Player’s agent in London for an important future decision with Arsenal

Hector Bellerin is pushing to get his move away from Arsenal resolved before the transfer window closes.

The full-back has decided to leave the club, and he also doesn’t want to join any other side apart from Real Betis.

He spent the last season on loan at the La Liga club, and he rediscovered the joy of playing football regularly.

They even won a trophy, and now he only wants to return there to further his career.

The defender is one of the Gunners’ longest-serving members but there are at least two more centre-backs ahead of him in the pecking order.

Mikel Arteta’s side will allow him to leave for a fee, but a report on Sport Witness says his agent is already in London to hold talks over the termination of his contract.

That would make it much easier for him to secure a move back to Betis.

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Terminating the contract of Bellerin will mean missing out on a transfer fee, but it will save us from paying his wages for the final year of his current deal.

The defender will hardly fetch us a good transfer fee, and we risk being stuck with him if we don’t terminate his deal and let him go.

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  1. Another player thinking Arsenal should terminate his contract so he can get what he wants, nevermind what our club wants.

    Tell his agent 2 clubs offered a transfer fee for his services which he declined; costing Arsenal money.

    The move he wants Araenal get no fee. Either Betis pays a fee over 2 years if they have to, or Bellerin can buy out his contract.

    Why must Arsenal be the one to lose in this? Betis gets a player for free and rumored Bellerin takes massive pay cut. Great deal for Betis, crap deal for Arsenal.

    Time to stand firm and stop yeilding to players. Edu exacerbated the situation with his comments which only fueled the boldness of the players.

    Massive loses from Torreira and Mari sales, likely Pepe as well. There is a business side to the club, can’t always be a friend or father to the players.

    The club is their boss, they should act like it.

    1. @durand,that’ll only be fantasizing if employers force players to do what they want.the players got the final say these days,bruv.

    2. I agree Durand
      I don’t buy into how great they have been, or how long they have been at the club. He obviously wants to have his cake and eat it and as much as Bellerin has shown loyalty – and he clearly has good qualities as a man, that counts for nothing in the end. Arsenal have paid his wages.
      Having watched the opening episodes on Amazon, Arsenal players want for nothing

      1. He has a contract which gives him certain rights. The way I see it is that those rights allow him to chose when he wishes to leave and where he wants to go. The club cannot force him out. If things are not resolved then Bellerin can sit out his last year on his full salary as he legally entitled to do. He does not even have to play, the same situation as as Ozil. Obviously it would be better for both parties to come to an acceptable agreement. It should also be obvious that the contractual rights are all on the side of Bellerin, if not he would have already gone.

        1. Not in any doubt at all patH
          Have the club so far acted against him?
          He wants to go as far as I can tell so he can sit on the bench or play while he still can if he doesn’t play ball
          I really don’t see it as Arsenal’s problem apart from the fact the wages paid to a likely non player will make the club’s hierarchy grind their collective teeth

      2. But the club does not want him and haven’t for the last 2 seasons ,he obviously wants playing time and felt wanted at betis and had a great season ,I’m not sure what fans want from him ,do fans want him to go to a club that he doesn’t want to go to .
        If betis cannot find the money and he stays for his last 12 months I’m sure he will get pitchforked for that as well ,he’s even said he’s willing to take a massive drop in wages to move I’m not sure what the problem is ,we have no problem giving other players away and paying them maybe look at the management for the last 2 years to see where the problem is ,other teams have seen what a mess our asset management as been over that period and are obviously going to try their luck .
        What ever happens I’m sure he will get crucified either way .

        1. Sorry to say Dan kit,
          Bellerin’s problem usually rear it’s ugly head at some point for almost every player
          Surplus to requirements- I hesitate at deadwood, but even so I really cannot get wound up on their behalf. Paid absolutely millions of pounds and will never have to worry again if they have a half decent head on their shoulders
          I don’t tray Arsenal players as my children. He is old enough to make his own decisions
          The ball is in HB’s court. He holds all the cards

      3. SueP
        We are of the same mind in this regard.
        Bellerin is an employee and the club is the boss.

        No problem if Bellerin wants to leave; 2 clubs are willing to pay Arsenal a fee for his services, another is not.

        If Bellerin wants Betis, perhaps he should tell them to find a way to agree a fee, rather than wanting Arsenal to let him go for nothing.

        Why must it fall to Arsenal to resolve the issue? Let Betis pay, let Bellerin pay, how many millions has he earned from Arsenal?

        Sorry but he was paid millions to play for Arsenal, which he has done. I don’t see where one owes the other anything.

        Arsenal is a business and not a charity. Why should Arsenal continue to take losses?

        Bellerin or Betis can buy out his final year, surely each side can afford 2 million or so each.

        If Betis can’t afford that, then surely bankruptcy is on the horizon for them. If a professional club is that broke they won’t be professional or a club for very long.

          1. So do I Durand. And why? Because I ALWAYS put the interest of the club I love above the welfare and happiness of any player, no matter whom!

            1. SueP and Jon Fox
              That is my point precisely. Arsenal has accrued hundreds of millions in debt from operating losses; Covid closures, empty stadiums, etc…..

              Added to that the Arsenal is in a rebuilding phase, already spending nearly 350 million to become competitive again. Also, taking financial losses selling surplus players, a necessary evil in our rebuild.

              Now Bellerin wants to cancel his contract so he can return and play in his happy place.

              Turned down offers where Arsenal would be paid a fee, that’s fine it’s his choice in wanting another club.

              What isn’t fine is that club can’t pay the fee, and he wants Arsenal to ignore fair value so he gets what he wants. Even a pay cut to help Betis.

              Why can’t he help Arsenal? Why does he expect Arsenal to do all the giving and Betis give nothing?

              Sorry but our charity must end now. Betis can pay this year, over 2 years.

              Buy out his contract at least, far far less than any fee Arsenal wanted. They even severely reduced the fee to help, yet both want a free move.

              Can’t give in to the extortion, have to take a stand. They aren’t broke, they just don’t want to pay for what they desire for free.

              1. If your claim that two clubs are willing to pay a fee for Bellerin is true, then I’m with you all the way. But I haven’t read that anywhere

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