Piers Morgan reminds Arsenal that they should have listened to him five years ago

Piers Morgan has recalled an article he wrote years back urging Arsenal to fire Arsene Wenger and make Jurgen Klopp their manager.

The Gunners obviously didn’t heed his advice, and the German joined Liverpool instead.

He has just won the Reds their first Premier League title to continue a trophy-laden two years that has also seen them win the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

Arsenal’s loss has become Liverpool’s gain and although the German took some years to get his Liverpool team back to the top, Arsenal are in need of a revival now and we can only wonder how well we would have done it if we landed Klopp at the time.

Klopp left Borussia Dortmund at the end of the 2014/2015 season and he joined Liverpool after they fired Brendan Rodgers in 2015.

Arsenal stuck with Wenger for a few more years before asking the Frenchman to resign in 2018.

While Arsenal has gradually lost their place as one of the top teams in England, Liverpool has grown from strength to strength under Klopp and winning this Premier League just proved how good a manager he is.

There have been players who have gotten away from Arsenal in the past, but to me, Jurgen Klopp is our biggest miss in the last decade.

King of self-publicity and Arsenal fan Morgan could not resist an I told you so Tweet to remind everybody what he wrote five years earlier

Personally I cannot stand the man, but you have to admit that things may be very different today if the club had listened to him.

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  1. The mistakes made on management level would likley be largely the same regardless.

    The success of a football club is depending on all parts excelling in their different roles.

      1. ClifordKenya, you are right, he did.

        I should have made it more clear that the two players I was mentioning were the most expensive players at the time for the positions they played. Leno cost £22m and our most expensive defender appears to be Mustafi at £36m

        Pepe was a huge amount, and I very much hope he lives up to that price tag next season and Auba certainly has

        1. SueP, don’t forget that Liverpool sold Coutinho and others to build the bank to buy Van Djik and Alisson, so the nett spend was less than Arsenal. Who does Arsenal have of value to sell and build up a transfer bank?
          The issue is that does anyone honestly believe that, given the senior executives and Board that Arsenal is afflicted with, Arsenal would have achieved what Liverpool has, even with Jurgen Klopp? Would he have done better than Arsene Wenger even?

  2. Just because fans want this or that player -manager does not mean that Arsenal was in for them .
    Klopp as come out and said he only wanted the Liverpool job and it was a dream to manager them .
    Just because piers said we missed out on him means nothing because he did not want to come here in the first place .

    1. Crap! Yes, he actually wanted Arsenal. He even hinted at it during his time at Dortmund in a game VS Arsenal. I could remember Arsenal won that game or maybe a draw. I also remember him saying it jokingly on live TV after the game – “Arsenal fans might not want me anymore due to the loss”.
      I wanted him so badly then, but Arsenal ignored bcz ‘king Wenger’ on the throne, and this was the period Wenger was already on the decline.

    2. Not true, klopp wanted to join Arsenal, we kept Wenger and now klopp isn’t going to say he made a mistake is he.

  3. Very easy for the obnoxious Broadcaster to suggest Klopp .Anybody with an ounce of intelligence and knowledge of football would advocate for such an appointment but the really difficult problem is persuading someone of the calibre of Klopp to join a side with a poorly balanced squad and a modest transfer budget.

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