Pires admits that he has seen Arsenal’s shortlist – and doesn’t want any of them!

There have been thousands of rumours regarding who the new Arsenal manager is going to be, but now it has been revealed to us by a man who has known Wenger for 14 years and has seen him every day this season; the one and only Gunners legend Robert Pires….

He was asked by BT Sport if thought that Max Allegri would be capable of doing a good job with Arsenal, and he said: “Yes, of course Allegri could be a success,”

“I have seen the shortlist: Allegri, Carlo Ancelotti, Mikel Arteta – why not? I think all of them could manage Arsenal.

“There’s maybe a small advantage for Allegri and Ancelotti as they both have a lot of experience in Italy, Germany and England.”

But then he gave his opinion on one of his old team-mates, Patrick Vieira, who played beside him in the famous Invincibles. “With Vieira – and this is only my opinion – yes. Not just because he’s my friend. Forget this.

“He’s doing very well with New York City, and he told me the job is very hard and difficult.

“However, he has a very good profile to replace Arsene Wenger, because he knows football, he knows the Premier League and of course, he knows Arsenal.

“So that’s why I say yes, Patrick Vieira is ready to manage Arsenal.”

But surely if Pires has seen the shortlist he knows that Vieira isn’t on it, and to be honest I’d much rather have one of the other three. Would you prefer Vieira in front of Allegri or Ancelotti?



  1. GB says:

    C’mon are we supposed to believe this?

    1. Pain says:

      My exact thought

  2. John0711 says:


  3. Barren says:

    Sad the way our legends get treated.viera has every right to be upset.dont believe all these transfer rumours u read my fellow gooners it’s for all url season ticket holders it’s that time of the year again! Sell us dreams! Looks like we must get used of the thursday nyt cup! The teams above us all have better managers wat zidane and pep done in spain doesn’t mean arteta will do the same it’s a big risk the board is taking and sum1 will loose their job in a few months time bcoz no1 is gng to want to take the blame I’m so disappointed im not looking forward to the world cup! We been linked with so many players today it’s all to paper up the cracks! Aslong the board sell tickets they happy while we suffer emotionally

    1. Anko says:

      These are my worries. I said I don’t like Arteta but my fellow gunners said Pep and Zidane started from somewhere. Hiring Arteta is not the problem but refusing to hire someone with grite and gut is the problem. They don’t want to spend money and they don’t want to be questioned, sell us dreams that will never come true, make us but tickets and then make rubbish signings.

      1. Anko says:

        Then pocket big profits, no care for the fans, if they want to start from a very young manger why not Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira? Because they will question them!!!!

        1. GB says:

          What “profit” ?
          No board member has taken any money out of the club!

          1. Tas says:

            GB your right about no one taking dividends out but regarding profits there is shead loads and more to come with the new sponsorship coming up soon, if Stan was to sell that’s when he takes all his money out in one go so it’s like money in the bank and colecting huge intrest, I belive by him not spending in the past its accumulating and what with Stan owns almost 70% of the club so his share would be worth about 1.5 billion £££££ today

          2. Malcolm Townsend says:

            With stan, he doesn’t need money greedy b*****d his wife is heiress to Walmart so he could open his own bank

          3. CorporateMan says:

            But the value of their shares keep soaring.
            If those blokes get this thing wrong, I’d never forgive them. There is absolutely no rationale for this Arteta madness If they don’t want to spend money, they can as well allow Mr Bould to carry on from where Wenger left off. After all, who could be better at keeping the Arsenal “values” than Wenger’s second i/c?

        2. Mobella says:

          What is all these sentiments about Henry and Vieira about. What qualification does Henry have to be considered for Arsenal. This is a guy that couldn’t commit himself to daily requirements of being an ordinary under14 coach. How can being an assistant coach for Belgium qualifies him to be our coach and Arteta, who has actually tasted what it is to coach a club football in assistant capacity to one of the best coach of this generation who just won EPL, not. Not that i want Arteta but he is more qualify and cut for coaching than Henry. Patrick is a different story but i won’t take him either because he should have being no 2 to Pep instead being in charge of man city pet project in US. Which means he is not ready and he himself knows that.

