Piers Morgan pens a heartfelt tweet to departed Aubameyang

Piers Morgan has penned an open letter to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the striker secured a deadline day switch from Arsenal to Barcelona.

He had been banished from the Gunners’ first team late last year and it seemed there was no way back for him after the club left him behind to travel to Dubai for a training camp.

He travelled to Spain without authorisation and it seemed he would be left red-faced with the deal potentially falling through.

However, Arsenal eventually agreed to terminate his contract, enabling him to move to Barcelona for free.

Morgan has always been a fan of the Gabon star and insists he was unfairly treated by Mikel Arteta.

He tweeted: “Goodbye @Auba- 92 goals in 163 games for Arsenal, Premier League golden boot winner, and one of our best ever strikers who always played with such joy until our manager began publicly humiliating you. Thanks for everything, Pierre-Emerick, and good luck at Barcelona.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

A look at Auba’s stats as an Arsenal player tells a story of one of the best goal-scorers we have ever had.

However, the former captain lacks the discipline to remain in our squad and that has cost him his place in it.

It is understandable that he has a die-hard fan like Morgan, but the club has done the right thing to get him off its books.

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    1. He might be a plonker
      But what he said was completely true
      His stats back up piers little heartfelt post ,a little cringe but facts all the same .
      What we are left with is a complete incompetent manager and a car salesman sidekick .
      Cannot wait for the next 2-3 seasons when Stan gives the Matabore a new contract to keep us 5th-8th place in the league ,juices are flowing already ,hopefully the free flowing football gets put on the back burner so we can get back into the top4 then the magician will let loose his magic ,I for one cannot wait .

  1. All these hypocrisy has got to stop, we Arsenal fans are our own enemies. We really don’t see anything good in our players when they make mistakes, we castigates them harshly and never wants to see them in our team any more but when the leaves we jumped into their praises. We still have Laca, Pepe, Xhaka, Elneny, Partey, etc to hate on. All the best AUBAMEYANG, I APPRECIATES WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US.

    1. Everyone knows that what Morgan says is 100% truth but people will always prefer lies to truth. FFS, Auba’s drop in form started when MA took over the reigns at AFC.

      Arsenal will always be my club but Auba and other victims this dictatorship has won my heart. WISHING THEM ALL THE BEST.

  2. He gave us what he had and Arteta made him our captain to help him stay focused, but it wasn’t enough. He’s 33 years old in June and I doubt he had much more to offer. I’m behind Arsenal’s decision.

    1. Which decision Didrik?
      The decision to give a thirty two year old a three year contract at (reportedly) £350,000 a week, or the decision to then let him go, just weeks after, to Barcelona for nothing?

      1. By “weeks later” do you mean 70 weeks because they gave him the contract in September 2020?

        Regardless, Arteta and Edu have been very fortunate that their two biggest contract mistakes have been signed by players willing to tear them up and go somewhere else.

        As with most things Arsenal, some will interpret this as proof that players are desperate to leave a sinking ship while others will interpret it as proof that the culture is changing and the Emirates is now an uncomfortable place to be if one chooses to mail in performances and collect a paycheck.

      2. Arsenal extended his contract in September 2020 a few months after he became 31. In a quite different situation. In retrospect should we have sold him, it’s a feeling of déjà vu.

        1. But had we transferred him for a good number of quid then, the same plastic fans would have made life impossible for Mikel as they did for Emery. Now they are complaining that we let him go for free! Double standards. He was outstanding before his extension, so replacing him with a like to like forward would have cost the club 60-80M. Mikel is no fortune teller or palmist to read one’s fortunes or declines, he trusted his player and this is what he got in return from the player. Good riddance I say, we save 25M in wages and a new forward line up considering Laca & Eddie are going too.

          1. Spot on!
            Probably one reason why we now are looking for younger players. Players that could stay with us for a while and with a market potential. Being a striker above 30 in the PL isn’t easy. They can last longer in a less challenging league.

