Piers Morgan recommends a new signing for Arsenal and he is serious

Piers Morgan will continue to support Arsenal even if he doesn’t agree with some decisions the club makes.

The English TV host is a renowned critic of Mikel Arteta, and he is constantly searching for reasons to say the Spaniard is not the right man to be the club’s manager.

However, he is still looking out for the club and he has now recommended a new signing for us.

After watching Cristiano Ronaldo shine for Manchester United with a hat-trick in their game against Norwich, he urged Arsenal to sign the Portugal attacker.

Ronaldo is already 37, but he continues to perform to high standards and Morgan believes he is the man for the job at Arsenal.

He tweeted: “Arsenal should sign Ronaldo this summer. 

I’m deadly serious. 

“That would solve our striker problem and help me move on from Aubameyang. 

“I’ve already sorted @Cristiano a shirt.”

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Ronaldo remains one of the best goal-scorers in the world and he would almost certainly guarantee us goals if he moves to the club.

However, he might not be the right fit for our rebuild and signing him makes little sense after we offloaded Willian and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang recently.

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  1. Even Ronaldo, Messi, Mapape and Neymar would struggle the way we play football. I could just imagine it now. All them arms of despair in the air and glaring looks because we play too slow. 😁

  2. GUIMARAES on FIRE!!! Imagine we secured arteta’s signings last window ie vlahovic,kulusevski and guimaraes.too bad we missed out on them.

    1. 2 goals, that’s Newcastle safe for another season in the PL.40M seem to have been a very good investment.

      1. Howe as done a far better job than i expected. Dont like their set up but credit to Howe. Not good news for us.

  3. Oh DEAR JA! Is this sort of total non story really the best you can come up with!
    Whatever next!! Re-sign John RADFORD PERHAPS?


    1. I think you have just contributed some of that publicity he craves so much yourself if I am honest..

  4. It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, easier for strikers to grow wings and fly, than for a top striker to flourish under Artetaball. It’s just not going to happen.

  5. I don’t know who is the more unpleasant – the grudge bearing non-manager or the opinionated and unpopular TV host.
    And I can imagine Ronaldo at Arsenal.
    He would be smashing Arteta’s smartphone…

  6. It appears that Piers Morgan has moved on from chat show host to stand up Comedy!!!

    I know the man is currently click worthy, but isn’t about time we just ignored this loud mouthed idiot!!!!!

    1. Spot on JW. How on earth this Bertie is given exposure after what he did to Arsenal fans in 2000 is unbelievable. Fans lost their season tickets, jobs and some lost their marriages and homes because of his lies.

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