          1. Barren says:

            @mobella maybe viera don’t wana be an understudy to pep at city that’s why he prefers to be in the usa

  4. barryglik says:

    Pires has seen the short list 🙂
    Me too I wrote the short list 🙂

    1. Renier says:


  5. John0711 says:

    Here’s the shortlist

  6. Trudeau says:

    Not sure where the headline comes from but hey ho. Personally I’d rather have Vieira than Arteta for the sole reason that he would, at least for awhile, unite fans. But is two years managing in a second tier league worth more than one year as an assistant to the top manager in the top league in the world? Flip a coin on that one. Ultimately I’ve got faith that the top trio (or at least two of them) know what they are doing

  7. Ngorok David says:

    We need an experienc coach like ANCELOTI & LUIS ENRIQUE

  8. DANDY GUNNER says:

    The Arsenal board will go for a Cheap YES MAN now that Wenger is no longer there to protect them. The more I hear and see how this Board are going about replacing Wenger the more I am convinced they lied to the Fans by saying there was £££££££££££ for Wenger in the transfer kitty and Wenger protected them by keeping his mouth shut and getting on with what he had.This Board must go because they have no Ambition.

    1. Enagic says:

      The main problem here was Wenger yes Arsenal had the money but was Wenger who didn’t want to spend it remember few seasons ago one of Arsenal Board member came out and said we can buy any body except Mess I and Wenger came out against it and what Wenger used to do has been splited in five whoever comes in to replace him will be dealing with football matters on pitch and Iam really glad transfers matters decisions taken over with people who have final say will be a direct and closing instead of dithering till final minutes and Wenger was occupied with other tasks like commenting on French tv canal plus instead of use that time strengthen Arsenal for bringing in quality players another main problem was his belief on keeping average and bad players like Walcott,Jenkinson just two to name to keep my story short,Wenger was a great human being for what he did in the past but he was behind time taking Arsenal forward

  9. barryglik says:

    I don’t think Arteta will be manager
    of Arsenal now, well I hope not.
    I don’t believe he or Viiera should be
    assistant manager either because
    that would be like saying they
    will be manager when we dump the transitional manager.
    Arteta and Viera should manage teams like Sunderland.
    First get them back into the Championship
    then get them back into the PL and then make the top 6.
    If they do that they deserves a shot at Arsenal manager
    not before, say in about 6 years time when they
    have proven managerial experience and success.
    If Arteta or Viera become manager now it it would be a huge coup for Wenger.
    It would be like Wengers son takes over his old mans club.
    like Josh Kroenke taking over Stan’s role.
    Nepotism gone crazy !!!
    Wenger kroenke Gazidiz and sons LTD
    Please no.
    Just imagine the smirk on Wenger’s face if Arteta or Vieira got the job.
    “Still my team always my team” 🙁 🙁 🙁
    So Wengers stepping down might not be the end of Wenger
    but just the beginning of Wenger the sequel.
    May be this speculation is pure distraction and
    fans will accept who really comes in because we are
    so relieved to see Wenger gone and none of his “sons” taking over.
    Then the captain is announced.
    Ramsey or Wilshere. Wengers two youngest sons :(:(:(
    Arsene football club or Arsenal football club?
    Time will tell

    1. Ken1945 says:


      Still the same old same old.. well nearly all anyway.
      Going well until you had to give another summary on the topic that obsesses you.
      Wenger’s gone for good, so brighten up and get a life?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Patrick Viera comes across as someone who is their own person. He left Arsenal as a player for greener pastures. I don’t think he would act like “Wenger’s son”.

    2. D mc says:

      Barryglik you’re taking up column space with your drival as usual

  10. Maboko says:

    Looks like there is a lot of politics about AFC giving back to their legends in the Likes of T. Henry and Patrick Vieira. Why shouldn’t the board avoid this and hire the former PSG manager Unai Emery?

    1. Enagic says:

      Henry and Vieira are not ready to coach Arsenal and they don’t have personalities they are too emotional to try to force things to work right away will be hard for the to deal with players on side line look how Henry used to treat Reyes on pitch

  11. Prakash Gupta says:

    I predict the next manager will be someone currently not in the talks.

    Domenico Tedesco of Schalke? Young, bold, German connection.

    1. CorporateMan says:

      I hope you are right! That would be Arsenal through and through.

  12. stubill says:

    Headline: Pires admits that he has seen Arsenal’s shortlist – and doesn’t want any of them!

    Quote from Pires: “I have seen the shortlist: Allegri, Carlo Ancelotti, Mikel Arteta – why not? I think all of them could manage Arsenal.

    So the headline is Bullshit then.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Stubill, you spotted it too.
      I have to laugh that whatever subject is put up for discussion, the same old tirade is reported regarding our PREVIOUS MANAGER!

      1. GB says:

        Yeah all click bait stuff

        1. RSH says:

          clickbait at least bends the truth. This headline is just the complete opposite of what Pires said, lol.

  13. Innit says:

    If Arteta becomes our manager I will of course fully support him.

