Piers Morgan openly lures Osimhen to Arsenal after he falls out with his club

Victor Osimhen has become a worldwide social media trend after Napoli’s official TikTok account posted a video that he perceived as racist and derogatory. His agent has issued a statement indicating that they may pursue legal action against the club.

This incident adds to a growing list of problems for Osimhen at Napoli, including recent frustration over being substituted during a match. Osimhen subsequently apologised to his coach and teammates for his reaction, but tensions within the club persisted.

The TikTok video, which Osimhen and his agent found offensive, has further strained the relationship between the player and the club. This recent episode could potentially be the breaking point, prompting Osimhen to seek a move away from Napoli.

Piers Morgan, a prominent Gooner, has expressed interest in Osimhen joining Arsenal and has encouraged the player not to settle for his current situation.

He tweeted:

“Don’t take this terrible treatment Victor Osimhen – come to Arsenal instead.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Osimhen’s treatment by Napoli is shocking for a player who helped them win their first league crown in 30 years.

We need him in our group and he can become the player that ends our two-decade wait to be champions of England again.

If Osimhen asks to leave, Napoli will likely consider offers, but he would not be cheap.


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  1. Oh be quiet. The horrible treatment was from a young social media worker at the club who made the video. He thought it would be light hearted humour for kids to laugh at, and not feel sad by the missed penalty. The club president and staff were upset as well because you don’t mock a player for missing a penalty or making an error, even if it had good intentions. As far as I know that young social media worker has been fired.

    It was literal Italian humor that went over the head of Osimhens staff who saw it as racist and disrespectful. This is just plain ego at work.

    Yeh go to Arsenal or the EPL where you are scrutinized even more in the media and face even more racial abuse, even from your own fans.

    Font : CalcioNapoli24 Youtube channel

  2. We do not need trouble makers here. Remember PEA? Remember MO? They had issues with their clubs and carried that baggage here. And we all know who has the largest ego at AFC! Ask BHA scouts to spot the next big player if MA and his team cannot.

    1. Cut the crap! Who said Oshimhen is a troublemaker? What’s reasonable club officially trolls a player just because he missed a penalty? You just comment nonsense without knowing that transpired

    2. That is an insult on the personal of Osimhen, have you ever in your life heard of him making trouble?
      Maybe you should have just tried and use your time to read and get facts of what happen before commenting but then you may probably have done same thing the Napoli official media team does by mocking your own players over a missed penalty calling it supporting the team ahead of the players

    3. I know everyone who has commented here on this issue has their opinion.but tend to disagree with everyone of them. When Saka missed a penalty for Arsenal some time ago, no body taunted or reacted the way they did to Osimhen. Look at Kai upon the terrible way he has been playing Arsenal and Arteta have still supporting him. Victor O come to Arsenal and you will be loved. We need you!!!!.

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