Players Arsenal can replace Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with if he doesn’t sign a new deal

Arsenal faces a rough battle in their bid to keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the Emirates beyond this season

The Gunners have been negotiating with the attacker but it seems a compromise may not be reached.

In this article, I talk about players that I believe we can sign to replace the Gabonese attacker.

Wissam Ben Yedder
Ben Yedder is one of the most consistent goal scorers in Europe over the past few seasons.

The Frenchman has continued to score goals in France for As Monaco. He has 19 goals in 31 games in all competitions this season and I believe that he can replace Aubameyang.

Ciro Immobile
Ciro Immobile seems to score all kinds of goals and he has shown over the past few seasons that he has the killer instinct.

He struggled at Borussia Dortmund earlier in his career, but he is more mature now and is doing better.

30 goals in 33 games this season should make him a hot commodity in the next transfer window and I hope that he ends up at the Emirates.

Duván Zapata
Zapata has struggled with injuries this season, yet he remains one of the most efficient goal scorers in Italy and I think it would be smart for us to make a move for the Colombian.

Despite having an injury-ravaged season, Zapata has still scored 12 times in 19 games this season.

Danny Ings
Danny Ings is scoring goals for fun at Southampton.

The former Liverpool man is one of the players who is looking to win the Golden boot this season and I think that it won’t be bad for Arsenal to give him another chance at a big club. He has 18 goals from 33 games in all competitions this campaign.

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  1. That was weird today without super sunday… Sky put on Martin Tyler archives.. watched Arsenal v United 👍
    Plus they showed Arsenal’s greatest goals!! Better get used to it……
    Even watched the new Terminator film ‘Dark Fate’ which was really good!

    Danny Ings?!?!?!

    1. Yes Sue, watched the “Arsenal’s Greatest Goals” programme

      Although there at the time it still brought back wonderful memories, and really reminded me just how many truly world class players we’ve had at our beloved club..

      Ended up watching rugby league this afternoon. Think Terminator was a better bet !

      1. Always enjoy looking back, AJ.. well apart from when RVP appears on the screen 😄
        I agree, we’ve had some real gems over the years!
        Hmm yes, I don’t do rugby (league or union) 😀

  2. Actually, Danny Ings isn’t that bad a shout for me.

    Knows the premiership, works his socks off for the team and will have something to prove to klopp.

    No idea of his value in the marketplace, but if we sell lacs, he would be a good replacement, probably at half the price.

    1. Ken are you saying we could get Ings for half Lacas price? More like double it surely, so it won;t be happening, though I’d be cool with having him come if we can get him. But we wont!

  3. None of them, try Werner (he can play on wing if needed, and can work well with Martinelli/Eddie, especially from a team who defend and attack with everyone), else go for Osimhen or Shkurin

  4. First and foremost I hope Auba does not go. None of the players mentioned above can compete with Auba and I hope his love for Arsenal FC and the fans love for him will make him stay provided the Club gives him a pay rise and invest in other better players around the pitch to show him that we are ambitious. Secondly if Auba does go, I feel Danny Ings would be a good prospect, Zapata is too injury prone and I doubt the other 2 will come to Arsenal. Also Werner can be considered but again he should be willing to come to Arsenal considering Chelsea and Utd. are after him.

  5. If Auba Leaves, no need for a Striker in my Opinion.

    Laca and Auba can’t be sold at the same time in a window.

    I’m telling you guys, MA wants to use Laca as the SS, same way ManC uses Aguero but Aguero killer instincts is better than Laca but still they both link up plays and muscle out balls..
    Auba would be sold and SAKA/Martinelli’ moving ahead allowing Tierney to fill up.

    And please I don’t see a reason why MA doesn’t rate Martinelli’. That’s strange.

    1. No way! We cannot afford to dishearten Ozil further by parity of wages with Auba. You know how much that could hurt him . Even if Ozil scores one goal a season, that is pure gold, Auba just cannot be in his wages bracket.
      Back to the topic, Danny Inggs would be the perfect replacement for Lacazette, because we have Gabriel / Saka on the flanks, Auba as the main striker. Danny could rotate and Eddie could be used for cup games.

      1. Is this all about Ozil or Auba? Is Ozil bigger than Arsenal? If he doesn’t want to get hurt then he should play better

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