Piers Morgan reveals the last time he cried and it is all about Arsenal

Piers Morgan is one of the more well-known Arsenal fans and the television host never hides his passion for the club.

When the team does well, he can be the first to praise them, and he is also ever ready to tell us why Mikel Arteta is not the man to take the club to the next level.

Apart from football, there are other aspects of his life which you would think are more important and can make him cry.

However, in a recent interview exclusively on Sun Sports, the Englishman reveals that the last time he cried was Arsenal-related.

Opening up on it, he claims he cried last when Robin van Persie left the Gunners to join Manchester United.

He was asked: “When was the last time you cried?”

Morgan replied: “When Van Persie defected from Arsenal to United. It nearly broke me.”

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Morgan is like most of us. When something as dreadful as losing a key player to a rival happens, we feel so bad.

Arsenal had struggled to win trophies then and van Persie eventually won the medals he craved at United.

Hopefully, we can build our team to a point where players wouldn’t want to leave to join a rival so easily.

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  1. What I find surprising on how Morgan tweets on our club and his constant changes of position is simply because he is a bright man.

    One whom you might conclude would think a little deeper before trying(perhaps too hard andtherefore unconvincingly??!)to convince us all what a passionate Gooner he is.
    To be clear, I guess most of us change our positions at times and when evidence changes. But our careers do not depend on convincing others of our passionate Goonerhood.
    I could , were I a bit mean, put the siggestion out there that perhaps, just perhaps, Piers Morgan is not as psssionate a Gooner as he tries to make out.

    It would, you see,if we believed he IS as passionate as he tries to make us believe, make him one of the ordinary people and as such, more likeable.

    Curse my suspicious and, just possibly, my perceptive nature! I genuinely wonder though, considering his undoubted intellect, when not discussing Arsenal matters!

    Of course, equally possibly, he might be just like the rest of us; perfectly sincere in his Goonerhood and just prone to go slightly weird at times, as a result of that faintly ridiculous depth of passion about a “mere football club”.

  2. Yeah, RVP’s move was a Bitter Pill for any Gooner to swallow!
    To worsen the situation, he scored against us in the next encounters we had against Man Utd!..😔
    That Header from a corner in October or November 2013 was a terrible one for me then! 😔

    1. Yes Vinnie2000, it was the biggest betrayal any player at The Arsenal has ever made, in my opinion.

      The funny thing is though, ever since then, RVP has been trying to convince himself and anyone else who were daft enough to listen to him, how the little boy in him told him to do it.
      The nickname “Judas” will follow him around and if Morgan was the fan he says he is, crying over a little boy makes no sense whatsoever.

      The only good thing was the amount of money it cost united to have him and I believe he only received the one medal, albeit the PL one?

  3. When will this anti-RVP nonsense ever end, I guess not anytime soon for those who pray at the altar of the infallible Wenger…at one point, those who felt that Gazidis was nothing more than a thorn in the side of our former manager didn’t believe whatsoever in the notion that Ivan tried desperately to convince RVP to stay under the guise that we were flush with cash and we could compete for things if only someone could convince Wenger to spend more freely…I would suggest, especially after what we observed regarding both Wenger’s refusal to properly address key positional requirements and what Gazidis was able to do once he was given the reigns at AC Milan, that this was in fact a truthful account…as such, if you want to point the finger of blame squarely at our former CF, you just might be pointing in the totally wrong direction…you simply have to ask yourself, if Gazidis was little more than Kroenke’s minion and you strongly believe in our owner’s longstanding miserly leanings, why would he offer up that tidbit of financial information to RVP or publicly, as he did shortly thereafter, as that would have assuredly put him in the proverbial doghouse with his employers…it simply makes no sense unless your Blinders are so firmly affixed that you can’t see the forest through the trees

    1. Are you not aware that AW offered him a new contract, that he promised he would sign for six months, but failed to do?
      Many excuses were made by the player, including the world Cup but he assured everyone that he would sign.
      Then, of course, manure came sniffing around and, suddenly, the little boy decided he wasn’t going to do what he had promised for months before.
      It had nothing to do with gazidis, AW, kronkie or anyone else – the player decided that he wanted go…. as simple as that and ever since he retired, he’s been trying to ingratiate himself back with the Arsenal fanbase.

      Now some might accept his act of betrayal to the club, teammates and fans, while others do not.

      My take is that, after all the support the above gave him, from the very first time he brought his baggage of accusations, through all his injuries, just one full season of top class football and then to walk away without so much as a thank you, shows the type of person he was/is.

      Why you seem to think it was all down to AW, shows your narrow scope of analysing what actually happened – just remind me, what has gazidis done at Milan?

