Piers Morgan and Jamie Redknapp react to Mesut Ozil missing Arsenal’s game again

Arsenal secured their first win since the restart and it was a relief to finally get three points on the board as we look to end this season in a European place.

Mikel Arteta and the boys have worked so hard for that win after losing back-to-back games since the restart.

The Gunners will now look to continue this way when they play their next games, but one player has missed all Arsenal’s matches since the restart and this might be a message from Arteta.

The Spaniard hasn’t played Mesut Ozil since the return of the league season and during Arsenal’s game today, the German was seen holding an umbrella shielding himself from the sun.

Piers Morgan couldn’t help but take to social media to send him a message.

Jamie Redknapp, meanwhile, thinks that Mikel Arteta is sending a clear message to the German about his future.

“It’s obvious he [Arteta] wants to change it up,” Redknapp told Sky Sports as quoted by the Express.

“I mean, Ozil’s not getting a sniff at the moment, he’s not interested in him. He had the umbrella up and he was just cruising.

“He’s a player who’s got so much talent, but he obviously doesn’t fit into what Mikel Arteta wants.”

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    1. I really think everyone should just accept the fact that he wil happily sit on the bench for a whole year to receive his paycheck. Can’t even blame him. Ozil won’t leave this summer and everyone should just accept this. 1 more year and then his salary finally comes free

      1. I do blame him, because he now has more money than he could spend in a lifetime and his playing career is finite. Once he retires he should look back on this time on the sidelines as a waste, when he could have been playing for another club. Time he can never get back. Unfortunately he has tarnished his reputation and legacy.

        1. Couldn’t have put it better myself unless one believes that Özil has been let down by various managers

  1. Ozil was a constant figure in the team before lockdown, scoring and assisting in a few games, he has a good relationship with arteta but maybe things have happened during lockdown and since the return that have made arteta leave him out, not because he wants to but because it’s the best option maybe. But his time will come.

    1. Never in a month of Sundays will it come ! Why can’t people accept the fact that he’s finished as a top class player, as that has been the case for some seasons now? As I’ve said before, tell him to stay at home. This will give a much more deserving player a place in the first team squad.

    2. for you information, Ozil has scored just once this season and very few assists. he should work hard.

    3. He has one goal and no assists. Just thought I’d point the reason why he’s up there under the umbrella

  2. Its took a while but Arteta has realised what an absolute waste of space he is. Its obvious he doesn’t want him or Kolasinac, or Lacazette. Ozil is a fraud and is taking the wee out out of Arsenal. It still doesn’t mean we can get rid of the bad penny though.

    1. Reggie as someone that speaks better than I do, I believe you know what fraud means. Why equating that to Ozil is beyond me. He didn’t hold us at a gun point to offer that contract to him and also it isn’t his decision not play. So many of us fans do want him not to be selected for first 11 now that that is happening we are still complaining. We can’t have it both ways.

    1. But he doesn’t Sue. Or not to the standard required. That’s the problem. He could also be a bad influence with that attitude,especially on the younger ones.
      Now we have our own Wally with a Brolly !!

      1. I’ve seen articles saying how the youngsters look up to him!
        Not to the standard required? Willock scoring his first goal last night means he’s joint top scorer in midfield! Yes with one goal!! Some are on 0!!!
        No wonder the media and other fanbases have a field day – our highest paid player doesn’t get a look in!!
        Make that wallies then – Laca was under it too!!!

        1. “Our highest paid player doesn’t get a look in” because he is the past and past it ! Willock and others are the future ! A little unfair comparing goals scored. Much better comparison would be goals per game.

          1. I’m just highlighting our midfield woes… and of he’s that crap and we have no point in playing him at any point, why don’t we just pay him off/buy him out??!!

  3. Unai, Freddy and Mikel, three coaches cannot be wrong and one player right! This fellow saw the backs of Arsene, Unai and Freddy.Good for Mikel, he woke up early and smelt the coffee. Good work Mikel! Not to forget, Joachim Lowe also did not rate him well. So we all know the agenda of this player. If he had any self respect, he would have moved elsewhere for game time – viz Mkhitaryan or Elney. This player values money over game time.