    But I kind of have a problem with a former player who decided to work for Man City instead of working for us (we gave him a job offer) and then comes back and becomes our head manager without any experience as a head manager. That doesn’t sit well with me.

    I don’t blame Arteta. I blame Kroenke who is the biggest shareholder and on the board

  14. RSH says:

    It’s Arteta. We can end speculation. Better to accept it now than be surprised in the next couple of weeks when it comes official. Let’s try to get behind new manager. I think we’re expecting Arteta to be a manager who calls the shots, but it seem Arsenal are going for a different approach and not getting a manager who will control every aspect of the club like Aw did. Gazidis and Mislintant will be heavily involved along with others. I don’t know what to expect but we’ll have to at least give it a shot and see how things turn out. I’m still optimistic about our future despite not getting Allegri.

    1. Enagic says:

      And that’s how Arsenal should be run in the past 10 years instead of have single man’s hands in everything from transfers,contracts and clubs finance as a whole and that’s the source of the situation we are in right now and I can’t blame Kroenke,Gazidis and Arsenal Board on this one because that was Wenger demand before he extended his contract and it didn’t work and that’s why they let go and take a different direction

  15. Ronny says:

    The headline is totally wrong.
    Got to admit I sent s few articles in and they got generally good responses and at least got people talking but of the two I sent both were edited such that my meaning ot point was changed and the title jazzed up in lights but also totally not were I was going. I’m a reader now not a submitter.
    # Arteta out lol

  16. Ronny says:

    You’re spot on the club are dividing roles but also dividing responsibility. So when the wheels fall off were even more confused with who’s to blame and point the finger at, clever Ivan, clever 🙂

  17. Shortboygooner says:

    Im so sick of this click bait crap already. Im beginning to not care who the next manger is. If its arteta than the club is a joke. Anyone else is fine but arteta cannot be justified apart from needing a face to take the blame for keeping the club in a midiocore position. If its allegri simione or enrique than we clearly want to win stuff. Viera is a gamble but one I would be happy with. Ancelottie should only ne short term to teach viera or henry or another legend. Anyone else is just not good enough.

  18. Andrew E says:

    There they are scouring the whole of Europe for Wenger’s replacement and end up with Arteta (if it is him). I do not think he has the steel nor the experience to succeed at Arsenal. If the choice was between him and Viera I would go for Patrick, a REAL legend.

  19. John Ibrahim says:

    Let Arteta have a go….he may be good…

    we will still be in top 6 no matter how bad the result is….

    if we sort out our defense we would be in top 4

    we have Aubameyang that guarantee goals just like Kane, Sallah and Luakaku…..

    to win the title….we may need 4 or 5 quality signings….

  20. John Wick says:

    It’s just typical arsenal.. cheapskates with no ambition! Gazidis needs to get lost and fast he’s knows as much about football as I do about cricket.. zilch! Talks a good game but is full of the brown stuff! Clubs all across Europe are falling over themselves for Arteta lol nobody but us are interested in the man city cone collector! Until Stan the board and Ivan are gone let’s forget about titles and champions league qualifications because it ain’t happening we all know it deep down. Arsenal are just a business now business first football club lastly.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      you may be able to get rid of Gazadis

      but how are you going to get rid of Stan??

      he owns the club…..he spent millions and millions to buy shares of this club….

      1. John Wick says:

        John if the fans want it bad enough they can remove the owner the fans are the life blood of the club without fans the club is nothing.. on that topic I have a mate who’s a Liverpool fan and he says the spirit of shankley group helped remove Hicks and Gillette from their club! Make no mistake if Arsenal continue to regress and sponsorship deals are cut short followed by empty seats Stan will soon regret turning down Usmanov’s offer.

  21. summerbreez says:

    Arteta played as a holding midfielder / attacking midfielder his hero is pep I dont know how is he like at city or how he is influencing city players but Arteta has a long history and influenced by alanso and pep so all in all he is not too bad but at the same time I dont think he is ready for the job at arsenal but generally midfielders do great as managers because they are the first to defend and first to attack but my question would be what can he offer Arsenal ???
    But I believe Vieira can do the job he was a tremendous player with great history too could Arteta and Vieira do the job I would say yes they are well capable but I need to know what traits can they offer .As a footballer I played in many positions and when coaching I concentrated on using the left foot and I believe a complete player is a player that can use both feet both of my sons are good with both feet but also I use to take them to practice taking free kicks my older son is pretty good at taking them so my main question to any future Arsenal boss would be what can you do to improve the team I know they can spot a talent when they see one but can they motivate them and teach them how to improve how to read the game fast and make that crucial pass out of defense into an attack” positioning” I love attacking football but attacking football is only successful if defending football works We at Arsenal we dwell with the ball for to long not knowing what to do with it or hold it for too long When I coach I always tell the young ones if you keep the ball to long you give the chance for the opposition to gang up on you and take the ball and the possibility of getting injured or fouled would be greater…So in essence we need some one cute intelligent and bright with problem solving techniques to turn this incredible bunch of players with new added additions to champions

