Piers Morgan destroys Ozil in brutal farewell message

Piers Morgan has attacked Mesut Ozil again as the German closes in on leaving Arsenal.

Ozil’s performances dropped after he signed a new £350,000-a-week deal at the Emirates in 2018.
Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery, and Mikel Arteta have all tried to get him back to form at the club.
However, it seems like the German isn’t interested in playing at his best again and just wants to concentrate on his business interests.

After trusting Ozil in his first few games and not getting the performances that he wanted, Arteta axed him from his first-team plans. The German hasn’t played for the club since March last year, and he wasn’t even registered to play for the Gunners this season.

After watching the first half of the season from the sidelines, it seems that he wants to leave the club now. Several reports have claimed that he has reached an agreement with Arsenal over terminating his contract and moving to Fenerbahce in the Turkish Super league.

Now Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to blast him for being interested in making money alone at Arsenal in a most unfriendly farewell message.


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  1. If you lot think ozil was going to run back 80 yards and tackle you waswrong he never did it before he came ane he never was going to do it. He could av done something in a game or two this season but MA didn’t like him for not coming back to tackle. Still a good player in the right team but things move on its time Rowe to shine hopefully now let’s get 5 th a least

    1. No one expects him to run back 80 yards. Just do what other good CAMs like KDB, Grealish, etc do when their teams lose the ball.

      If he’s not willing to do it, it’s fine. Just be prepared to be relegated to the bench and eventually out of the squad.

      Yes he could still be a good player in a more laidback and low intensity league. The tempo of the Turkish league or MLS would be good for him. He should be able to enjoy his football there.

      1. You are on point.
        Can’t afford always having one man short whenever the ball is with opponents.
        I liked him but he never showed up in any big match for us. I long for Carzola.

    2. Nobody wanted that. We did want a player that demanded the ball and controlled and dictated the game. Instead we got a guy who wanted to play Casper the Ghost when he wasn’t in the mood.

    3. Morgan is a stupid man as he has always been. You can’t fault Ozil in any way. He is a fantastic player anytime. Arsenal fc is crying over his high wages but forgot they made from selling so many players to the detriment of the club and fans. Farewell Ozil, you are one of the best anytime.

  2. Why envy ozil for his salary the guy didn’t stole it from the club the club gave him it . ozil won’t be the last footballer you will be disappointed with at Arsenal .most of you guys calling ozil lazy can’t even help your self

    1. @Liscarl, well said bro, Piers Morgan & some Ozil critics will never ever attain his status. Ozil worked his way 2 the top. Critics help yourselves & your family, make a name 4 yourselves. Stop the hatred, move on, he’s gone.

    2. Most, if not all of us here, can’t even reach the level of Xhaka, yet we say shit about pro footballers like we are past Ballon d’Or winners.

    3. Ozil plus agent (also Sanchez plus agent) put Arsenal over a barrel in negotiations and Gazidis (the then CEO) caved in and paid him. Thereafter, Ozil did not have the respect for Arsenal’s supporters – nor the self respect – to put himself out and go anywhere near justifying those crazy wages.

      1. Chtis, all Arsenal had to do, if they weren’t prepared to pay Ozil what he asked for, was to say No, let him go and then go out and buy another player from £40,000,000 to £60,000,000, along with the wages said player would demand – they chose to offer him a ludicrous salary and he accepted it.

  3. Tom k, I don’t know why most of u don’t know anything about football. Who told u that MA didn’t like him? If MA didn’t like him, what about Emery? What about Mourinho at Real Madrid? Every coach wants results, go and check Ozil statistics in the matches he played against the top 6teams in the premiership, they are awful but u as a delusional fan still see Ozil as a hero. At 32 and a free agent, why aren’t top teams in Europe after him? Look at Willian even though he has lost form but, when he became a free agent at Chelsea, he is 32 but even Barca was after him, Tothenharm was after him and so many other big clubs in top league in Europe

    1. Just settle for Cedric & Willian – who’s Ozil?
      We’ve stunk up pitches all over the league w/o Ozil but keep blaming him. Like he held a gun to our board for a contract.
      When Piers is your leader, you’ve got issues.

      1. The way this Ozil issue was handled if care is not taken it may be difficult for our dare club to attract big players in d future.No matter what may happen ,I insist that Ozil was not treated well.Man U played more than that for Sanchez,n he did not delivered,yet he was not embarrassed from the club.