  4. I am sorry but I dont understand why people hate Ozil so much. He has undisputed talent and it will only take one game and one touch to remind Ozil haters of his class. What has Ceballos done to merit his place over Ozil. One defence splitting pass from Ozil can define the pattern of the entire match. Agreed he is on the lazier side but every player has his pros and cons. What about Pepe and Belarin along with Ceballos. People do not complain much when others make mistakes or do not show the right attitude but jump the gun over Ozil and do not appreciate what he is capable of. Many forget he was the mastermind in Germany winning the World Cup and that too in a team full of undisputed talent. I can safely say, as far as talent and artistry goes, no one in Arsenal is close to Ozil, but unfortunately luck is not on Ozil’s side. Every player has his ups and downs and for Gods sake let us as Arsenal fans not criticise him so much and not be jealous of his wage structure. It is not his fault he was paid so much, that is the job of the Administrators of the Club, but what I believe is that for what he has given to the Club for so long and for the talent he possesses he deserves another chance.

    1. He’s on 350k a week, he’s not living up to expectations needed from him. And when last have we seen those passes, I’m a fan of ozil, but he’s not offering anything for us at the moment

      1. Once he’s fit enough,he’ll play..he’s still the best we’ve got in his position..let’s not fool ourselves.

    2. The reason ceballos , pepe get less critiscism than ozil is because they out perform him. Ceballos has played one game less than Ozil this season. He has two premier league assists. That should show you how low the bar is set for Ozil . All he had to do , was make two assists in 18 games , and he would have been better than ceballos . Ozil has as many goals as Bellerin . And bellerin has played significantly less. Ozil and pepe, I don’t need stats . They speak for themselves . Le’t also take into account , that you want Ozil who has had 6 seasons to impress to be compared with Ceba and Pepe who have had less than a season . Honestly , at this point , the bar is being set barely off the ground for Ozil and he’s still failing to jump.

      1. Ceballos has had one good game all season and that was against Burnley. Ozil is past his prime for sure, but still has something to offer. Even at the peak of his career at Real, Mourinho used to sub him around 70 min. It could have been tactical or Mourinho knew he lacked stamina. He is not playing because of an agenda that is unknown to us IMHO. For those who think that players like Willock, AMN etc represent the future, then the future is not going to be great. Remember when Wilshere started his Arsenal career, everyone could see the lad had loads of talent. Can we say the same about the current lot of youngsters? Only Saka will likely make it.

  5. No point blaming Ozil. Who wouldnt take the wages?
    You cant blame someone for being in the position, you have to blame those who put, and keep, him in that position.

  6. Ozil is treated as a Prince, we made that of him, paying 350k/week and treat him as that.

    Why is he benched? As few pointed here: must be a medical and precaution or he would have been brought in at some in these 3 games.

    We can see sun is shining and bothers his view, he is trying to see, watch the game…

    But that price tag has pundits picking on him…. When truth comes that Ozil had Covid, fine and negative. Means he has to take thing slow to come back, need more time than other players.

    I had Covid in a low level reaction, i was fine after 4 or 5 days, but for weeks still could feel it in and out very lighter effect but not all gone til 4 to 6 weeks…

    In other words, let’s not jump into conclusion, Oz is in good terms with Arteta and doesn’t look frustrated, wouldn’t be case if he was left out.

    These dame pundit were pleased to see him involved before Covid and pointed Arteta for not playing in 2 lost games…That’s why they paid for, create drama or hype..

    A good topic would be, why is Oz is not as effective.

    Players as Oz need to be free to play and run the game, change it that way, with one pass.

    To do so, he must be reassured by his defense and DM, have freedom to focus in attacking & creating chances.

    Like Zidane or Messi, playmakers need freedom to perform,

    I’m not usually happy as many of us, but it is fare to look at a football stand of you..

    Forward players can’t express themselves without having their back secured and game played there.

    Put Ozil in any team with a solid defense and DM, he will shine.

    He sees debacle of our beloved club and won’t stay next season. The signings in defense, tells him and all of us the ambition owner has!

