Piers Morgan makes peace with Ramsdale after Arsenal beat Tottenham

TV presenter and popular Arsenal fan, Piers Morgan, has made peace with Aaron Ramsdale after the goalkeeper shone for the Gunners in the North London derby yesterday.

Ramsdale had posted a tweet abusing Morgan in 2014 while he was still in the academy of Sheffield United.

The Englishman now stars at the Emirates for the Gunners and after helping them beat Spurs to win three straight league matches, Morgan has made peace with him.

The TV host took to his Twitter account to post the screenshot of the tweet made by Ramsdale years ago as well as an image of himself and the goalie laughing together after the Tottenham game.

He captioned the tweet: “How it started vs how it’s going” with a smiley emoji.

Ramsdale will be happy to have impressed Morgan and will hope to keep his support.

This is because the TV presenter is one of the most outspoken and critical Arsenal fans around and he will surely criticise him when he puts in a poor performance for the Gunners.

Ramsdale’s display in the win against Spurs may have cemented his place as the Arsenal number one and Bernd Leno will hope to feature in the cup competitions for the Gunners now.

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  1. I thought his signing was weak and transfer money could have been better spent having watched him pick the ball out of his net after comedy errors ,so I will hold up my hands and say so far I look to be wrong ,maybe because now he’s playing with better players but he looks like he really wants to be here and wants to establish himself as the number one ,the thing that stands out for me his that he looks like a little child in a sweet shop and his real enjoying himself something that Leno seems to have lost .
    I just hope fans do not get on his back as soon as mistakes arise (which they will ).
    Overall though he looks the best of the summer signings along with Tomi who looks a steal at the money we paid .

    1. Dan I watched this kid play against our under 18’s years ago while he was still on the books of Bournemouth, somewhere between 2016-18 and i liked him then.

      I have always liked him tbh and i was thrilled that he was linked with us before the euros had started, that was around the same time as the calvert lewin and maddison stuff started so way back.

      This kid has the character we so desperately need in that back 5, Leno hasnt got that and outside of KT, the others in White, gabby and new boy Tomi are not natural leaders like say Luiz was.

      I know its early days and there is a long way to go but he has everything needed to be a great for us and tbh, if he keeps this form up Pickfart doesnt stand a chance for England 😛

  2. In a keeper, an outgoing, belligerent and commanding attitude is a big asset as it intimidates the opposition – Peter Schmeichel is perhaps the best example of this in the EPL. He also has a great personality and interracts with the crowd. I don’t remember any player being initially vilified by 90% of us and then turning us all around totally in this short a time.
    He’s already got a lot of credit in the bank, partly because with Leno we never got anything other than a shotstopper, and we had forgotten what a decent keeper can offer. He would have to drop a fair few clangers before we ask for Leno back, as Ramsdale has a serious love affair with the fans at the moment!

    1. Along with Mikel, this is his team, we cannot let Mikel go without achiving his dream and some other egoistic manager undoing all that Mikel has done. Mikel is critical to our long term success, I view him in the Sir Alex mould, club/EPL/football legendry manager.If Leno does depart (eventually but not forced out) we will still need a good backup to keep Ramsdale in top top condition or else overconfidence will creep in like we saw in the Ozil era.

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