      3. To be fair Wenger bought Aubameyang for 60mill in a panic buy in January 2018 after Sanchez was lost on a free to Man Utd. Spending 60 mill after losing 50mill on Sanchez bowing to howls and shrieks of an entitled fan base showed incredible weakness on the part of Wenger. After the FA Cup win extending the contract to the leading scorer was a reasonable call at the time. Afer that Auba of course at his age was never going to yield a fee and getting 18 months of his wage cut is actual smart damage limitation. Wenger (our greatest Manager) made many horrendous contract mistakes. Ozil being the worst but Ramsey and Sanchez were monumental transfer failures. And the list goes on and on with Socritis Mustafi Kolasinac Mertesacker Cazorla Chambers Koscielny Vermaelen Podolski Arshavin Sagna Debuchi Perez Chamak Park Bendtner Asano Miyaichi Djourou Denilson Gnabry Jenkinson Senderous all Wenger signings who yielded nothing on leaving. And we still have Bellerin Holding Lacazette Xhaka Elneny Nketiah Niles Mavropanos and Nelson of Wengers signings to shift. So Artetas record thus far in transfer dealings is excellent compared to his predecessors.

        1. @fairfan- Socrates wasn’t Wenger signing
          I don’t know if you are an Arsenal fan anyway this list of players are Top 4 Material

          Mustafi Kolasinac Mertesacker Cazorla Chambers Koscielny Vermaelen Podolski Arshavin Sagna Debuchi Perez Chamak Park Bendtner Asano Miyaichi Djourou Denilson Gnabry Jenkinson

          Compare to your Arteta Top 8 ambition signings
          Pablo Marí, Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson, Cédric Soares, William, Ryan, Nuno Tavares

          1. You clearly don’t follow Arsenal because Artetas top signings are Ramsdale Tomi White Tavares Lokonga and Odegaard. Arteta also rates Tierney Gabriel Partey ESR Saka and Martinelli. Lets see who he signs in the summer.

        2. @fairfan,

          If Cazorla and Sagna are failures in your eyes.. It explains a lot why you worship Arteta.. Because you got your brain wired backward!

  3. Most fans and pundits do 180 u turns all season. When we lose its the end of the world and we “knew” the club was in a shambles. When we go on a good run we “knew” we are on the right track 🙂 The football fan rarely allows the truth the facts or the evidence to get in the road of his/her opinion 🙂 Its also true that after players leave they often become world beaters in the minds of fans who had previously slaughtered them. After we we went 0-3 all the fans and pundits on JustArsenal except me predicted 10th or below some said relegation. Now they are saying top 4 is expected. 180 U turning is all the rage. Pundits rely on feeding anger and failure. Merson, Parlour + Morgan rubbished the team after we went 0-3 saying top 7 was completely out of the question. Now Arsenal is in the top 6 conversation instead of admitting they were wrong and praising the improvement they have moved the goal posts to say 4th is expected so they can continue to moan if we don’t achieve this. Ahh the joys of football 🙂

    1. Yes, they have always right no matter how wrong they are. It’s nothing but opinions and you can’t be sure if it’s their real opinion, it’s clickbait and and fire to get attention…

  4. Mogan with this kind of tweet is wrong. How is the coach treating him? I believe Aubamayang failed to abide with the rules and regulations of the club on same offence . This is not an individual thing but the club. Attaching Arteta in his tweet to compliment Auba makes no sense to me.

  5. It is good to have fans like you who know the truth and speak it rather than those who desire sugar coated cookies. Wenger was the biggest disaster that happed top our club, he should have left on a high after the UCL finals, but he was booted out rightly. Mikel is the way forward.

    1. Yea we can only hope he betters his 8th place trophy this season with is free flowing attcking football 😂😂

  6. It was time to move Auba on, but sad we didn’t get to say a proper goodbye.

    I’ll always have fond memories, and remember that he played a major role in us winning our first trophy since the Wenger era.

  7. Arteta has humiliated Mesut Ozil, Auba, Matteo Guendouzi, William Saliba, and Lucas Torreira. If anyone thinks scapegoating, holding grudges and a giant ego is OK, the world is going backwards. Arteta runs the line hysterically micro-managing and controlling every moment of our games. Man-management, wisdom, humaneness, and concern for the well-being of others should apply every where, especially, given our history at………Arsenal.

    1. I agree with you. Just look at what lukaku did at Chelsea, but he is still playing even if he wasn’t scoring. He wasnt banished from the team completely. If it was arteta, that would be the end at the club.

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