Piers Morgan continues his anti Arteta agenda by naming who he thinks should replace the Spaniard

It is fairly common knowledge that Piers Morgan is not the biggest fan of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

The English TV host continuously takes to social media to have a pop at the 40-year-old and in recent months he has been hammering him for allowing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave for free in the winter transfer window.

Now, following a string of losses, Morgan wants Arteta out and has now taken to Twitter to call for former Arsenal legend and Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira to take over at the Emirates.

His Tweet reads as reported by Football London: “Trust the process!’ No thanks. #ArtetaOUT #VieiraIN.”

Just Arsenal says

This is now starting to divide the fan base, there are those that still believe in the process, those that never believed in it and those that have changed their minds.

It is probably too early to make that call. If Arsenal somehow beat Chelsea, Man Utd, West Ham and Tottenham, how many would call for him to be sacked?

How many would still be trusting the process if Arteta’s side knock up 5-6 losses in a row and finish 8th again?

The next couple of weeks will be crucial and will determine what the majority of fans want.

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  1. I am no fan of Morgan but it is clear that should we fail to qualify for Europe once again the “process” that many of spoken about here has failed.

    I don’t think Vieira is the solution though. I would rather have a more established manager with experience and success at the highest level.

    Arsenal need something…

  2. 8th 8th 4th Great improvement. Arteta the genius.
    8th 8th 5th. Same as Emery. Arteta doing fine.
    8th 8th 6th . Not as good as Emery but back in Europe.
    8th 8th 7th. Untenable. But the club will still retain.
    8th8th 8th. No progress. Definite dismissal.

  3. Even if Arsenal wins their remaining games that will not change the important issues which is Arsenal’s main problem and that is Arteta’s lack of managerial competence..
    You need patience and understanding to manage players altitudes, and Arteta has zero proficiency in this aspect.

    1. So the people in charge of St Etienne and Dortmund had no patience or understanding when getting rid of Auba, or the people at Hertha Berlin when dropping Guendouzi and not wanting to sign him on a permanent deal ?

      1. Good and even the great footballers come with egos and attitudes. Christiano Ronaldo,Zlatan,Mbappe,Neymar,Luis Suarez,Diego Costa,Benzema,Auba, to name just a few. What are we to do, discard all of them. Good and great managers moulds these players and take there weaknesses and mould it into something the team can use to win. Arsenal need winners and this team don’t have any, from the manager goes down. So sad to see Edu only now interested in collecting his paycheck. I guess he just rode the coattail of the born winners like Henry, Pires, and Bergkamp.

    2. You can say that again louder. The guy still needs experience and change of attitude on his coaching.

  4. I’m not anti Patrick Vieira in the slightest
    I wouldn’t have hired either him or Arteta after Emery.

    PV was not proven and Arteta had no managerial CV for me to have an opinion about

    I still wouldn’t hire Vieira. We have done over 2 years allowing Arteta to find his feet ( I know there will be derision but I don’t think he is as bad as many think). If Arteta can’t cut it then I’d be wanting what I wanted in the first place which was a tried and tested manager who could speak reasonably good English.

    If PV carries on doing well with Palace and wins something and gets into Europe then fine go for him. An Arsenal legend. . As yet, he hasn’t.

    1. Have to agree regarding PV sue ,if Arteta goes we need like you said a proven manager not another experiment that could go either way .
      Personally I believe we have already wasted the last 2 years I do not want a repeat of that if Arteta by some miracle gets the hook .

      1. The fact that Arteta won the fa cup doesn’t mean he achieved more than viera already.
        This is viera first season in EPL, got them to the FA semi, which arteta had a similar run but went to win it.
        Now let compare the squad they both have at their disposal.
        Arteta had a team of European final, what did palace got?
        If you said he beat city to achieve it, viera already done that as well in the league.
        Credit to Arteta for the win but doesn’t mean that fa cup was all his doing.
        2 seasons after that without anything to show for it is an evidence.
        Not saying viera would do wonders here, but base on the team he has her has over achieved already and with that low budget.
        We also beat the impotent lampard team that were far from being at their best and not winning any trophy that season.
        Compare this chealse team of now of that of lampard, then you will see the difference.

