Piers Morgan reckons Arteta enjoys humiliating Aubameyang

Piers Morgan has launched another astonishing attack on Mikel Arteta and says the Spaniard is having fun by humiliating Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Auba has been banished from the Arsenal first team and Arteta is refusing to comment on when the striker will return to the group.

The Gunners initially did well in his absence, but they have started struggling and were held to a goalless draw against Burnley the last time out.

In that game, most Arsenal stars toiled in vain and Morgan believes if they had Aubameyang on the pitch, he could have made the difference.

He wrote in his Sun Sports column: “Aubameyang is one of the best strikers Arsenal has ever had, yet right now he’s earning £350,000-a-week to sit at home.

“Mikel Arteta has taken weird pleasure in publicly humiliating our best, and best-paid, player, behaving like a particularly smug and intransigent disciplinarian headmaster punishing a naughty schoolboy for reasons that have never been fully explained – but at what benefit to the team?”

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Morgan has been open about not liking Mikel Arteta and the former midfielder will hardly do a thing that the English TV host will appreciate.

On the Aubameyang saga, he should know that football is a team sport and no player should be bigger than the group.

The striker is old enough to do much better, and it is more reasonable to kick him out before he becomes a bad influence on other players.

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    1. Why not be honest? You do NOT like Morgan, as neither do I, nor hardly any of us.

      IF, as you dubiously claim, you really do like him, then name just TWO things about him that you like. I SAY YOU CANNOT HONESTLY DO SO!

  1. I am no Piers Morgan fan but here I have to agree. If Auba has committed a serious disciplinary breach why is MA not transparent and moving him on. Why is this breach deemed strong enough to keep his main striker out of the squad for 2 months. MA is following a familiar pattern and it’s painfully obvious he cant man manage players. If he is so serious to team ethics and commitment why does Xhaka never suffer any sanctions for leaving his team mates in the lurch.

  2. I’m not a particular fan of PM but that is neither here nor there. He obviously feels the need to make his views known to his followers, but Auba wasn’t exactly ripping up trees recently regardless of what he had achieved in previous years.

    Players come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Being late or not taking your responsibilities as seriously as you should might get you some leeway if the goals are flying in, but the opposite is likely to be true as well. Let’s not forget he was club captain and a senior player – not a cheeky 17 year old.

    1. Ripping up trees, SueP? Can you name one player who has ripped up any trees under Arteta? In fact, he has killed the careers of so many players – Emi, Auba, Laca, Pepe, Torreira, Saliba, Guendozi, Leno….I could go on and on.

      All the world’s top athlete carry an attitude, chip on their shoulder, baggage (whatever you want to call it). It is the job of the manager to harness this energy and use it for the benefit of the team.

      Arteta has been a complete failure in this regard. Piers Morgan is spot on. Arteta is an incompetent, one trick pony. He does the same thing over and over again – humiliate players to distract from his own failings as manager.

      1. You can probably guess that I have a different slant on a lot of your post RFrancis

        Leno: A good keeper but one who lost his place to Emi who thought he deserved to be the number1. Emi has hardly had his career ruined and Ramsdale has – at present- overtaken Leno in the pecking order. It’s not a crime
        Guendouzi didn’t have the maturity to rein his mouth in and whilst he is doing better now, I believe, Hertha Berlin didn’t want him. Should the club wait for him to learn respect?
        Saliba: his situation is unknown as we have no idea yet what plans the club have for him. He is still only 20
        I fundamentally disagree on your views on Auba who has declined – probably with age and illnesses playing a part. It still doesn’t excuse sticking two fingers up to the club by ignoring club rules.
        Please tell me how Arteta is responsible for the Torreira situation and I’d love to know how all the un named players have had their careers ruined by him.

        Arteta is not the finished article by any means and may never make it as an elite manager but 2 years in to his first job (one that he was extraordinarily lucky to get) he could have been a whole lot worse.

        1. Players who immediately became dross or are being considered dross since Arteta started his first full season (while implementing his ideas on the team)
          1. Aubameyang (one of the top three finishers in world foot all at the time)
          2. Torreira (suddenly disappeared after project restart)
          3. Kolasinac (not a solid EPL standard but wasn’t this terrible)
          4. Leno (lost out on the club’s player of the season to Aubameyang)
          5. Bellerin (Wasn’t actually great, but became utterly useless when MA arrived)
          6. Pepe (Not worth £72m but still our most potent goal threat. Can’t even get 15 mins game time and has never had a consistent run in the team)

          Note also that:
          Smith Rowe only had the chance to make an impression when the fan calls for Arteta’s son Willian to be benched became unbearable for Arteta to bear. Else, ESR will still not have been playing in the team now. Martinelli was same under Emery, while Saka was already becoming a star.

