Piers Morgan still finds something negative about Arsenal despite win

Piers Morgan is one of the more well-known Arsenal fans, but at this juncture, it is hard to tell if he supports the club wholeheartedly or conditionally.

The British television host is clearly a fan of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and he doesn’t think Mikel Arteta deserves to be the club’s manager.

Since the Gunners returned from their training camp in Dubai, they have been on a fine run of form.

They beat Wolves 2-1 yesterday to make it three wins from three and it is a result that pushes them closer to a top-four place.

While the club’s fans rejoiced over the win and the progress it has made, Morgan still found something negative to say.

A fan opined that the TV host was probably watching Aubameyang score for Barcelona instead of Arsenal beating Wolves, and he responded via Twitter:

“I was watching both. Loved our resilience in coming from behind to win, but our main striker hasn’t scored since Boxing Day, while @Auba is banging them in for fun at Barca. Losing him was a massive loss and so unnecessary.”

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Morgan clearly wants the best for Arsenal, but he needs to learn to accept some decisions that the club makes.

The team is bigger than any player in it, and Morgan should respect that.

It is okay for him to be an Auba fan, but he also needs to support Arteta for the work the Spaniard is doing at the Emirates.

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  1. Hmm! That’s crazy to think. We relied on Auba but he loved our dollars more. he was no longer committed and took too much for granted. Now he has a reason to show more commitment to his present club than he did for us.
    It wasn’t working with him any longer and we moved on and things took a dramatic turn for good. We can’t regret he’s gone.
    Laca isn’t scoring but has 5 assists making 8 total goal involvements and we are 5th. So, what else?

  2. Morgan jeeds to wise up, but I suspect that is beyond him. Aubamayang scoring record this past 18months is poor, his work rate was shocking. His imput and impact on the team was negligible. As for his attitude and example as team captain, well that’s totally unacceptable.
    We have been better as a team since he was left out.

  3. It’s just in the nature of some fans to complain.

    I work with a guy who hasn’t missed a Spurs game – home or away – for 15 years. Yet I’ve never heard him say a good word about them, even when they made it to the CL Final. When they beat City last week all he could do is complain about the loss to Wolves and predict (rightly much to my amusement) that Burnely “will do us”

    Piers is of the same ilk. I don’t think he’ll celebrate any louder than the rest of us when Arsenal are back on top, he’ll just have had a much more miserable journey.

  4. I wouldn’t say that Auba’s banging them in “for fun”, but I would say that, considering our struggles to find goals, sending him elsewhere, while functionally continuing to pay him and not bringing in any frontline replacements, was a risky and potentially short-sighted decision…I guess only time will tell, but there’s no doubt that his arrival in Barca has provided them with a much-needed lift thus far…let’s not forget that we won last evening as a result of Pepe’s deft maneuverings in front of goal, who might not have even seen the pitch if ESR was available as a sub, and from an own goal on another shot from Laca that was clearly not on target…that said, I will gladly take the 3 points and offer my kudos to the lads for their efforts in the final minutes when they could have easily sat back and taken the point once it was on offer

  5. Firstly a club is 100x bigger than any player

    Secondly we all saw his performance for us this season
    Mr Morgan are u gonna ignore his performance against Everton, Newcastle, actually every team he has played against

    I highly respect auba I’m always grateful for him single handedly carrying our team to fa cup glory but since his contract extension his performance was a shadow of what he was

    And there is a deference between pl and other leagues we have seen top talents ripping the league just to fail big time at pl so we can expect the other way, players failing here doing well in other leagues

    Plus move on its been over 25 days since he left we are performing really well and let’s face it, he had to be dumped out in order to project to go to the next level
    So let’s see it as a win win situation

    And we move

  6. So the ill disciplined one is doing what he always does when joining a new club, scoring goals. Whoopee do do. Do we miss him ? I would say we miss the PEA from a couple of years ago, not the one from this season and last season.
    Bertie Morgan is never happy, he’ll always find something to moan about.



  8. Ignoring that self centred self publicist Morgan, who always in Dan Kit style, NEVER finds a single positive thing to ever say about admirable MA, it is generally accepted – to judge from mainstream JA comments about Auba since he, mercifully, left us, thanks to wise MA s firm management – that Auba was an uninterested non disciplined flop for fully eighteen months.
    As ever, there will always be fans who are outliers and who deliberately take joy in bucking the mainstream opinion. But I say just ignore them and their childish insults.

    There is a perfect example of one typically childish insult right above this post.

    I used to debate directly with DK but have ceased doing so, as it is akin to dealing with a truculent child- one who delights in calling me insulting names and deliberately wrongly using a name that is not my own.

  9. Common sense dictates any new project especially with youngsters will need to be led by an experienced person and that is not Arteta and some people feel having a more experienced manager would bring better tactics and results….at one time I also felt that way….that’s in theory…..in practical I see different..the the team is doing better than earlier in the season and also see Arteta improving…albeit slowly it seems and the team is motivated to reach top 4…..‘If you want to be at the top by the end of May’
    At present Arsenal are fighting for top 4….at present the team needs our support so support your team Piers Morgan and celebrate in our victory over a very good team with a very good manager

    1. The issue with your premise is that what you call “common sense” is mostly just strongly held opinion.
      In Arsenal’s case there has often been the fallacy of an appeal to perceived popularity on sites such as this which in turn was based on limited evidence and dubious logic.

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