Piers Morgan makes another effort to convince Arsenal to sign Ronaldo

Piers Morgan is one of the more well-known Arsenal fans and a friend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

He dreams of seeing the ex-Manchester United man in an Arsenal shirt and keeps pushing for it to happen.

His bombshell interview with the Portuguese attacker in the last few weeks has made United terminate his contract by mutual consent.

Ronaldo, who wants to play until he is 40, now has to find a new club and Morgan wants it to be Arsenal.

The British TV host has tried often to lure him to the Emirates and believes now is the best time for that to happen.

In his latest tweet, he posted an image of Ronaldo holding an Arsenal shirt with his name and the number 7 on the back and captioned the post: “Time for Phase 2.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

After getting rid of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for being a bad influence, it is difficult to see Arsenal make a move for Ronaldo.

The interview he gave has almost ruined his reputation and he is clearly too disruptive to play for us.

It will be tough for any top European side to take him on and he might have to leave the continent to continue his career.

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  1. In truth Piers Morgan does NOT believe Arsenal will be a better team with Ronaldio in it. Morgan is not that crazy. He is however a self publicist supreme and knows how to continue getting self publicity.
    Like many celebrities, he needs to keep his own name in the public eye to continue getting financially rewarding work. He has blotted his copyboook with his former ITV employers and so looks to play the longer game.

    How better to do that then, than to continue making outrageous and ludicrous claims, as this article shows so clearly! Even when he does not believe them himself.

    Look no further than many of the articles on JA by inhouse writers for the proof of THAT truth.

  2. Christiano Ronaldo actually looks good in Arsenal shirt.And for the incoming signings I leave it to the ones assigned to do it and that is the arsenal board for me I’m just a fan as well as a supporter.

  3. It is so sad to see this whole Ronaldo affair is playing out, no one is prepared to take the moral ground.
    This is a youngman that played at the highest level for a number of years and has treated us to some classical football match in recent pass, surely their must can be a better ending.

    Back home many years ago a football player was back home too after a stint in the English premier league, the player was ask that while playing away abroad who is the player he feared most, without hesitation and I quote ‘ Christian Ronaldo when he runs at you, you get on your bicycle and start to back pedal as you not sure which side he will go .

    But NY_Gunner above is right the MLS is perfect, as his legs are long gone.

      1. He would be a passenger mostly in our game base on how we play, what maybe you would call a luxury player.

        Not much running left in those legs you will agree, he is a finisher but we are going to need just a little more.

        The gamble is given our current position we would have to win the league signing him for critics and fans to label it a success anything else would be considered a failure. Is it worth it ?

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