          1. Pepe not worth £72m BUT
            Bellerin was, unfortunately for him, half the player after his injury but hardly a player to bring into the equation
            Torreira was an honest guy but he really didn’t enjoy life in the UK. Not a great fit.
            Kolasinac wasn’t a name I’d have used to strengthen your argument

            As for ESR, are you telling me that he and Martinelli only got their chances by good fortune? Clearly the egotistical Arteta and his ‘yes guv’ coaches had no idea and it all came down to luck!

            As my son would say, have a word with yourself

            1. Unless you were living under a rock or you’re entirely clueless, you would have known that ESR only got his chance last December after Arteta had to drop Willian from the starting 11 due to so much fan pressure over Willian’s gross underperformance. Prior to that day, we had not scored in open play for about 5 or 6 matches until that day when Willian was dropped. Does that sound like coincidence? Good thing ESR took his chance with both hands. And I’ll bring in Kolasinac any day cos I stand by what I’ve always said…he wasn’t really good but became utterly completely useless when MA took over. Aubameyang’s goals dried up. Torreira disappeared in the blink of an eye. Guendouzi’s stupidity was allowed to degenerate (same Guendouzi that was managed by Emery and now enjoying football in France). Not that Arteta’s management has been all doom and gloom, but only pointing out decisions and situations that have held us back, despite so much investment

              1. I certainly do not live under a rock
                ESR was on the cusp of the first team anyway and if I remember correctly had been injured and was coming back to full fitness. He was breaking through and had injury niggles previously. Not all players progress at the same rate. Saka’s rise was meteoric and others like Nketiah haven’t fulfilled their promise. More don’t than do. Sometimes a move elsewhere is the best for both parties and good careers can be had.
                We all have different views on the worthiness of the squad and if Kolasinac cared about his career that much, he and others like him would have found a worthwhile place for themselves elsewhere sooner. It’s not easy to give up £100k pw when you are reaching the twilight years in the game.

  3. I don’t think he likes humiliating players ,it’s just he as no idea how to run a big club .
    I stand by what I said about as soon as Arteta came in the goals dried up for him .
    Let’s be honest the goals haven’t exactly been flying in since he was embarrassed and removed from the team .

  4. What a load of rubbish from PM.
    Only fools and / or bullies try to humiliate others and Mikel Arteta does not come across like that.
    He, in my opinion, is a trustworthy, hard working and very loyal person…. who is simply out of his depth, at the moment anyway.

  5. I’m not so sure MA is attempting to humiliate Auba, in that if he wanted to do so he could have quite easily revealed more in-house info, real or otherwise, which would have undoubtedly enabled him to achieve this supposed objective far more effectively…that said, I would say that MA has tried, on more than one occasion, to use the media as a means to undermine the relationship between this particular player and the fans, which he in turn hoped would weaken whatever hold Auba had over the locker room

    the very fact that he had the unmitigated gall to have a presser, prior to the NLD last spring, to publicly state that he didn’t want to publicly state anything regarding Auba, was so passive aggressive and disingenuous that it was embarrassing to watch…for me, after this amateur hour display, it was only a matter of time before things went sideways again

    let’s face it, this player was convinced by this manager to re-up under the guise that he was planning to cheat the “rebuild” initiative and opt for a minor tweaking of sorts, which he wrongly felt would justify Auba’s continued presence at the club, with a considerable raise to boot…it’s clear that this plan failed miserably, as MA got the tactics and the recruitment process all wrong…this led to the deployment of a highly negative brand of football, for self-preservation reasons, so it severely hampered Auba’s ability to produce as he had in previous years…I’m sure this created some tension within the locker room between player and manager, which invariably got much worse when MA flipped the script, for the second time in less than a year, and revealed that he was going to play the “rebuild” card to once again save his own ass

    so while I don’t excuse Auba for any of his “indiscretions”, I likewise can’t excuse our novice manager for his total mishandling of the situation, especially considering the kid gloves approach he’s adopted when it comes to players the likes of Xhaka, who’s actions, in my estimation, have been far more problematic in the grand scheme of things

    1. are we still talking about same Auba some people here were slating and constantly asking MA to drop in favour of martinelli? most of u here saw Auba n Xhaka as undroppable even when they were performing poorly… how on earth did MA turn around overnight to humiliate same Auba?

      1. This here👌.

        See, a lot of people here want Arteta to play 22 men against other club’s 11 before they can be satisfied.

        They kept insulting him and calling him names for not dropping Auba now that he has, Auba has suddenly become the key to us winning the league.

        They said Joe William going to the Toons would be our loss cos he is the greatest midfield scorer of all time, I don’t think he has scored a goal since his permanent move. They questioned him for letting Martinez leave and cursed him for bringing in Ramsdale, now someone is also claiming up there that he killed Leno’s career.

        As long as it will mean insulting and cursing out Arteta majority of the contributors here are good to go. That’s their reason for being here. I can bet they secretly pray and wish for us to have bad results so they can have a reason to curse out Arteta. It’s such a pity.

  6. Mikel Arteta does not have the skills to man-manage his own players. His best method of discipline is to banish the players.

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