        1. I accept people would be unsure of Vierra but the big difference is Vierra was a massive star, won every cup going as a player, has far more experience than Arteta ever had at playing and working with top managers. Many of the top clubs in the world have had bo problem putting their faith in top class players, straight into management, Barca and Real have had massive success doing it. But unlike Arteta and like Vierra, they were players that were legends and understood what top class football and winning things was all about and in their nature. And Vierra is confident enough to be cutting his teeth at a lower club first.

          1. Reggie
            That doesn’t add up though as Wenger and Mourinho weren’t top players. Equally, Gary Neville was pants and Steve Bruce spent a long career being a nearly man.

            You either have it or you don’t and for me it is too early to write off Arteta. Neither am I writing off Vieira, as time will tell if he has what it takes to be a winner in the managerial stakes

            1. Spot on SueP. Over the decades there’s been countless world class players that have failed as managers. A lot of people think that just because someone was a great player they then becoming a top manager.

          2. Agreed Reggie! I would love to see one of Arsenals best a most influential players manage the team! I think the time will be right if we do not make top 4. Think about it the loses we’ve had recently to teams we should have beat would have had us almost over the finish line for top 4. West ham manu and spuds like us have been very generous in keeping this race alive but I feel we should’ve been out of sight by now. Palace right now are a tough challenging team to play against for any prem club and Thats down to Viera!

          1. Sue P, i have said before, i did not know why Arteta got the nod over Vierra, when he did. At the time i didn’t want either but i haven’t enjoyed watching the football under Arteta, i dont see a future playing Artetaball and i would take Vierra over Arteta. Maybe it would be because of what Vierra means to me and not the right reason but i honestly think Vierra would build a team in the mould i like.

            1. Ah!
              I quite understand why you would choose PV and think that you, like me, thought he was immense at Arsenal. As I wrote above, I’m not writing Arteta off as he is still early-ish in his career. Time will tell, but I’d say it’s wobbly for him at the moment.

          2. Yes Sue P I would take Viera at the end of if we do not make top 4. I did not want to write Arteta off, I wanted him to succeed and the only way I see that happening is if we get into that 4th spot. I think he has made way too many big errors and he like us all has to be held accountable. There has to be some accountability!!!

    2. I do agree with you Sue

      i wouldnt have hired PV at the time MA was hired
      his managerial career to that point was pretty poor, NY city and Nice.

      Granted neither club were big enough to allow him to flourish imo but it is what it is on that front.

      For me, i would want PV to gain more experience and see where he can take Palace in the next few seasons.

      The issue for me at present is that on this site especially, many fans are quite fickle in the sense that they scream about how good we are and how well we are playing under MA that when the results go south, like the last 3 games, they want his head.

      I get many dont like him or have other opinions about him but we know, those of us that know football, that a team as young as ours are going to have consistency issues, especially when you lose big players that hold the team together like TP and KT recently.

      For the most part of the season, our football has been pretty good, we can now see a style forming etc.

      I do agree that the last 3 games was weak from our side considering the performances from Man city game to 3 games ago, it was very poor.

      I do agree that if we do not make europe again he should be shown the door and a manager brought in who has a pull factor, i dont know who that could be because there isnt many out there i can say yes we should get him.
      It shouldnt be PV, if PV ever does come back to us, i would want him to have an improved CV.

      thats not saying he is or isnt better than MA, i just wouldnt want him, a legend and arguably the best midfielder / captain we have ever had, to have a tarnished legacy.

      But all due respect to PV, he imo is doing brilliant things down at Selhurst park and it would be very intersting to see how he would do if Palace gave him the same £250m that MA has had over the last 3 seasons

      1. Many of us that know football knew that guendozi and mavropanos and even Niles should have been at the club playing for us at this time when the team is struggling with injuries. Many of us that know football know that xhaka should have been moved on and we should have upgraded that position with a better midfielder. Many of us know that laca is not going to get many goals anymore and it’s unfair to put the heavy heavy burden on the likes of Saka esr and martenilli. And on and on.

