Piers Morgan names his controversial Arsenal front three for next season

Piers Morgan has named the front three that he would love to see lead the line for Arsenal next season, with Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo named on his list.

The outspoken social media presence is known for causing a stir with his opinions, and he appears to love the attention that he gets even when negative, and he has moved to name the three players that he would like to see in attack next season.

Not only has he opted to overlook our current Arsenal Player of the Year Saka, but he has moved to include current Man United forward Ronaldo who returned to Old Trafford last summer. Even more strange is that our current forward Eddie Nketiah has been named in the three, which either means that he would return CR7 to a wider role to accommodate our current striker, or that young Eddie should play out wide ahead of the likes of Emile Smith Rowe or Bukayo Saka, with Gabriel Martinelli retaining his place in the side.

Nketiah has been impressive of late, so I’d hate to argue too heavily with his selection, but leaving out Saka should be a crime…

Whether Cristiano Ronaldo would agree to join us from the Red Devils is another story, but considering they have no Champions League to offer him, and given that he won’t have many years left to try and win another edition of the competition, he must be having doubts about whether he should be staying.

I don’t for a second believe that we would be willing to meet his wages however, but Piers clearly doesn’t care about such obvious points, or he does acknowledge it and just wants attention. I’ll lean towards the latter.

Do you think the club should consider Ronaldo if he was willing to join? Could Piers really want Saka out of the line-up or playing further back in the XI?


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  1. I am sure all our rivals would love to see Piers Morgan have real influence on how Arsenal is run.

  2. god that man is an idiot. imagine taking what happened when Ronaldo was 18 and comparing it to today. As for Arsenal paying his £450k wages, the arse.

  3. I just don’t understand why those running JA keep giving the oxygen of publicity to this semi deranged self publicist supreme!
    Actually, of course I do REALLY, because any old tosh spoken by him, no matter how unimportant and irrelevant, still makes an “article! Of sorts!

      1. Pat, YES, I do.

        In a vain effort to let you know how uninterested Gooners are in this ego on legs. You know we all detest him and care nothing for his opinions that change with the wind. Just bin him and let him stew in his own oversized ego and never bring him up on here again.

        If you do so, I will have not need to keep telling you what you ought to know already; that we don’t care a sh.t what he thinks. DEAL?

    1. Jon,I am seriously surprised,I would have taken you as a big Piers Morgan’s fan, considering the many characteristics that you both seem to share/have in common.

    2. Yeah he know absolutely nothing about football and proves that every time he opens his mouth. Ronaldo has distabalised Utd even more than they were, his ego is far too much these days. He feels he deserves success by just showing up. Far cry from the hungry Ronaldo of the past who could win you games on his own. Add to that he’d drop Saka from the team to make room for Ronaldo what a knob

      We’ll leave him where he is thank you Piers

  4. Wow! Nketiah has suddenly become a class talent because he scored 4goals or so. Remember, Pepe toward the end of last season was also excellent, sending us all into dream land for we thought he would do likewise in the new season but he completely failed to. We all shouldn’t be blinded by the goals, like we were with Aubameyang that made us grant him that lucrative deal. And I also think that the prospect of us getting into Champions league is clouding our assessment of Nketiah; yeah.
    Many because he’s scored in our last few games are calling tht the club hand him a renewal but if it’s left to me, I won’t. Or better still, I will grant him a renewal, then loan him out. Nketiah is trying, honestly. But, can he consistently score as he is right nw doing?? I really don’t think so….

  5. For me next year arsenal have to play GAB NKETI SAKA Mildfild Muhmmed Eleny ODGARRD NEVES

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