  22. Enagic says:

    Tony Adams was a tremendous player with great history but he failed miserably as a manager coach Arteta has what it takes to be a coach his personality, calmness, Vieira doesn’t have that not necessarily great players make good coaches Maradona, Rudi Guilit

  23. David Rusa says:

    We all need to accept that it is Arsenal which matters for all of us not the different individuals who come and go. Whoever is appointed manager of the club should not cause us to be divided again. We should come together and support him. Who knows? He could pleasantly surprise us and be a great success. Good managers are not necessarily those who were top players. Neither Wenger nor Ferguson had an outstanding playing career. Even Mourinho was not a great player. A coach is simply a tactician who studies the game and motivates his players to achieve the set targets and desired objectives. Maybe Arteta has some of those qualities;let us give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think things can get worse than they have been. Let us be optimistic about the future of our Club.

    1. jon fox says:

      It is certainly true that great players and great managers are rarely found in the same individual. But for any club to appoint as manager, someone who has never peviously managed at any level at all, is just foolhardy and even irresponsible. It smacks to me of Gazidis, who has steadily engineered the club’s present situation, being hungry for ultimate power. Were this David Dein who had done the same, we would surely have been pleased as he has had a long time in football and is a diehard lifelong fan. Gazidis is a totally different and vastly inferior animal, IMHO.

  24. Anto says:

    With the now seemingly inevitable selection of Mikel Arteta as ‘manager’, AFC’s ‘Chief Executive’ Ivan Gazidis fancies himself the anointing maverick hero of 2018 and, his fingers crossed, beyond that to the far horizons. The ploy, to throw the dice on a young, unproven talent–in a pretentious, misguided nod to Dein’s cannier craft of ’96–whilst self-aggrandizingly consolidating power, is as shameless and transparent an act as it is a rash one. Josh Kroenke’s hand in the decision can only be surmised as heavy, given the success of the Kroenke empire’s LA Rams’ young rookie head coach Sean McVay. Is lightning to strike twice?

    As for Patrick Viera, considered Arteta’s main rival as Gazidis’s notion to bring in a younger ‘manager’ to fit within the new ‘structure’ became ever more the preferred strategy /foregone conclusion, Sky Sports reveals that Arsenal have contacted Vieira this week in a bid to gauge his interest. ‘But the report claims that the former Gunners captain, who played an integral role in the Invincibles team, is ‘disappointed’ by the approach and views the talks as a just a “token gesture” from Arsenal.’ I am loathe to even raise the question, but could inherited, run-of-the-mill South African prejudices have dampened the likelihood of Gazidis giving Viera sincere and serious consideration? I trust not. Rather I suspect that Gazidis has rejected Viera because Viera was Arsene Wenger’s declared choice to ‘one day’ succeed him, and that Gazidis could not countenance Wenger’s influence so brightly re-asserting itself at the club.

    It is hard to imagine Arteta’s appointment bringing sighs of relief and swoons of belief from Arsenal’s worldwide fan base. Though he played five years at the club, he does not feel like Wenger progeny. Arteta seems to have an air of arrogance about him, of someone who is missing everyday layers of humility and humanity. Perhaps I am wrong. Certainly he is clever enough to be speaking the correct words, to be sprinkling his sentences with Guardiola’s fresher fairy dust, and to be demonstrating expertise at appeasing his future masters. If Arteta is appointed, we will have little choice but to support him and pray for the best. It is possible that he ends up as merely the first post-Wengerian sacrificial lamb, a la David Moyes. Given lingering dissatisfaction at Man United, let us hope not.

    1. Barren says:

      @anto makes sense wat u said coz Wenger himself sed Patrick v can succeed him I don’t want arsenal to suffer with arteta coz I love my team but this bold appointment can set us back more years look at man u they waited 5 years to get back to the top (2nd)! Is Ivan abusing his new power and wants somebody who he can control? I feel arteta was 1st choice wen Wenger was still our manager and the idea of the board always tryna cut cost will eventually backfire coz Everton with moshiri will show more ambition than us and will take over us we are 6th remember and there’s bigger boys ahead of us ???

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