    2. If William is that good why did he come here instead of Barcelona because we were mad enough to pay him 250 k for 3 years as fo ozil I said he could av done something in some games well just check than he was top assists for years before he came here

    3. @Wisdom – different players have their styles.of play and if Wenger thought Ozil’s style of play was Okay for him, then so be it. Stop all this nonsense talk about Mourinho and MA and Emery….It’s okay that Ozil did not suit their pattern of play but Ozil did not give himself his contract….and like i said he still has the best player highlights any arsenal player has had in an Arsenal Jersey in the last 10 years…..so whether you like it or not he was and still is a great player and i am a huge fan. U are entitled to how you feel about him but he is leaving our club so snap out of it and look for the next player to blame for the club’s issues……since dats what you guys do best.

    4. Arteta said he will keep trying with willian no matter how shit he is but why he didnt still try with ozil when ozil last game he got an assist for the winning goal

    5. The Ozil haters keep coming up with lies. Now suddenly it is Mourinho who did not like Ozil.

      José Mourinho on Ozil-
      “Every time he touches the ball, the ball smiles and every time he makes the pass the ball goes in the right direction with the right speed and intensity – this is Mesut.”
      on who he thinks the best German player currently playing is [2020]:
      “Mesut Özil, he’s a very good player, when he has the ball you never know what he’s gonna do. I like him a lot.”

      1. IcW for someone who always claims to be older than most on here, your way of reasoning is funny. Since you are quoting Jose, let me show you one of his quotes about Ozil, “Ozil’s reacted to that criticism by taking his shirt off and throwing it at his manager, to which Mourinho responded: “‘Oh, are you giving up now? You’re such a coward. What do you want?

        “To creep under the beautiful, warm shower. Shampoo your hair? To be alone? Or do you want to prove to your fellow players, the fans out there, and me, what you can do?’” So it means Ozil has always be a coward who always blames everyone else but himself.

        1. That’s from MO’s book.

          From his book, here’s the part before MO threw his jersey on the floor of the dressing room.

          Mourinho said to him:

          “You think two beautiful passes are enough. You think you’re so good that 50% is enough”.

          He pauses. Stares at me with his dark brown eyes. I stare back. Like two boxers at the stare-down before the first round.

          He shows no emotion. Just waits for a response from me. How much I hate him right now. And I love Mourinho actually.

        2. How convenient: You cherry pick and twist the truth in order to satisfy your reasoning for hating Ozil. Your statement “So it means Ozil has always be a coward who always blames everyone else but himself.” is a proof of that.

          I hate to disappoint you but no it does not mean Ozil has always been a coward.

          While on the subject of Mourinho and his well published fights with players here is a list that might surprise you.

          Paul Pogba – Manchester United
          Mohamed Salah – Chelsea
          Romelu Lukaku – Chelsea
          Kevin De Bruyne – Chelsea
          Iker Casillas – Real Madrid
          Bastian Schweinsteiger – Manchester United
          Pedro Leon – Real Madrid
          Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid
          Juan Mata – Chelsea
          Luke Shaw – Manchester United
          Ricardo Quaresma – Inter
          Samuel Eto’o – Inter

    6. Now ICW can move on to support Fernabache since his Ozil is now gone

      Good riddance. Strange no English team wants to sign him.

      Piers Morgan summed everything up

  4. Who cares what a toxic tabloid “journalist” unless you are also toxic and obsessive like many Arsenal fans? They knew his style and still paid him. You go work for free the same way phone tapper Morgan works for free and does an honest day’s work.

  5. Let Ozil go we need fresh blood in arsenal. Any lazy man can leave. He has milked a lot we need results not history. Thanks Ozil for being part of our history.

    1. Without history all clubs are equal at the beginning of every season. Why dream playing for big clubs if not because of their history? What make Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool giants of English football if not for their history?

      Why haven’t Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and even Leicester City reach the status of Arsenal even though their results are better for a number of seasons? Because of history.

      Why talk about Pele or Maradona even though the major of us have never seen them play? Because of their history.

      We enjoy the thrill of the moment but in football history is everything!

        1. Teams like Wolves and Villa and Leeds have history.
          Also I think people do see Chelsea and City as bigger than Arsenal now.
          Perceptions change.

          1. They are big teams yes but they are not on the same level with us. They still come short to the only team to have never been relegated, the only invincibles, the oldest Cup competition kings, the third most league title wins. Also they don’t have the global following and respect that we enjoy.

            Liverpool went 30 years without a league title and yet they were still considered bigger than Chelsea or Manchester City. They were still considered bigger than us and Man utd let alone those two.

            It is possible they may reach our level one day but it is not anytime soon.

            Perception won’t change the tangible results and success that were acquired in decades.

          2. HH – That history matters to people like you and me who support the club, and to older people who were around to see some of it, but I don’t think that’s the general perception. Very few people think of Wolves as a big club anymore, but they genuinely were.

          3. Davi see Jon’s comment below. It’s because they failed to keep on being successful. We were big in 1930s and we are still big now. We were winning trophies while the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester were cruising in the streets of lower divisions.