      1. talk about your “narrow scope” of understanding?? do you think that RVP just woke up one day, with no extrinsically-motivated provocation, and all of a sudden became hellbent on going to ManU???

        so why would both individuals involved even offer up this financial narrative…for what plausible ends? to put the blame squarely on RVP? if so, why would RVP bring it up, then proceed to speak publicly about the fact that he felt, and justifiably so, our club wasn’t committed to winning trophies, even though they had the financial wherewithal to do so

        furthermore, in the years following this particular scenario, Gazidis likewise spoke in public about our financial capacity, so much so that eventually he even declared that we could compete with ANY club in the world…this would make no sense if his employer had no interest whatsoever in investing heavily

        It’s clear that Wenger wanted desperately to win in a particular manner and fashion with him be considered the key cog, which is why he steered clear and/or eliminated anyone who might cause him undue stress and/or attempt to usurp his monopolistic control over all things Arsenal-related…the fact he was attempting to recreate the success of the previous decade, with more youthful hidden “gems” and without overspending on superstar-types, even though the footballing landscape had changed drastically in the meantime, wasn’t a financial decision, for the most part, but a managerial one…I bet the sky in your world is Zipper Coat blue, with just a hint of red

        1. No, I stick to facts.

          RVP was offered a new contract six months before he moved to manure, but he kept delaying it while promising to sign it – FACT.

          gazidis has won nothing at Milan – FACT.

          As for AW and “hidden gems” let’s just think for a second…. Oh yes – Saka, ESR and others that have come through the Hales End academy, with more to follow.

          These are the players we should have in our club, not a mercenary judas like RVP – but if you see it otherwise, good luck to you and silly remarks about zippers just make you sound like a petulant juvenile wannabe – over and out regarding this article.

          1. the new contract he was reportedly offered means nothing in the grand scheme of things if Wenger had no interest whatsoever in spending the monies necessary to compete with the best and the brightest, as RVP wasn’t interested in playing a major role in any such long-term charade…boy was he right – Fact

            Gazidis took a team that had been in an organizational malaise for the better part of a decade, like ours, and had them competing for things within a 2 year window…his seemingly adventurous project to reinvent a traditional powerhouse started showing tangible results almost immediately, using far less money than we’ve had on offer, and has been within the top 4 mix ever since – fact

            do you really think for a second that Wenger himself had anything to do with handpicking Saka and/or ESR, especially at that point in his managerial tenure…nice try!! I can only hope you ain’t operating any heavy machinery with those Blinders on – fact

            anyone can cherry-pick so-called facts and bend their particular narrative to fit whatever storyline suits them best, but in this case the facts aren’t on your side, unless you’re willing to swallow the highly contrived organizational party line that was on offer during Wenger’s latter tenure…good luck with that mindset…btw swamp land anyone??

            1. TRVL it’s very interesting the whole ‘Wenger wasn’t allowed to spend’ vs ‘he chose not to spend’ during the early Emirates era(2006-2013) and the general consensus from Arsenal + other fans, media and pundits is that the answer was the former and naturally that was my opinion too. But not long ago I watched the supporters club on Aftv and contributor Julian-who can make wild statements on the odd occasion, actually made some interesting, thought-provoking points. He made said point that the strategic decision to move to Emirates stadium and the how it was going to payed for which meant cutting our cloth and selling assets(players) was made before the Kronkies had bought shares in the club in 2007 and he expanded by pointing out how our invincible team had been disbanded before they became majority shareholders, ultimately meaning they played no direct part in those decisions and that it was the choice of Wenger and the board members/decision makers at the time. Now did Stan ever offer to provide funds to Wenger during that period bracketed above who knows? Now by no means I’m I saying the Kronkies are blameless especially if they did deliberately restrict funds for us during our most needy times but where I have my doubts and believe that maybe Wenger himself wasn’t keen on spending big, was certain quotes from him like accusing Chelsea of ‘financial doping’ which was true BTW. So why would he then contradict himself and except huge financial backing from KSE and commit the same crime as Chelsea followed by Man City years later? Then fast forward to the summer transfer window 2015 where Wenger stated he was happy with the squad and mentioned the famous ‘Cohesion’ and ‘team spirit’ as the reason for not needing to buy anyone which proved costly as Leicester went on to win the league that season. Now just to throw a bit of a curve ball I believe it’s also possible that both Wenger and The board/owners are both to blame if that makes sense and I want to quantify that by saying that maybe some transfer windows Wenger wanted spend money but it wasn’t made available to him and vice versa, in other windows it was made available but he decided against spending it for what ever reason I.e ‘cohesion’

              1. Forgot to add interestingly when Wenger brought out his book KSE released a statement saying that they never withheld transfer funds during his tenure at the club which Wenger then didn’t come out to publicly deny which just raises further doubt. Maybe he disputes that claim vehemently but chose to be honourable and remain silent. Bottom line is we will never know

                1. Cheers 03G…I think far too often supporters, especially those who’s love of our former manager rivalled, or even superseded, that of our club, bought into the financial narrative which suggests that our spending habits, or lack thereof, were owner-mandated, whereas I would say that this simply wasn’t the case, especially for the vast majority of Wenger’s latter tenure

                  1. Yeah I understand, to the majority it’s just definitive, black and white, Kronkies never backed him without exploring other possible scenarios. Ps I was never Wenger in or out and actually believed(some would say deluded to think) he could rekindle his old magic and guide us to another title especially the year Leicester won it.