    3. SueP
      I share a similar view to yours. I also had my doubts about Arteta given his lack of experience. However, having taken on the job my view has been that he should be supported by the owners and fans. I think it is still too early to dump him given the plans set out at the beginning of the season.
      PV has done well at CP so far and seems to have very good ideas about the way the game should be played. Unfortunately, that is no guarantee of success and prior to CP he had a good but not spectacular record as a manager. He has not been in charge of a top level European team which brings expectations and scrutiny which are different from what he would have had to deal with to date.

      1. Your last sentence says so much David.

        The idea that the Arsenal ownership would take chance on another untried manager, or one without European experience would be an absolute folly. That said, Emery did fit the criteria but the senior players were disgraceful in the end.

        Nagelsman was heavily backed but it’s not been plain sailing for him at BM. It’s almost a lottery until you reach la crème de la crème- Klopp and Conte for example. Those managers live in a rarified atmosphere

  5. Currently not good enough. Arteta got 4th with 2 games in hand, testament to his ability. To now lose it also speaks volumes.

    If he can’t get top 4 with only PL games, who has confidence he can with PL, FA Cup, and possible European games next year?

  6. Please.Has Pv won any major trophy.
    Arsenal shd go someone with a proven record shd MA go.
    Tuchel is a good example

  7. Roberto Mancini
    Laurent Blanc
    Julen Lopetugui
    Luis Enrique
    Patrick Vieira
    Any of these guys would improve us

    1. People keep banging on about Arteta should go if we don’t get top 4. How many people really thought that jumping from 8th to 4th was possible with an inexperienced manager who had a to rebuild the club ? I certainly didn’t, top 6 was the target for me.

  8. I will offer a cast iron guarantee that MA will be our manager when next season starts.

    The whole PV non story is a complete red herring and has no reason being even mentioned, other than because that arch self publicist Morgan chose to mention it.

    Why play his game at all then?

    I will not do so. Move on and accept, that like it or loathe it, what WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN, is that for 100% certainty, Artea will be our manager for the foreseeable future. That is what WILL HAPPEN and all realists know it for certain.

    So stop speculating about “what ifs” that have NO chance whatsoever of happening. REALITY!

    1. I tend to agree
      Arsenal have zero ambiton , hence why they never set the team an actual target this season.
      As long we are making money based on the brand we are , where we finish in the table isn’t crucial to our owners

  9. I can just imagine the reaction on here from people who wanted PV4 as our manager if we lost 3 games on the trot, like he did in December. They would be hounding out a club legend.

    1. Except we have done it twice this season.
      Never have that happened in out history.
      And when you consider 4 out of those teams we lost to are not in top8.

      1. Kaay Utter juvenile nonsense! Your version of “our history” clearly does not go back very far at all.

        We older fans well remember times far worse than now and longer losing runs too.

      2. You really should study up on the club you claim to support, as the 1912/13 season will blow your claim right out of the water.

        1. Really!!!!!!!! You are using 1912/13 season as an example. Wow, that really is scraping the barrel.🤣🤣🤣🤣

          1. Lose to Chelsea tomorrow and the excuses will be, well it was worse over a hundred years ago 😂 there is no helping them Reggie 🤣

        2. Yeah I should really go back to hundred years back so I can remember when last that happened.
          Nice one..
          Your age must be above 100 for you to have memory of all that went down that season.
          Did we also spend 150m in equivalent to have such a breaking record that season???

          1. Age has nothing to do with knowing history. Do you not know how to use Google ? Also it helps when the club runs through ones family for over 100 years and is passed down through the generations.

            No we never spent much that season, considering we had moved from Plumstead in SE London to our spiritual home of Highbury in North London.

  10. Not a morgan fan, and not MA fan. It is too early to decide about MA, I will eait until the end of the season, with no optimism.

    I like Viera but he is not exactly my established manager. I wish we had Conti before he goes to the other side of North London. I even liked Spalletti or may be even Sarri.
    Now, I am not sure who is available, Zidane, Sean Dyche. 😅😁 I would take Zidan any day.

  11. Roberto Mancini..Laurent Blanc..Louis Enrique….anyone of those 3 will do for me……we definitely need an experienced manager

  12. whys it always an agenda
    Maybe he genuinely thinks Arsenal finishing in their lowest leage position in 25 years , zero european football and leaving a squad with zero fire power and leadership is not what he wants as a fan …..that is okay

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