          4. HH – yeah I saw it after posting. It’s a fair point and I do agree – it does defeat my point on Wolves.
            Suppose it’s just to say that I don’t believe most people care that much about history, even if we do.

          5. Davi your point is valid too. I remember when I started watching football everyone in my country was either an Arsenal fan or Man utd fan. Another team was unthinkable (with the exeption of only one person who was a Newcastle fan and he was known throughout the country getting radio and TV interviews however short they were and some Liverpool fans who nearly all of them were old men). I think it was because at the time the premier league started to be televised Arsenal and Man utd were the top teams in a 1.5 horse race.

            Nowadays a lot of younger people in my country who are starting to watch football are Chelsea and Manchester City fans.

      1. I must say that history alone means little . What actually counts is consistency of success over namny decades. That creates REAL history. Football has many clubs with” once upon a time history” who now languish in lower leagues. Such as PNE, Huddersfield, Forest, all now largely forgotten at top level.

        Thus we need to DEFINE exactly what history means. That is my take anyway!

        1. I agree completely Jon. Good point on the consistency and good examples you have listed there too.

          I remember in my earlier years of watching football, Deportivo la Coruna were kind of a big deal in La Liga but I don’t know if they even exist anymore.

          1. No matter what you guys say here, Ozil is a great player. He is an attacker and not a defender. These lazy Spanish Coaches could not get adequate players to do their job behind him. They kept on blaming Ozil for their woes. Get like of Patrick Viera and Van dyke behind Ozil, you will see him create chances upon chances. Arsenal Fc is to blame for everything concerning Ozil

  6. It’s obvious Arteta’s system needs a courageous right-footed CAM to retrieve the ball and to be an additional right winger, therefore we were linked with Houssem Aouar and Marcel Sabitzer

  7. Brutal farewell message my cheeks! More like a petty farewell message which nobody care about. What make Piers think Mesut cares what he think? Does anybody even care?

  8. The greatest mistake he made was not to have left when he discovered he is not needed anymore. Ozil is only interested in his salary not considering the unhappy mood of his employer and a section of arsenal fans about his low performance.

    1. That’s it. He should have left in the summer when it was clear he wasn’t going to be part of the team. Had he left, he would have maintained his status and legacy as one of thw great arsenal prayers. But he was only interested in his pay.

  9. if Ozil had put in same effort and performance he had the season he got pay rise, no one would have complained. its becoming arsenal players culture, everyone seems to be best players on the last year on their contract, and after getting pay rise, they revert back to old,lazy form

    1. Truth matters?

      Ozil covered a lot of ground when he played and pressed with the rest of the team. He was just terrible at tackling or making that last lunge to steal the ball away. It wasn’t effort so much as application.

      Mesut Özil has made more tackles per game under Arteta (1.3) than any of Arsenal’s attackers.

      He has also averaged one of the highest distance covered of any player since Arteta’s arrival.

      Enough of the false narratives.

  10. Real Madrid sold him and replaced him with modric and what happened, they won the champions league 3 times in a row. It makes me laugh when I hear people saying ozil work is not to tackle or defend, modric is 34 and still a first team player in Madrid and he’s still doing some dirty work and still score goals and assist, de bryne is doing it at City Carzola and fabregas did it for us but no ozil is better than all those players, he’s the best No10 in the world. What a joke of a player.

    1. That’s why MO gradually lost his importance. It’s not like he did lesser than before, it’s just that the rest started doing more.

      It’s somewhat like the story of Arsenal. We were stagnant for too long while other clubs moved ahead.

    2. To be fair, modric, Cesc and cazorla didn’t play as No. 10s at the peak times they’re remembered for. They were all hard workers and took that playmaking ability to CM (no8?). Ozil was never going to do that and with the change in playing styles, should have been pushed to the wing and made it work (he used to play there a lot for Germany at least). Not sure why he always had to play in the middle (could have been Wenger’s decision as he loved playing the talent in the centre, but could also have been catering to Ozil’s wishes), but I think that was a big reason he didn’t do as well as he could have.

  11. Ozil was great before but not now because he refused to be great again. I love ozil in the beginning and I still love him now but I placed d club above every player. If it’s goodbye-time so be it.

  12. You have time for Piers Morgan? This is the man who is buddies with Trump. Look to yourself man and shut up about Mezut!

  13. I blame Wenger for the crazy salary increase. Wenger gave Ozil an offer he couldn’t refuse

    That said, Ozil was Lazy except for 2015-2016 season. He has been an expensive mistake draining our funds.

    I’m just glad to see him go

    I can’t stand PM except when he was editor of The Mirror and was against The War in Iraq

    1. Morgan was right about the war in Iraq. Based on lies, cost thousands of lives and will destabilise the Middle East for generations.

