Piers Morgan clashes with an Arsenal legend over Aubameyang

Piers Morgan has continued to make a case for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being offloaded from Arsenal at the wrong time as the striker shines at Barcelona.

He scored for the Catalans again in their 3-2 win over Levante yesterday, and that was his 8th goal in 9 league games since he moved to the Spanish club.

English TV host, Morgan, has not hidden his disapproval of the decision to release the attacker by Arsenal and his recent goal gave him more content to cry about.

He took to his Twitter account and tweeted: “BREAKING: Aubameyang scores again for Barcelona. His 10th goal in 14 games since Arsenal gave him away for free. Now officially one of the worst decisions in managerial history.”

This time, he was challenged by former Arsenal man, Lee Dixon, who commented: “Piers. Really. You are really making yourself look rather silly. Enough. Get over it. He was disruptive. Club always bigger. You know that.”

But Morgan was not done, and he fired back: “I don’t agree. We lost a world-class striker because our manager mismanaged him. Quite clear from his form at Barca, where Xavi loves him, that he’s still a magnificent player. And we’re left with Lacazette who hasn’t scored this year. Terrible decision that will cost us Top4.”

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At this point, it seems Morgan is irredeemable, and it is much better that we just ignore him.

Mikel Arteta has done that so far, and the Spaniard has been working hard to ensure his squad is prepared to finish this season in a suitable position.

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  1. I am not in support of piers ranting everytime but one thing I could say is his issue with Arteta is just football related.
    He was exactly like this during wenger last years as well.
    Nobody would be talking down on the manager if he’s doing everything right.
    Some of his rants are not necessarily out of hatred .
    Although I don’t support the way he goes about it tho.

  2. Whatever your thoughts on Piers and he likes to wind people up, he has a point!!!!!!! We sold Auba because he wasn’t scoring goals but it wasn’t because he couldn’t anymore. He needed managing and a good manager would get the best out of him. We seem to be cutting our nose off to spite our face at Arsenal and we aren’t gaining anything by doing it.

  3. Add Matteo to that list….

    Big time loss!! Going to be a baller, well on his way. Possibly Saliab too?

  4. Areteta could have worked it out with Auba but he chose not to. Big mistake to give him away for free

  5. Yet again Bertie Morgan is wrong. It’s not down to mis-management, it’s all down to a player resorting to his old self in consistently breaking the club rules in order to force a move.

  6. Auba saw the way things were going on at Arsenal and decided he didn’t want to stick around much longer so he did what he knew would get him off and as predictable as the manager is..he got what he wanted….Arteta should just leave..his gamble on using ony 14 players has backfired, playing only 14 and leaving the rest of them especially the youngsters who need game time to develop has come to haunt him.He is too predictable as a Manager.

    1. Well, things always seemed to go better when auba was out of the team, so I don’t know if it was him seeing the direction things were going, or him losing interest. Guy was awful for 18 months despite being given every chance.

  7. I have never agreed that Arteta is the right manager for Arsenal, he lacks man management ability, you can be a good coach but not a good man manager.
    He couldn’t manage Guindozi, he couldn’t manage Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, also Ozil.
    I don’t think there is a limit to the good players Arsenalwill lose because Arteta could not handle their ego.
    Every big player does have ego issue, if you as a coach must succeed, you must be able to manage alpha character players..

  8. Piers is irredeemable? Im no fan of him but I can’t see anything wrong in what he’s said and its not just Auba that Arteta seems to have a problem managing is it.
    Doesn’t matter how you look at it we’ve been left with one forward who’s scored 4 PL goals and one with 0 goals this season.
    Don’t forget Arteta also loaned AMN out in January when we were already short in midfield with AFCON

  9. Piers has a compelling case. In time, we will rank the PEA deal to Barcelona alongside other costly disasters like Kim Kallstrom, Denis Suarez, Yaya Sanogo and Willian.
    Arteta’s reputation will forever be stained too, as coach who could not adopt his system to accommodate one of the finest strikers of his generation. 10 goals for Barcelona in 14 games. Just two weeks under Xavi, compared to two long years under Arteta. Case closed.

  10. Sign Alexander Mitrovic from Fulham wit a lot of PL experience.
    Forget Aubameyang. He could not score even a penalty. He was no longer committed to the club. He is more committed now because he wants to disprove Arteta.
    We have done better without him

    1. Please show me a striker who has performed under Arteta. Instead look at what is in Auba baggage, let look at a coach who could not do his job. Ozil out in the bin, Guen out in the bin, Auba out in the bin, Leno soon to follow, Pepe is packing his bag and Tavarez a player he bought who performed so well until liverpool matched got throw out into the bench. When is he going to do some coach. Our players are not committed because we have a dictator as a coach who is forcing them to respect by force instead of earning it. Those guys are not enjoying their football anymore. It is a matter of time before more will act up and want out.

      1. Spot on @Adiva. Arteta’s tactics doesn’t give too much room for strikers to flourish. Lack of ambition will make a club of arsenal stature hire a coach who has never managed any football club before

  11. you guys and spanner Morgan need to get a grip, seriously.

    Auba played like a Sunday league player for over 14 month while breaking club rules and pocketing 300k per week.

