Piers Morgan reacts after Arsenal beat Aston Villa without Aubameyang

Piers Morgan has continued to follow the career of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and it seems his loyalty is not with Arsenal but with the Gabon striker.

However, The Gunners have continued to prove to him we can hold our own without the undisciplined Barca star.

Hours after he bashed Mikel Arteta for allowing the striker to leave the club again, Arsenal beat Aston Villa 1-0 at Villa Park.

It was a huge result that means the Gunners now have a firm foot on the fourth position with a game in hand.

Arteta’s side is now one of the most in-form clubs in the Premier League, and it will likely pay off with a Champions League place.

Not knowing how to celebrate Arsenal’s win over the Villains, the English football host simply posted an image of Bukayo Saka celebrating the only goal of the game and tagged the England international.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is incredible that Morgan will not move on from the departure of Aubameyang and support Arsenal, even in our best run of form.

The Englishman is one of the outspoken, but shameless fans we have, and it would be interesting to see how much longer he would take before he supports Arteta.

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  1. Whatever anyone may think to anyone with a different opinion, it is disrespectful and shows a distinct lack of respect (which many do on here) not to respect what anyones opinion is. ITS OPINION nothing else, get over yourselves, you dont have to agree with and probably dont like it but slagging anyone off because their opinion is different to theirs is tantamount to bullying. Opinion isnt fact, it is what is says OPINION.

    1. Oh and challenge it by all means, thats the point. I think Morgan should move on for now but he MAY have a point. Or he may not.

    2. How can you respect an opinion that is wrong? There is a certain Russian out there who is of the opinion that his country should attack the Ukraine.. Should we respect that opinion?
      Or a Jihad bomber is of the opinion that it is his duty to kill in the name of Islam… How shall we respect his opinion?

      Reggie, I do not respect your opinion. That is the exact attitude that has allowed political correctness to go mad.

      1. Opinion isn’t right or wrong!!!!!!!! It is what someone thinks. And you cant prove he is right or wrong. Like it or not Morgan is a massive Arsenal fan, you may not like what he says but he is entitled to say what he wants and people to agree or disagree, thats all you can do. Because he doesn’t say the same as you, you cant slag him off for his thoughts. If you do, he is a way better person than the one that does. He backs his opinion up with why he thinks what he thinks. Like i said you or i or anyone doesnt have to agree.

      2. You obviously dont understand the difference between opinion and fact Stuart. You also dont understand people dont all think the same. Like i said you or i may agree or disagree but that doesn’t make it right. What Morgan also says is he is not happy with 4th, he wants better.

      3. Piers Morgan didn’t start supporting Arsenal yesterday, but like any other supporter he has his opinion about the manager, current squad and even sweet memories of former players, nevertheless, the only constant is the club, the rest come and go.

  2. Reggie pls help. What point. A M has already proved that he can coach and he has the team behind him. The 3x coaches above him, are very good coaches, coaching known experienced players. Am took a bunch of youngsters and is busy making them super stars. Where the socalled great teams will come to our super market

  3. A fan called Morgan out on twitter today .”Don’t support us when we win if you can’t support us when we lose” Piers responded by saying “many of the younger ones genuinely think coming 4th is an incredible achievement worthy of wild excitement & possible bus parades.”
    I have loftier ambitions” said the Journalist.
    Personally I’m happy with top 6, top 4 is a welcome bonus. If we make top 4 come May I will indeed hoop and holler. I might even borrow Jack Wilshere’s loud speaker and lead the “what do we think of Piers Morgan” chant 🙂

  4. Why do we have to hear so much about Piers Morgan’s opinion regarding The Arsenal? He is just one person, who only makes negative comments about the club.
    We could all do that from time to time but as supporters, we should get behind Mikel, Edu and the players, let them know that we appreciate their efforts.

  5. It doesn’t matter what Aubameyang does in a easier league.
    Keeping him was not in our interest.
    He upset management and he didn’t help the team.
    He had to be gotten rid of.
    And I’m so pleased we did.

    1. Easier league lol. Downgrading a league just to prove your point is shameless. You don’t see Barcelona fans whining about coutinho performing in the EPL and calling it an “Easier League”

  6. Getting rid of Auba was great as if we had not done that we would for sure not be where we are today. We should never ever keep a sulking player much better to let them go and get a new one that is happy at our club.

  7. Why do opposition players mock our wild celebration? I guess they don’t understand how it feels when a project is going as planned.i’m refering to that looser called ashley young!

  8. Peirs Morgan is still in shock that we’re actually doing well , he’s still doubting Arsenal ! His opinion are clouded by our recent years . Our manager did extremely well with auba that was a risky but necessary and it’s paying off

  9. Wanna thank Abayang again for that iconic celebration in front of us against the Spuds, sincerely wish he finished as Spanish league top gold scorer.

    It would be a blessing we finished third with the kids in the premier league, even the great Aba would have love to see both happens.

    Then the gaffer would get the credit and we would all live happily after

  10. Why should we get to read his comments just because he is a knob on TV. Why don’t you put my views on here? Who cares what Piers thinks. We just think he’s a twat…

  11. U am just happy our young team is growing from strength to strength…i pay no mind to the detractors….i know the process will get us more than 4th place one day …as far as im concerned this is next generation Invincibles# lm loving it

  12. Am hoping Morgan haven’t watch the El Classico today.

    Auba somersault was on full display, he seems back to his best.
    He looks deadly in open space again, and seems to be playing with a smile on his face as he always

    What a difference a change of scenery can make.

    Defenders are again terrified of him. His mojo is back for real.
    Straight from the ashes and on the score sheets a hat trick against Valencia, goals against Bilboa, Napoli and now a brace in the El Classico.

    I like this guy, will never forget his iconic celebration against the Spuds.
    Just hope his discipline improve

  13. i don’t mind people having an opinion that differs from mine, i actually think its great to discuss with someone who has a different opinion about the same thing we both care about. my problem with piers is that whatever he says is nothing new, he keeps repeating one and same story and is actually not supporting the club but rather uses it to direct the attention to himself. he doesn’t like arteta and that’s is fine, you said it and we heard you, now move on. we all have ideas of how we would do the job if was ours to do, but constantly calling out arteta just harms the club just feeds piers’ ego and does absolutely nothing else.

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