Piers Morgan gives five word Arteta message after Burnley draw

Just like most Gooners, it disappointed Piers Morgan to see his Arsenal team draw the game against Burnley.

The popular TV host watched the game and was busy making posts on Twitter about it.

The nature of Burnley’s goal didn’t impress him and he blamed Bernd Leno and Granit Xhaka for their role in the fiasco that led to Chris Woods scoring.

He also criticised the penalty awarded to Arsenal that VAR overturned and after the game, he delivered a message to Mikel Arteta.

He tweeted: “Arteta has to start delivering.”

His tweet appears to be blaming the Arsenal manager for yet another terrible performance from his team.

However, it wasn’t everyone who thinks like him and Arsenal fans took to the post to clarify that the Spanish manager wasn’t to blame for the dropped points.

One fan responded: “This wasn’t his fault at all, why can’t you understand that?”

Another said: “How people blame him for this game is funny lmao he set the team up to create so many chances and a mistake from Xhaka isn’t on him lmao”

One asked: “Are you ok in the head? How was that his fault ?”

Another one added: “So it’s his fault the refs don’t do their job right and our players can’t finish their dinner?”

Finally one advised: “Get rid of liabilities xhaka & Luiz, sign lampety, bissouma, coady and raphinha and they will have a squad capable of top 4”

Arteta has had a mixed season but it did appear things were starting to improve and his team selection seemed to be spot on for this game.

If Xhaka hadn’t made the mistake leading to Burnley’s goal, Arsenal would probably have remained confident and saw the game out.

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  1. Laca, Xhaka and Bellerin should be sold asap. How is Xhaka still at this club? Laca play incredibly soft and could not win a ball. Arteta also subs of Partey who was playing well for Ceballos? Also puts Laca in a number 10 spot? Keep Pepe and buy Lamptey. Pepe looks good when Cedric/Chambers play. Should beat Olympiacos with a better selection. Really interested to play Tottenham next week.

  2. Conceding one goal per game is really a fantastic stat by our defense.
    In fact it is our defense which has kept us in games.
    Kudos then to the Manager Coaching staff and defenders.
    The challenge now is to bring our much vaunted 200 mill attack up to the same standard as our defense to complete the puzzle.
    The good news is that chances are being created so we just need to put more of them away.
    EL victory is definitely within our reach while top 6 remains achievable

    1. An eternal optimist! Stupid mistakes by players who do not deserve the silly money some of them get are costing the club very dearly. That’s where Arteta should step in, and the way contracts are drawn up needs a stiff looking into.

    2. Said it a million times but I’ll say it again. A defence is not only tasked with defending, they also provide the base for most attacks.

      Defence through midfield to the forwards is far too slow.

      This is the reason we lose or draw to most teams that sit deep. MA has yet to prove he can be successful against this type of opponent.

      1. The FA is the most corrupt ORGANISATION WORSE than FIFA and Sepp bladder,and they blame FiFA for not allowing them to organise the world cup.Honestly i feel sorry for Arsenal.I was not surprised when micheal owen predicted the results.Before every season they know where arsenal WILL FINISHED,because THE CORRUPT referees and VAR will do the programming.This is worse tha uncivilisation or greed, withcraft.Until corrupt “Kroenke” starts to do THERE SAME LIKE. Manchester city and CHEALSEA owners by sharing the CAKE THEN there will be peace on earth for ARSENAL.ARSENAL has been PROGRAMMED until they start sharing the CAKE IT’S common sense.only a COWARD or a person with a PHD of moronism won’t understand this theory.They’re NOT DIFFERENT from the” new world order” Bunch of Gluttons.

  3. The egotistical Mr Morgan has a basic problem, in that he spouts forth, before he engages his brain, if indeed be has one.Did he not apologize to Arteta earlier this week for one of his rants?

  4. Although I really hate saying it, Piers is spot on…for all of those people who say he got the team selections right, please look at the in-game stats and how this team reacted between the time of Xhaka’s typically shambolic mistake and the final 15 minutes of the game…Auba had 3 touches of the ball during that period, which means once again no service for our best offensive player…that’s one less than the amount of times I saw Laca rolling around on the ground like he had been shot by a sniper

  5. Xhaka and Willian are just not good enough to play for Arsenal. Willian once was, but is getting past it. Xhaka had never been good enough to play for Arsenal. Players like those make our team poor. When you add a manager who is pretty poor too, you have a recipe for failure.

