Piers Morgan responds to latest Arsenal loss and it is what you would expect

Piers Morgan has launched another scathing attack on Mikel Arteta’s stint as Arsenal’s manager.

The English television host is one of the most outspoken Gooners in the world and has hardly been convinced with Arteta being the club’s manager.

The Spaniard has helped Arsenal to achieve some impressive wins this season, but there have been some underwhelming losses as well.

One of them came last night when Everton beat the Gunners 2-1.

The Toffees had been on a dreadful run of form before that fixture and Arsenal was expected to get back to winning ways after losing to Manchester United in their previous league match.

However, Rafa Benitez’s team beat them and Morgan insists such a result shows why Arteta is not good enough to manage the club.

He tweeted: “This is why I don’t think Arteta is good enough to be Arsenal manager. We’ve been completely outplayed by a side that hasn’t won for 8 matches. Dreadful.”

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It is understandable that Morgan is frustrated by yesterday’s result, he is not the only one.

It was not just the loss that is so annoying, it is also the manner in how we lost, no heart, no conviction, no fight and a terrible attitude.

This is on Arteta, let’s be straight about that, he picks the team, he does the halftime talks, he does the tactics and strategy and it is very hard to argue with Morgan on this one subject.

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  1. “The Spaniard has helped Arsenal to achieve some impressive wins this season”

    Bit of an over statement…we’ve had an impressive half against Spurs and an impressive half against Leicester, that’s about it in the EPL. And no we didn’t let our foot off the gas in those games, we are simply incapable of keeping our foot on the gas for 90 mins.

    1. Players were unable to put pressure on Toffees. The match could have been won during the first half, but after the first goal, players thought their opponent was done.
      The Gunners’modus operandi has already been studied by other EPL teams, no matter if it doesn’t work, the manager fails to alternative solutions. Definitely, he’s not fit for the job.

      1. Yes! Definitely he is not an enforcer. He always want to cool the pressure of the game whenever he’s leading. And that’s foolishness. You need to weak your opponent by not letting them enjoy the game. Put pressure upon pressure on them. So that they’ll loose interest in the game. Not going to defend when they’ll be pressurising your team.

  2. as I said earlier, it’s really not that difficult to figure out what went wrong yesterday, our totally risk-adverse manager thought he could reintroduce the always game-numbing stylings of Xhaka, with his sloth-like doppelganger, Ode, on the opposing side of the pitch, and hopefully squeak out an uninspiring nail-biter against a struggling foe by playing keep-away for 90 minutes

    unfortunately for us, we actually went into halftime with a largely undeserved 1 goal lead…as such, our manager-in-training chose to double-down on his overtly negative approach by sitting even deeper and deploying a myriad of time wasting tactics well before the 3/4 mark of the game

    realizing that our plan B looked eerily similar to our ineffective plan A, Rafa finally woke up from his slumber and released the hounds, who then ran roughshod over our defensively-stunted midfield partnership of Partey and our 3-wheeled shopping cart of a pivot, Xhaka

    once they cruised past our midfield pylons they set their sights on our RCB, who’s propensity to both back away from onrushing players and to defend everyone’s less dominant side is always a welcomed sight for opposing forwards…tbh the final score should have been even more unflattering for us

  3. Arteta is not the man to lead Arsenal to the next level, sorry. We must now face the truth
    We started the game yesterday with 6 of his signings and 2 academy graduates. The game ended with7 of his signings and 2 academy graduates. Only 2 players – Xhaka and Auba were players who ended the game that he didn’t sign. What else does he need to give us success?
    In his two odd years he has disposed of so many players that one has lost count. I find it difficult to point at any player that Arteta has made better. Yet I hear experienced coaches say that their job, first of all, is to work with the players they have and make them better. Arteta does not seem to belong to that school of thought. He would rather lose players on a free, terminate premature contracts, etc just to “build his own team”
    I literally wept watching Arsenal yesterday. And, I’m afraid the tears are not just about to end as long as our rookie manager remains in charge.
    Yes Morgan, I agree: Arteta is not the man.

    1. “He would rather lose players on a free, terminate premature contracts, etc just to “build his own team

      I’ve complained about this before, that Arteta is willing to cost the club millions in transfer fees just to get rid of players he doesn’t want, without thinking of the impact on club finances. Look at Guendouzi and Torreira. And we have a so called technical director in Edu Gasper. Which club will allow this sort of player mismanagement?

      1. Dont forget Mavropanos who had a beast of a year last season. what did the club do ?! Put a mandatory buying option of 5m on him. Insane.

  4. That was a less than stellar game from most of the players except maybe 3 that come to mind. Saka, Tierney, and Tomi.

    White still gets caught flat-footed and ball watching too much for my liking. He doesn’t display the same confidence Gabriel does on the one-on-one situations defending.

    1. Ben White is Average! Rob Holding is Better than him!

      But Our 50Million Pounds needs to be seen as being Utilized!😏

      Even Gabriel too is Average! 😒
      He looses concentration in Key moments! And once his Partner show Weakness, he too become Useless!

      This is What happened against Liverpool and Man Utd!

  5. I agree. Another dreadful mistake by Auba for not shooting on the target with only the goalee to defend. I don’t understand why Arteta keeps playing him even as a sub. The manager just haven’t got a clue how to manage a team with so many talented players.

  6. The club have invested millions and millions on players. Need now to invest on a good manager. They tried arteta, a cheap option. Could have worked. It did not. Except if they find a rare jewell of a manager on the cheap thwy need to go for a proven one now. Someone like conte, ten hag, sarri or others. There are plenty. Most have jobs right now. So Will be difficult to find the one but hooe they are already studying options.

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