  14. To Ozil… tqvm for all your contribution for the Gunners …

    You are a legend …

    to start and end your career in Gunners shirt with an assist … WOW

    Thanks again MO

  15. We don’t hate Ozil , we need the best of our beloved club ,we had good players before Ozil ,why should we keep someone who doesn’t want the best for us. We love him if he is doing the best for the club I don’t mind he to stay. Time is up let’s pave a way for new talent please.

  16. Thanks for going MO you’ve just lost your legendary status at our beautiful club for being a parasite, should have just left the club if you felt like you don’t wanna be here anymore, you only stayed for the sake of your fat salary

  17. Piers is an Arsenal fan and very passionate, he is like most of us, enjoys players who give their all for Arsenal and does not appreciate users. You may like him, you may hate him but he only wants the best for Arsenal.

    1. Piers Morgan has probably forgotten more about the club he is passionate about than some on here will ever know – and that’ a fact !

  18. Piers Morgan is a howler of note. A buddy of Trump has no moral position on any matter. He should keep his opinion to his own delusion.

  19. Go West go east Ozil his the best ….. I have no doubt something about Ozils talent if he retires today his greatest memory will remembered forever ( jealous and hater piers Morgan ) you wanted him to leave now his leaving you still complaining what else do you want from him just let him be Evey has his own right to deal with his life

  20. Go West go east Ozil his the best ….. I have no doubt something about Ozils talent if he retires today his greatest memory will remembered forever ( jealous and hater piers Morgan ) you wanted him to leave now his leaving you still complaining what else do you want from him just let him be Eveyone has his own right to deal with his life

  21. This isn’t about Piers being a worthless git, or about his perceived friendship with the orange-haired turd masquerading as a President or even about, as some would claim, the fact that no one commenting on this understands because they don’t possess the skills of a younger Ozil, this is about a once proud club that allowed a drowning manager to continuously make calamitous decisions without any accountability whatsoever…just look closely at the ineptitude Wenger, and those who followed, displayed regarding the following 4 players: Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and Miki…then try to measure how these decisions have impacted our club, both on the pitch and in our coffers,…frankly, we’re lucky we’re not in even worse shape considering the tire fire Wenger left for us to clean up

  22. A complete waste of talent but won’t need an umbrella in Turkey he should have gone In 2018

  23. Good luck, I’ll remember his goal against Ludogorets FC, the way he lifted the ball over the goalkeeper and then dribbled past two defenders, will live long in my memory

  24. Out with the old and in with the new. Ozil copped a bad deal with the last two managers putting their own egos above everything, but he also has himself to blame for becoming complacent and self satisfied. Now the pressure is on Smith Rowe, because no one else in this squad is capable of stepping up keeping the movement humming. The biggest loser in all this have been the fans’, forced to watch one borefest after another with only the odd reminder of how Arsenal used to play not so long ago.

  25. P.S. The least said about Piers Morgan’s politics the better , especially regarding the orange haired clown but in matters Arsenal he is more often right than wrong.

  26. PM is in point!

    Agree on sabizter but not Aouar he seems to resemble ozil too much in terms of workmate desire to head the ball not tackle etc etc.
    Sabizter yes please and I’d be very happy with buendia.

  27. Speaking of Piers Morgan, again. You Brits are lucky. He is a voice of reason in comparison to the Murdock goons we have in Australia. A truly corrupt and immoral assortment of loonies.

  28. Am not against his salary after all am not d person paying him d money.But the truth must be told,ozil is skilful,has good control blessed with passes but defensively ozil is too lazy for my liking…he can’t cope with d tenacity of dis modern day epl.i wish him well good luck .

  29. Farewell Mesu. Thanks for the memories….
    Now lets concentrate on our club and try to save this season. Onwards and Upwards!

  30. For those defending Ozil, imagine one of your co worker is paid $10k an hour but you see him do shit and disrespect the boss, while you are paid $200 an hour and another intern is working his ass off for free for the job.

    It’s not just about Ozil, but the impact on the whole club. Not to mention his off field antics by getting involved into politics.

  31. @adi
    how about the 2.5 mil a year he donates ?
    is that politics?
    He is an individual most people admire yet you chose to mock the fact he did stand up for something.
    Outsdanding fans .. no wonder the club has gone backwards. And with a moron like Piers tweeting we look even worse. Thanks MO for some of the best football arsenal has played during his time on the field. Please go back and watch some videos.

  32. IMO, club has to move on with the new player, system, style, etc.. So, go on.. forget about Ozil’s issue. But, it does not mean that the club forget about all the good of Ozil, so the club has to respect Ozil by announce his farewell in the website and social media even in a simple way it does not matter..

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