  6. ARSENAL PROBS:- (i)arsenal always cools the game when they are leading (ii)xhaka is aslow decider in the pitch,secondly his mistake is always costing us….., imagine 8 mistakes leading to goals. (iii) playing from behind{ over back pass }. (iv)Team hatred….i think arsenal fc is not being liked by VAR control room…how can they overturned two penalties to be awarded to arsenal fc….?. we shall not get any league title esp pl.

  7. Morgan claims to be a true Gooner but his regular anti manager rants, going way back well into Wengers time are becoming as predictable as a Xhaka mistake.

    Presumably, Morgan blames MA for not being to persuade our owner Scrooge to splash out for a better player than Xhaka. Short of that being the case, then since MA HAD TO inherit that grizzly, ghastly, slowcoach and mistake on legs and has little real choice right now than to pick him, MA is not to blame.
    Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis ARE ALL TO BLAME BUT MA IS NOT, FOR XHAKA. And I have not even mentioned the weekly farce that is VAR. Perhaps that is all the fault of MA too! Eh Piers “sweetie”!

  8. Was it Arteta that begged Xhaka to remain hear 2019.
    Was it Arteta who uses Xhaka more than any other arsenal player.
    Please don’t blame Arteta lol🤭

  9. The difference between Championship and mediocrity is discipline, until we start behaving like professionals, things like this will continue to happen, arrogance, Xhaka saw an opposing standing in front of his goal & yet he kicks the ball towards him, only him knew what he was thinking, funny that all the mistakes are always committed by our so-called senior players.

  10. Honestly arsenal would’ve had a Fat red card had Burnley didn’t equalised,and even win the game.It’s a calculated CORRUPTION they know when the want arsenal to win games,and where they want them to finish on the table.

  11. As a coach whose team have been creating less goals scoring attempt, should know using two deep lying midfielders is absolutely not d answer….u want goals use d a single defensive midfielder, a 10 n 8..but he continues to use a man who is obvious under pressure he flops,yes he has d most number of passes but how many are forward passes,he more sideways n backwards passes Dan dat….Wen paired with ceballos who is not a defensive midfielder, ceballos usually have more interceptions n tackle den him….his just too stiff n slow…But since Arteta is so stubborn n blind….den let’s continue watching his brilliance… very soon martin wud leave d club.

  12. The Swiss international is an accident waiting to happen. It aint the first time and neither will it be the last of his calamity.
    Get rid of him asap

  13. What is Xhaka still doing at Arsenal?, sell the bugger. He is our liability. What was he doing trying to play out from the back, when he knows that he is poor in passing?. This cow must be sold.

    1. No brother , xhaka is the best passer of the ball we have in the team no one pass the ball better than him in arsenal team but I always tell arteta to use xhaka at the edge of the opponent’s box not in our box , he has that skill of shooting from a distance and also make that last pass but in defence, he is a liability, we must make ways of getting goals from midfield

  14. No wonder Arsenal (among some other reasons) is in the state that it is in : Piers Morgan unfortunately is an Arsenal fan !

  15. Please stop the “fa, var, refs are against us corruption nonsense” We should have won the game with the chances we had and cutting out the school boy errors.
    The answer to our problems have been stated on these pages over and over again. Too slow in getting forward and attacking our opposition. I miss the days of the free flowing attacking football. Pires, overmars, Henry, Bergkamp. Remember how quickly they would turn defence into attack, getting from our end of the pitch into the opposing end with lighting speed. We even done this with van persie, ramsey and so on. The current bunch of players seem to dwindle, go side ways and backwards before trying to get forward to get a goal, now the opposition has all there players back defending.

    Never gonna win epl, Champions League with xhaka, David Luiz, Bellerin, Laca, 2021 Auba. Those players have had some great games recently but the winners of the big prizes are the teams that are consistently good all season, that have players turning up every game and have quality players to replace you if you’re slippin to create that competition.

    Passion, hunger and desire is missing. I wonder if some of the players even care. The passion is missing from some of our players and some appear that there mind is somewhere else in games.
    On paper we were a great looking team, auba, William, Luiz, Pepe not anymore. Those names don’t strike fear into other players like they once did.

    The moral, the manager needs to be more ruthless and drop his favorites. Sub players in game if they are not performing. What message will it send to xhaka if he walks right back into the team next week, what message will it send to the other players waiting to play?

  16. Xhaka wanted to leave for the Bundesliga (Hertha Berlin I think) after his shirt-throwing and middle-finger incident with fans during Emery’s tenure. MA begged him to stay when he took office. Maybe he could have forgiven and managed Guendouzi better, Instead of this cow! You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Xhaka will continue to cause us problems and misery! He should be sold asap

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