Players Arsenal could use to complete audacious transfer for Argentinian star

Arsenal is eyeing an audacious swoop for Inter Milan striker, Lautaro Martinez this summer as they look to bolster their options.

The striker could leave Inter this summer after winning Serie A with Inter Milan last season and possibly move to another Champions League side.

However, nothing is certain in football and Arsenal might manage to pull off the transfer.

The Gunners do not have that much money to make such a big transfer happen, but they have some exciting players they can add in their offer for his signature and Express Sports has named them.

The report picks Hector Bellerin as a player the Italians might accept plus cash to sell Martinez.

They have been targeting a move for him since they sold Achraf Hakimi to PSG this summer.

If Inter loses Martinez, they would need a new striker and the report says Arsenal would be smart to add Alexandre Lacazette in their offer for his signature.

It also claims that while it looks like a huge decision, they could add Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to their offer for him with the Gabon striker losing some of his lethal ability since signing his current deal.

As they line up a move for Aaron Ramsdale, the report claims that the Gunners could also offer Bernd Leno as a sweetener in the deal.

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  1. Has Auba “lost some of his lethal ability” or has the manager dulled it by employing negative tactics and 11 men behind the ball?

    Sure Auba could have given more, but with 11 men defending, static positioning, and lethargic buildup seems a bit unfair to absolve the manager of consequences for his tactics.

    I’m hopeful Arteta & Auba learned from last years failure.

    Auba understanding team needs more from him; leadership, defending, and interplay.

    Arteta understanding he has to trust his players more; he can’t control everything can’t play according to a script.

    Growth from players and manager is a reasonable expectation and the ability to show that on the pitch.

    Otherwise just more of the same will see further erosion of support for Arteta. December should be a defining point for club and manager; nearly 10 or more new players chosen by Arteta, and Wenger and Emery influence gone for 2 and 4 years now.

    1. just floored by the audacity of this author to casually throw Auba into the swap mix as a f’ing afterthought…so the implication would be that Bellerin is the “big” target and Auba is just a periphery add-on…how terribly sad

      1. Probably along the lines that Arteta is absolved of consequences of his decisions and actions far too often.

        It’s players fault, not Arteta who cut and chopped lineups, no steady 11, no style, negative tactics, and tries to script every movement and pass.

        That is according to Willian last Fall when explaining his difficulties. How they are told to sit and wait, pass to the person not pass according to movement and into space.

        Pity throwing Auba under the bus and forgetting how long he carried the team before last year.

        Earning golden boot 1st year, 1 goal off to Vardy 2nd year, yet under Arteta he “lost scoring ability,” and just ignoring the effects of Arteta’s tactics.

        Plenty of blame to go around, just curious how rarely Arteta is included.

        1. But hey an off year means Auba’s washed up now naturally. Nevermind Bellerin being a defensive liability for years.

          Of course it’s option to buy, no offers for a defender who has proven he can’t defend

      2. Can’t believe anyone would think this is real?

        What we need to focus on, is who would we rather keep at our club

        Elneny or Maitland-Niles?
        Xhaka or Willock?
        Willian or Nelson?
        Cedric or Bellerin?
        Runarrsson or Hein?

        FFS please let’s sort this out.

  2. @ Durand, some of us can be a great coach when it come to writing and analyses, but transform it to reality will become problem, if you can use all these ideas in you writing am sure you will make a good coach. indeed they say it is to say than done.

    1. Never said anything about being a coach.

      Don’t need to be a genius coach to understand by limiting a scorers best characteristics you also limit their productivity.

      When you don’t put them in positions to score it isn’t surprising whendon’t score. score.

      For example, Auba defending our 18 yard box, we win the ball back, and our slow buildup allows defenders time to get back & setup defensively.

      Is Auba now trash? Surprised he didn’t score 20 or more PL goals last year?

      Wenger & even Emery used him properly, hence his golden boot. Arteta made him defend 18 yard box, his goals dropped.

      It’s common sense no coaching required. Does Vardy defend like that? Ronaldo? Jimenez at Wolves?

      Maybe with White Auba can sit further up, otherwise same tactics will yield same result. Same tactics same 8th place finish like last 2 years.

      Need to change tactics more than change players.

      1. I’m ecstatic that you’re doing a bang-up job when it comes to explaining those aspects of Arteta’s tactical plan that have had a debilitating impact on our offensive output, like the constant back foot passing and the insanely slow build-up play, which not only invites pressure, but likewise allows the defensive ample time to regroup, thereby killing all hopes of countering effectively…I’ve written countless posts in this regards, yet there are still those who, for some inconceivable reason, can’t seem to come to terms with such obvious facts…I guess it’s not too dissimilar from those who somehow defend a manager who places considerably more focus on finding ways to have our ill-equipped Keeper to continually play out from the back, yet can’t seem to find a way to get our world-class striker the requisite service…it’s so ass- backwards

        1. RVL
          For me look no further than how Pep has Man City play. They have class in all positions, and the talent to unlock teams even if their buildup is slow.

          Arteta is trying to copy this at Arsenal. He plays ESR like DeBruyne, Saka like Sterling, etc… You can see what Arteta is trying to copy, the how and who.

          That’s why his checkbook manager approach; he needs players for system rather than creating system based on players he has.

          No secret Wenger and Emery got better results, they are superior coaches.

          Arteta isn’t a coach, he is a system manager. Same slow buildup, static positioning, lacking movement & directness; regardless of formation.

          That’s what Emery countered, not formations or isolating players. He beat Arteta with inferior players because he’s a coach Arteta is a system guy.

          This year Arteta will only change players not tactics, I’m happy to apologize if he proves me wrong.

    2. Salahudeen, you don’t have to be a football or coaching genius to see that during last season Arteta set up the team with a defensive intent. The fact that Arsenal only scored 55 goals during that season says it all.
      Not only did Aubameyang have his lowest goal tally, but Lacazette and Pepe were often dropped to the bench when in goal scoring form. As for midfield Joe Willock under the supposedly poor manager Steve Bruce at Newcastle scores more goals in 15 games, than the whole Arsenal midfield has in two full seasons.
      Surely the first responsibility of Mikel Arteta as manager, is to get the most from the resources he has available to him? When you look at Arsenal’s forward line and goals scored, there is no way Arsenal has played to its players’ strengths.

  3. Can’t believe anyone would think this is real?

    What we need to focus on, is who would we rather keep at our club

    Elneny or Maitland-Niles?
    Xhaka or Willock?
    Willian or Nelson?
    Cedric or Bellerin?
    Runarrsson or Hein?

    FFS please let’s sort this out.

  4. In answer to the article, since Lautaro Martinez has been linked to many of the top Champions League clubs, it would be bizarre indeed for him to prefer just the cut and thrust of the EPL.

  5. Yes, offering some cash, Lacazette and Bellerin might swing the transfer! We get to offload two high salaries as well. A definite win-win!

    If the lad is as good as described above, he might just be the front man we need for some years to come.

    He sounds much more useful than “Tammy Statue” from Chelsea.

    Finally, an article I whole-heartedly agree with!!!

    1. JW, Martinez plays second striker to Lukaku. Reports are that he is not consistent and drifts in and out of games. Would he be an upgrade on Lacazette?

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