Piers Morgan says Arsenal must improve or Man City will batter them

Piers Morgan has expressed his belief that Arsenal fell short of the necessary standard in the match against Tottenham, and he insists that they must elevate their performance or risk suffering a disappointing result against Manchester City.

The Gunners showcased an impressive display in their midweek clash against PSV, generating heightened anticipation at the Emirates Stadium ahead of their showdown with Spurs. However, in a closely contested draw, the team failed to captivate their supporters.

Arsenal had been in excellent form leading up to the derby, with victories over Manchester United and Everton in the league boosting their confidence. Nevertheless, they were unable to meet the expectations of their fans, prompting Morgan to express concerns about their upcoming match against City in a few weeks’ time.

He tweeted:

“Very disappointing day at the Emirates. Mainly because Spurs weren’t as crap as usual and we were inexplicably crappier than usual. City will batter us if we play like that against them in 2 weeks.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We truly must do better to get a result against Manchester City who are the favourites to win the league.

If we perform how we did today, we are guaranteed to lose that match because we simply were not up to the required standard.

But we trust the boys to learn from this draw and improve their performance in the next match.

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  1. How many times , doesn’t arteta understand arsenal needs a prolific goal scorer as proved against Tottenham they havnt got one,should of bought Harry kane he’s scoring all the time in Germany

  2. Rival fan in peace……fault line is Arteta and his buys this summer. He’s taken the team backwards with the likes of Havertz. False hope to think a team that didn’t strengthen properly from last year is going to challenge this year. CL will also stretch the squad, sorry, but consolidating top 4 is your real goal

  3. Time for Smith Rowe to be thrown in the ring.

    We need to freshen up with dynamism in the middle of the park, huge drop off with Rice out.

  4. Unfortunately, too many Arsenal supporters have underrated Ange Postecoglou’s ability as a coach and manager and the quality/strength of Spurs’ midfield of Maddison, Bissouma and Sarr.

    1. You mentioned him in another article Ozziegunner and I for one was incredibly impressed by the speed at which Spurs have improved- especially compared to the Conte era. They are a different beast this season

  5. This is true and far too few are given them due credit. In the last few years there have been valid debates about whether we should have gone for the likes of Bissouma and Maddison who are both very good players.
    At full strength Arsenal’s MF should be stronger but the difference is not massive and at their best Spurs can match most teams.
    We are still not at the level we need to be in any case and there is much work for Arteta to do, especially with the injuries piling up.

  6. We’ve become completely predictable in the Premier League. They know us very well now and we won’t have the element of surprise like last year. We haven’t gone a step further, we’re still playing the same since Beginning to End, no matter what the outcome of the match is for us. From last year one plan one style, and even when it was clear that something had to be changed in the way of the game because He was twisting it The match, it seemed that apart from some changes, the plan did not change. As if everything freezes, Arteta looks stupid, stagnant in ideas, this shows, and with wrong choices many times. There is no second The third plan, with internal changes, changing the system depending on the outcome of the match. The same, the same, this is bad when a game goes wrong, you know you won’t see anything else,You will go like this, and whatever comes out. Ok, we have high class players who usually find a way, but it is not a coach’s work in the end a good result. I don’t see anything additional in the way of playing and I’m seriously worried, even since last year. Also, Arteta must look like a coach with prestige, and not jump like a goat when we miss an opportunity, or when we score… he shouldn’t show The emotions are so strong, he transmits stupidity to the players. When we concede a goal, he does worse than me, as if he is a fan of a fanatic Kerkida.. Finally, let someone pull his ear On this issue….stay like a coach not a hooligan.He thinks he’s doing everything right..no.Nobody does everything right and we try to learn from our costly mistakes.There are Many ways. This one is stuck. In the end he will look for it he went wrong, instead of looking at his face .. we lost the championship last year for these reasons …. because he marbled his mind. but I don’t see that he understood anything. No improvement so far, in yesterday’s match, the only change is the obvious change in a very short period of time of the roosters as a team in all areas.. And without the former A Tottenham that I believe has the prospect of great things this year. And it is the work of Postecoglou. How many years does Arteta want to learn some coaching issues? Maybe a century?I don’t see anyone other than City, capable of a championship. The team has widened the gap with the others. It would be good for us to be more realistic. Maybe the top four.

  7. Glaring mistake to put Raya in,the way he did. Glaring mistake to buy Haverz. Glaring mistake not to buy a CF. Glaring mistake to trust Viera to start a prem game. Glaring mistake to play Partey at RB. Glaring mistake to ostracise and loan Tierney. TOO MANY GLARING MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!

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