PL given ‘tentative green light’ to return in June

Arsenal could well be back in action in June should proposed plans go ahead, with a meeting on Friday believed to have outlined much of the plan to finish the campaign in the coming months.

This whole thing stems on the United Kingdom getting on the better side of the COVID-19 curve, with hopes that the virus will hit it’s peak in the coming weeks, which will allow the Government and PL to move forward with strict measures in place.

All football will start behind closed doors, with no likely intention of having fans in or around stadiums until the virus is completely gone, while there will be an increase in the number of matches televised.

One proposal is even hopeful that some will even be screened on terrestrial TV, in hope of deterring fans from trying to travel to watch in groups outside their homes, in a move that would seriously help kill some boredom of being stuck indoors.

Teams would also need to keep their players to stricter measures regarding contact with the public, with Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish and Man City’s Kyle Walker having already gone against orders, and both having had to publicly apologise for their actions.

Should the situation continue to spiral over the coming six weeks these proposals will be put back once again, but with a stricter government stance on those leaving their homes to come into force once again after swathes of people were seen leaving their homes on the weekend, that could possibly see a drastic change in the spread of the Coronavirus over the coming weeks.

Can people #StayAtHome for the return of the PL, as well as all the other important reasons, please…


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  1. More fantasy from Patrick, trying to tempt the sillier ones among us into contempalting the return of football in June. Arrant nonsense of course, as the majority of wise fans on this site know by now.

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