Piers Morgan admits he was wrong obout Arteta

Piers Morgan was totally against making Mikel Arteta the Arsenal manager and the British TV host was fuming when the ex-midfielder was handed a new contract.

However, Arteta is now proving him wrong as his team sits atop the Premier League table and is doing well in Europe.

The current Arsenal team is the best we have seen in years and has now forced Piers Morgan to eat his words and make a U-turn.

He admitted via The Sun:

‘First, I was completely wrong about Arteta. More pleasingly, I was also completely wrong about Spurs and Conte. 

‘And as we head into another North London derby this Sunday, I’m happy to admit I’ve never been happier to make a predictive a*** of myself.’

Arsenal’s transformation from mid-table mediocrity to a properly competitive team again has been stunning to watch,’ he added.

‘And it’s all down to Arteta, who if I’d had my way would have been abruptly sent packing eight months ago.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

The current Arsenal team has turned many doubters into believers and Arteta deserves the credit for turning the teams fortunes around.

The gaffer has changed the culture at the Emirates and it is clear now that his men are pulling in the right direction as they beat several top sides in an impressive campaign.

Arsenal has won nothing yet, but it is important to celebrate the team’s progress in this campaign no matter how the term eventually ends.

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  1. I shudder at the thought that Piers Morgan would have given Arteta to Spurs in return for Conte and gave both Nketia and Gabriel in return for Aubameyang. Deng me, what was the gaffer thinking!😏

  2. I certainly wouldn’t have given Mikel the brief to restore the club’s fortunes, believing it needed a more experienced man. That said, he impressed me as a committed and bright man immediately but that doesn’t always bring success.

    The FA cup win showed to me that he did have it ‘in his locker’ to use football speak, but I couldn’t be sure he would be an elite manager. Still to early to tell. For a few years we were in the doldrums and from my perspective there were too many self entitled players not pulling their weight on outrageous wages combining with a shocking internal culture. Players not taking responsibility, waving their arms as if they were not somehow culpable for shocking performances.
    For many, the time it took to reach where we are now was 18 months too long at least. I for one, regularly posted that patience was necessary and only wobbled a bit in mid autumn last season some time after the 3 losses. For me, my cut off point was his 2 year anniversary but by then we were on the ascendancy albeit with caveats. What I could see was improvement and not a sign of dissent within the ranks – apart from Aubameyang who blotted his copy book and he got shown the door.

    For all those who complained that Arteta was too ruthless or unable to coach his players, I’d suggest they have a rethink. If Arteta had just been Pep’s water boy, then I doubt that Jesus and Zinchenko would have made the journey south.

    The sad truth is that football managers get precious little time to enact their philosophy. In some cases, it is blindingly obvious that they are not good enough. In others – and as happened at Arsenal the hierarchy was also prepared to change and to create a much better Arsenal alongside a manager they believed in

    Piers Morgan wanted it all now like Chelsea did under Abramovitch. That is not how most clubs can operate regardless of their billionaire owners. I shall look with interest at what happens at Liverpool and City now that ManU, Newcastle and Arsenal are on the rise. It won’t be as easy to expect top4 finish each season.

  3. 1 always read AdminMartin’s post thoroughly as he often slips in thoughts that are incorrect and his “mid table mediocrity” proves my point.

    The lowest position we have ever finished in over two decades is 8th (under MA) and how that becomes “mid table mediocrity ” is a mystery to me!!

    As for PM, he is the biggest fan of himself, who always thinks he knows best.

    Of course, there were many Gooners, myself included, who thought MA was to inexperienced to manage one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I supported him while pointing out that I thought he was making mistakes… mistakes that he has now rectified…the biggest one being consistency of the players and style of play.

    My biggest positive with MA, was that AW recommended him before UE was appointed and it is MA (in my opinion) who has finally managed to bring AW home where he belongs.

    One must also remember that PM was forced to resign over phone tapping allegations when he was the editor of the Daily Mirror – supported a rogue cricketer of who was trying to oust the England captain – wanted MA to sign Ronaldo and believes that Prince Harry should put the Royal family before his wife!!

    We ALL have our own opinions and I hope PM now gets behind Mikel Arteta and, if admitting he was wrong, is the start of something new, then I say “well done for stating the ble***NG obvious!!

  4. Piers Morgan talks rubbish because thats how he make his living talking rubbish and asking rude,provoctative questions.
    No needs to apologise Piers no one takes your views seriously less of all Arteta lol !!!

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