Piers Morgan tweet about Aubameyang red card ridiculed

You can always count on Piers Morgan sparking a reaction on Twitter.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang received a red in the Crystal Palace v Arsenal game this afternoon and any fair-minded Gooner will accept it was deserved, but not Piers Morgan of course.

There can be a debate about the use of VAR, the refs tendency to be harsher on Arsenal players and so forth but to suggest it was anything other than a red card tackle opens yourself up to ridicule.

That is exactly what Morgan got following his response to the sending off

Well, that certainly got a response and I had to do some serious scrolling to find anyone that supported his view.

What I found was a mixture of hilarity, abuse images and videos.

And on it went.

Normally I would say Piers is on a wind-up mission but this was a very quick tweet following the incident and you just know he meant every word.


  1. Straight RED for me, without a shred of doubt. I was only hoping that the VAR officials will excuse Auba because he is definitely not a malicious kind of player.

  2. I have no time for grown men who criticize other people’s wives on social media. Pierce is a pathetic piece of being not sorth our time.

    1. Well said and totally agree. Piers thinks we all have short memories but we don’t. He knows nothing about anything, just a gob s**e.

  3. He might be a Gooner, but I really can’t stand the over inflated ego on pretty much whatever topic – football or otherwise. He just comes across as a self serving twit.

    It was not a deliberate, dirty foul, but a red card regardless in my opinion.

    1. it was not deliberate but for me every foul like this which are ankle breakers are dirty.. players going in for a tackle should be more careful.. that could easy end in a Ramsey Eduardo type of injury..
      Auba is indeed no dirty player but foul is dirty

  4. I think I’m alone when I say this, but I like Piers, I think he’s hilarious. But he’s wrong about Auba. For me it was a red card all day long. If it had
    happened to any of our players, I’d have called for his head!!
    I’m gutted for him though, he looked devastated.

    1. you are not alone, Sue, I`m rright behind you with the Parrott! 😆
      He speaks his mind and is entertaining and we know he has the best anagram name ever!

      Win win this Spud/Bindipper game………………..I hate the spuds more than anyone I know and have even contemplated making my own TV show to rival AFTV and call It…………..I hate Totnumb TV!……………….Stand Up if you hate Totnumb TV!……….I think you get the point! 😆

      I also want us to keep our Invincible record……………….so a win win game!

        1. 1-0 to the car jackers!…………………..there could be a St Totteringhams Day this season if we`re lucky!

    2. I like him too Sue. Most of the time he talks sense and isn’t scared to talk about subjects others shy away from.
      Unfortunately on this occasion he is wrong. A straight Red if ever there was one!

  5. OT.. What a rubbish day, with the Mancs and Chelsea winning…..
    Saints are on a tremendous run, thanks to Ings!
    I’m shocked at Leeds losing… is this the begin of their slide?!
    The spuds v Liverpool… not sure I can watch 😂

  6. It may have been a red. But similar tackles have recently gone by without a red card decision. Those in charge of VAR seem anti Arsenal, as on untold a person looking at the luck index of clubs has pointed out Arsenal should have at least one more point and Totts six less.

    It has also been shown that Arsenal’s players are booked for fewer fouls than some other clubs. Liverpool for instance last season could get away with twice as many fouls as Arsenal before receiving a booking.

    VAR should be scrapped, as a system is only as good as those who operate it. And at present they are not judging the incidents objectively like they should be,
    Rant over

    1. Drew, you hit the nail on the head with “at the moment”. The inconsistency in VAR application is entirely due to the power of Mike Riley over the FA in not implementing VAR as per the rest of Europe.
      There is a reason that no referees from the EPL (purportedly the strongest league in World football) were selected to officiate at the last World Cup in France.
      Unfortunately Aubameyang deserved a red card for a poorly judged, late and reckless challenge, even without malicious intent. All fans want is consistency from officials, including application of VAR.

  7. It was a straight red, so Piers is wrong there, but he’s right that VAR is a joke. Because Arsenal players have twice been on the receiving end of the exact same challenge recently, and VAR did nothing!

    Other than that, the ref was an absolute joke today! So quick to book our players, yet very lenient with Palace. Ayew fouled late 4 times in the opening 30 mins or so, yet nothing! He must have committed around 7/8 fouls in the end, maybe more.

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