            2. Err yes please. I’ll have some swamp land (if you tell me what it means in your warped mind!)

              1. I’m frankly not sure I should waste my time bringing you up to speed as your blind allegiance, as per your own professing, makes it highly unlikely that anything will resonate, but here goes nothing

                first and foremost, no one is suggesting that Wenger wantonly chose a course of action with the sole intention of “sewering” the franchise, but it’s clear he chose a specific course of action, for a variety of mostly selfish reasons, that failed to achieve it’s objective, but instead of owning it and making the requisite changes, he stubbornly doubled-down on a largely flawed approach

                it’s important to remember that the main premise behind the building of the Emirates was so that we could supposedly compete with the best and the brightest…the general thought-process was that we would “need” to curtail spending for a brief period, due to the inherent costs that accompany any massive brick and mortar undertaking, then we would be on par, financially-speaking, with every club in the footballing world…instead, we have continually cried “poor” and attacked those who’ve spent far more excessively, all the while the supporters paid considerably more money to watch an inferior product

                when it became clear that a growing amount of supporters weren’t buying into the original financial narrative, that’s when the whole “self-sustaining” model reared it’s ugly head, which made no sense whatsoever considering the earlier propagated notion that we would have money to burn if we were willing to be patient…for me personally, these two club-constructed storylines were totally counter-intuitive, which raised some serious red flags

                so what really happened at our club once the new stadium was unveiled…I would suggest that Wenger believed that he alone could beat the considerable odds and devise a highly successful and sustainable squad-building model in his own self-image, with substantially less financial investment…he had clearly become disillusioned by the continued emergence of the “diva” class of players and all that it entailed(agents, more say/input, fragile egos, contractual expectations etc…) and as such he desperately searched for players whom would buy into his selfless, shut-up and play philosophical approach

                of course, he did uncover some gems, develop some players and even put in some performances of some quality, but eventually he would lose everyone of those potentially seminal players, as it was clear that this model wasn’t going to produce “major” trophies…so every time we lost one of these cog-type players, it was 2 steps forward and 4 back

                eventually even Wenger came to understand the inherent pitfalls of such a course of action, as each time the project appeared to be producing results it would invariably face a debilitating setback, thus a bit of a rethink was necessary…this minor deviation occurred in those years where we saw some players of consequence, like Ozil and Sanchez, enter the fray

                up until that point, Wenger wasn’t interested in purchasing established “superstars”, but it had become glaringly obvious that a significant adjustment was necessary…even so, he was very careful with the players he brought into the fold, like the introverted Mesut, the seemingly hard-working, nose to the grind Sanchez, the affable soldier Giroud, the personable and relatively unknown Cazorla, the future fine cops Per and Mikel and the social media darling Pods, who was quickly dispensed of in large part due to the higher maintenance involved…so long as you towed the line, things progressed somewhat swimmingly…of course, that was until players, like Sanchez, demanded more from the team, who was clearly trying to save monies when it came to shoring up other positional needs, and we all know how that ended

                all along, we were left to believe that all we could functionally afford were young unknowns, frugally acquired “gems” and those whom were past their primes, so that when we actually acquired the likes of Ozil and Sanchez, we were so desperate for anything that appeared to show some semblance of intent that most were happier than a pig in sh**…meanwhile, that should have never been the case, as was evidenced by publicly documented comments by both RVP and Gazidis, which suggested an entirely contrarian financial perspective

                so whereas Wenger might not have intentionally attempted to stifle our pursuit for trophies, it was his largely selfish agenda that led to this eventuality…he simply wasn’t willing to change his philosophical approach and/or personally inconvenience himself to meet the demands of an ever-changing footballing landscape

                now early on that might have seemed to be an honourable endeavour, but to continually put his own selfish pursuits ahead of the best interests of the club, once it became increasingly obvious that his plan would never produce the required results, is inexcusable…the whole thing was a cake and eat it too sh** show, as the lack of accountability had enabled Wenger to make a plethora of poor decisions, without any discernable consequences, then whenever things went array, he simply hid behind the contrived financial narrative

                it was clear he felt that he was the smartest person in whatever room he entered and as such he yearned desperately to prove this misguided notion, so much so that he was far more concerned about getting all the accolades, should this half-baked plan come good, than concerning himself with the potential organizational consequences should things go sideways, which makes sense, as he always had the contrived “financial” excuse in his back pocket

  4. Yeah I understand, to the majority it’s just definitive, black and white, Kronkies never backed him without exploring other possible scenarios. Ps I was never Wenger in or out and actually believed(some would say deluded to think) he could rekindle his old magic and guide us to another title especially the year Leicester won it.

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