’t want to leave but why should he,
    He was on 350 grand a week and the day he signed that contract he never tried anymore,
    I won’t say I wish him well for the future because I don’t,
    We are going places now and he will regret not trying…

  2. It was great having Auba as part of us and I wish him well.

    Where he decided to be and what becomes of him, I think that ship has sailed to be on concern to me. What matters now is that are at the top and for the first time in >20 years. Even our team just have to leave Auba behind it and focus on continuously growing our Invincibility against whoever tries to stand in our way ….

  3. My attitude toward Auba is a simple one. For the first two seasons he was here he did well and was extremely well paid for doing his job. For his last two seasons, after receiving that ridiculous salary, he ceased trying altogether and cheated OUR club out of millions in wages and caused trouble, by lack of discipline and setting a terrible example, while captain.
    As such, I am relieved , even thrilled, to see the backof him and regard him as a lowlife and hope he fails spectularly at Chelsea and hope and believe he will harm THEM as much as his last two seasons harmed us.


    As a mercenary, who cheats the sport he plays, he represents everything I despise in SOME modern players.

    1. Jon
      It’s rare these days for players to be anything other than mercenaries. Those that aren’t tend to have either been almost a one club player or actually support the club they play for
      For me , unless they fall into that bracket then, once they’ve gone.. they have gone.
      Auba was looking after numero uno and it’s what it is.
      I don’t wish him ill but I prefer to concentrate on who we have at Arsenal

      1. Sue P, CERTAINL A GREAT NUMBER ARE, BUT I AM CURIOUS AS TO WHO AND HOW MANY, if any at all, do you think we have in our squad right now? I suggest far fewer than for many years past, thanks mainly to the inspiring team spirit and all round squad harmony.

        Which are the precise reasons I was correctly and consistently calling for the swift expulsion from our club of such as Ozil, Guendouzi and Auba, ,all of whom tried to WRECK team harmony and dressing room spirit. I’d love to know your thoughts and answer to my question.

        1. Well Jon
          That is tricky without knowing the facts
          I’ve read that as a player’s career is short then self interest follows. It didn’t stop a long term player – as in Bellerin trying to get his own way.
          I’m afraid the Ozil saga rather scarred me. I found his ability to draw in followers rather un-nerving.
          Auba lost interest and his lack of grit was not commensurate with the fantastic contract he was earning. To me, the least he could do was to try, rather than wring his hands and fly to Barcelona to force through a move.
          However, I can’t say I see any particular loyalty. I know you don’t care for Xhaka but he has shown some in my opinion

  4. If you don’t cae then why make an article about it?? This will just give others a cheap reason to dislike him when he’s doing well at Chelsea. Fans always want to have their way. If he rejected the contract, left and did well he’s a traitor but if he signed and failed it because its due to money and not because players can actually fail.

  5. Always disliked him, too full of himself, I wish him nothing good at Chelsea – hope they fail to qualify for Europe in any form and that’s only because relegation is too much to hope for.

    It’s not only his personality or his mercenary behaviour though, it’s the way he behaved once he got his ridiculous salary and how he behaved to get away.

    On that money, not making an effort is verging on criminal. AON showed us that MA had a list of problems, not just the turning up late regularly, asking for personal leave then coming back a day late. And this when he’s club captain and supposed to set an example.

    Then he drives to Barcelona to (try to) force a transfer. Now they hoof him and he washes up at a local rival.

    But 2 years of making no effort when he’s on that money is the worst thing.

    Nah. The hell with Aubameyang. Sorry excuse for a human being in my opinion.

  6. From the two comments above, I assume that you both know him personally?

    “Sorry excuse for a human being” – “lowlife scumbag”


    There’s me thinking this is a football forum for Arsenal supporters who discuss the merits of our club, the manager and the players concerning their footballing techniques, as that’s the only thing we should be judging them on.

    I have always believed that one can tell a person by the way they treat others, either face to face or when discussing as a third party.

    I find the description of Aubameyang by these two “gentlemen” quite appalling, disturbing and completely unnecessary.

    Here’s my take on Aubameyang for what it’s worth.
    He was obviously causing Mikel problems, too many and too often.
    As club captain, he should have been setting a positive example (Tony Adams, Patrick Vieria, Thierry Henry, Frank McLintock anyone!!!!) especially as MA was learning on the job.
    The grotesque salary he was given (ironically by MA) seemed to take all the edge out of his game and the only option left was the one Mikel took.

    I don’t blame Aubameyang for the action he took in going to Barca – he knew his time was up at the club and wanted to secure his future and there wasn’t any opposition from the club anyway.

    As for Chelsea, I believe he will be a success, simply because he believes he has unfinished business in the PL, but it won’t be against us… Mikel knows him too well.

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