    No, he had to go, he was disruptive to the team and just didnt want to be here.

    PPl saying oh he’s binned Leno, no he hasnt he has brought in a keeper to compete with him and who has surpassed him, this happens at any club, happened to me a few times in my playing days and its part of the cycle.

    He binned MG, guys he is a bad egg, has had attitude issues from early, which is why PSG didnt sign him up as a youngster.

    He binned Ozil, Well as much as i loved to watch Ozil playing when he was on song, he was waning, he didnt want to put the hard yards in and couldnt be both creative and defend when he needed to, plus an attitude of im the man and using his social media platform to get fans to side with him, no, just no, he had to go.

    Pepe – well a 72m flop, he can score worldie’s sure
    but does he work as hard as the other 3 players who vie for his position in Saka, Martinelli or ESR?
    No he doesnt.

    Tavares wasnt even first choice in Portugal and that league is appalling, he got rinsed in a few games and cost us goals.

    But by all accounts we should play our poor players just because some LMA managers here think its more important to play 2nd and 3rd string players who are performing badly over competent 1st teamers?

    give it a rest, back the team, 7 games left, then poor your misery here

  12. Well said Val, good summary, realistic view

    Arteta did make a mistake with Aubamayang in my opinion though, but it wasn’t in January this year, which became an agreement between numerous parties not just Mikel getting rid

    I believe the mistake The Manager made was after managing to get Auba to sign his new contract (no outside interest at the time?) which was deserved and most fans agreed with, he was far too loyal to him at the exclusion of other options

    Auba was well below his own goal scoring standards in the season that followed, he and the team (no coincidence) had an awful run of loses and draws after getting a good result at Old Trafford with an Auba pen

    Arteta didn’t drop him and try Eddie during that time, two things on that, it might have spurred Auba on to improve and fight his way back into the side and Mikel would have found out about Eddie (we still don’t know now because he simply hasn’t played)

    If Eddie had scored the goals Auba didn’t it would have affected last season and the approach to this

    If Eddie had not met the standard required The Manager could have moved him out and bought a replacement last summer

    Instead we started this season “hoping” that Auba would improve/get back to his best and added only Balogun to the untried Eddie and Laca as back ups

    Balogun only got a couple of early games because Eddie was injured at the start of the season and both Auba & Laca had positive COVID tests at the same time

    When Auba came back in after that Arteta stayed loyal to him again for too long, 4 League goals all season

    Unfortunately The Captain was unable to repay his Boss’s loyalty

    Now The Gaffer has got himself in a pickle up front, we are where we are and have to go with what we have for the rest of this season. a season that has been good overall and could still end up with a Champions League spot or at least a Europa League spot, either being an improvement on last season, despite not having a reliable central goal scorer

    It will be interesting to see what happens this summer in the market with regard to that particular situation however we end this one

    1. i agree to some extent here buddy.

      I do think that during the negotiations on Aubas deal, thre was an offer from Barca on the table.

      Obviously the world was deep in the pandemic and im sure Barca’s offer was well well below the asking price.

      at the time we would have needed 70- 80m to replace his goals, which we didnt have, so as he was a proven goalscorer, the club was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      I’ve never rated Eddie, i think he is championship level at most, he just doesnt do it for me in the premier league, he hasnt progressed past that u21 stage, alot dont, its a tough jump.

      I said at the time i didnt want Auba to sign for what was being reported, instead go get a new striker, but with the financial restraints at the time, the club went with what most would have agreed with and threw the cheque book at him.
      there was only so much we could do with resources we had.

      i do agree though that he should have been dropped sooner, the whole world could see that Laca worked better than auba last season so i do hold MA to that.

      I see many ppl on here saying ” i cant get behind the team, i dont like it blah blah
      they dont like losing and getting the bants from pals down the boozer or at work.

      I for 1 like the direction the club are taking and i can go to the games and really get behind them, win lose or draw because i am a true gunner at heart and always will be.

      For those Fifa managers i say this, you know F**k all about the game, if you believe you are gods gift to being a coach at this level, go do your badges and go do it, if not put up and shut up, back the team or just sod off altogether

  13. I’m sure you are right Val but I think had Barca come in just after we had won the FA Cup I believe that Auba would have gone rather than sign a new contract, but hey, it doesn’t really matter now either way

    Again you are probably right about Eddie but he hasn’t had a League start all season didn’t get past Auba last and so we just don’t know, he will probably leave with us still not knowing and go on to have a good Championship career, maybe even in Continental Europe or, who knows, deliver for another Club in the Prem and I personally think that’s a shame

    Whatever, we are now in a bit of a tricky situation going into next season, Auba gone, Laca and Eddie probably going, Balogun looking at what happened to Eddie and maybe thinking he should also move, finding one striker for next season will be difficult enough, finding 4 suitable ones very unlikely

    Two defeats and some fans on JA are back on their bandwagon criticising Arteta for every single aspect of management and blaming him for all of Arsenal’s remaining problems, the vast majority of which I disagree with but he has cocked up this particular one, admittedly because Auba let him down but nevertheless it’s going to be a hard one to resolve

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