    Put Ozil in Liverpool or Man U, he will get back to King of assists…He is free to focus in attack

    Let’s hope he is okay ,

    1. I doubt he would be on the bench if he was ill or unfit. That is an excuse
      If as you say he wasn’t in a good enough team and cared about it then he should have told his agent he wanted a move to a more ambitious club and take a pay cut to achieve that end if necessary We are always being told that top players want to win trophies. Or do they just love money?

  7. Well well, I hear that Arsenal are in advanced talks with Hungarian playmaker Dominic Szoboszlai and Barcelona’s Phillip Coutinho. Would go a long way in replacing Ozil? Also Arsenal are talking to the agent of Thomas Partey. Midfield questions being solved for the next season?

    1. I will believe it if and when they are officially announced. But if true, at least there is hope. Imagine all these players plus Auba.

  8. Well, love him or hate him, he cannot force himself on the team. If he is selected, he plays, if not he sits out. Why is that difficult to understand?
    As bad as he may be, he is still better than what we have.

    1. Well said Gily. It’s clear our fan base is as divided as ever before. Once it was Wenger in/out. Now they need another in/out topic. The point is when Ozil is gone, we will likely not be any better. I wanted Wenger out, and thought it would make us a more competitive team. In the case of Ozil, he does not even play and the team pay is there for everyone to see. Are we sparkling when he does not play? Nope. When he does, even if he does not record the assists as before, you can see a more expansive approach in our play. But what do I know? Remember these are the same fans who turned on Eboue to the extent he had to be subbed after coming on as a sub.

  9. Well, love him or hate him, he cannot force himself on the team. If he is selected, he plays, if not he sits out. Why is that difficult to understand?
    As bad as he may be, he is still better than what we have. If I find myself becoming the target of negative publicity I would do the same thing because that is the best reaction for people who don’t have the courage to commit suicide.
    When the world turns it’s back on you, just turn your back on the world.

    1. Hang on Gily
      If I was the target of negative publicity I would do these things:-
      1. Try my hardest to do better
      2. Assess my continued ability to get first team football at Arsenal if I have scored only once with 3 assists this year
      3. I would be wondering why at least a couple of managers are disillusioned with what I am bringing to the team.
      4. Avoid social media like the plague because that is where trolls do their worst and instead not put out cringe worthy tweets kissing the shirt. It is hardly turning my back on the world by constantly engaging social media in this way
      5. Consider moving to another team to get game time

      1. Perhaps he’s done all that, or something close to that in his own particular way. Different people react differently to the same situation.
        Finally he has a contract he wants to complete because he likes London. If he is not wanted anymore, then the contract should be cancelled and he be paid off.

  10. I quite agree Sue. Or,if we have to keep paying that ridiculous wage,and as I’ve said before,leave him at home,where he’ll have plenty of time to check his bank balance !

  11. still sells shirts and is a draw (or would be if crowds were allowed and even the most cynical would be going some to blame him for covid)- commercially more valuable than any other player or his own value as a footballer- frustrating, but that’s the state of the game

  12. its only because he refused to take a pay cut willock n co are far behind ozil in terms of football arteta should know beta but seems like arteta doesn’t know anything i mean look at martineli you tell me that nelson is better than him, and why the hell did arteta give luiz another contract and this arsenal team is full of avarage players and leaving out ozil makes it look even worse

  13. Our issue has never really been in midfield, Arsenal simply can’t defend! Ozil’s role pales in comparison when I think about that leaky tap of a “defender” David Luiz getting another year to screw up! Then add to that the terrible (or lack there of) signings we’ve made in the last few transfer windows, it all adds up. Ozil is a luxury player we simply no longer can afford on and off the pitch, no wonder there’s hardly any number 10’s around like him anymore. Our playing style and players have changed, so has the way we score goals now, Ozil just doesn’t fit in.

    For years now, we can’t build up proper structures in our playing style or have a proper defence, Mustafi, Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Sokratis, omg…gives me a headache thinking about how they all have not progressed to the standards we expect as Gunner fans! Constantly chasing games has become the norm! I say clear out and start again, out with the old, in with the new and young. Ready for real change, a new cycle…

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